KingSound KS-H3?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by blackwolf1006, Aug 8, 2014.
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  1. blackwolf1006
    I am slowly trying to build up a collection of high end headphones. I want to get 1 from every category. My current collection is HD650, HD800, LCD-XC (on the way :D). Now my eyes are on the electrostatic category. I don’t have the funds necessary to get a STAX and the expensive Amps to drive it. So I turn my attention to Kingsound. Does anyone have the KS-H3 with the M-10 or M-20 setup?  What’s your impression of it? How does it compared to the Gods of the electrostatic arena Stax SR-09 and the Sennheiser Orpheus HE90.

  2. blackwolf1006
  3. davidsh
    You could wait for the Hifiman Jade successor. I suspect the amp and phone will run 2-4k, though.
  4. blackwolf1006

    Thats a bit much. I could get a set up with an amp for 1250.
     I could get a setup for 1250

  5. Androb
    I listened to it very shortly in Gothenburgs hifi show and they sounded great! I would consider getting it with the SS amp.
  6. blackwolf1006
    I finaly got a chance to listen to it this past Saturday. It had an amazing sound. Its lighter than my HD800 and more comfortable. I am going to get 1 but its going to be after I get my K10
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  7. Dopaminer
    So did you actually buy it, or audition it?  
    I am interested in this H3; it`s cheaper than a used Stax 007, of which there are many here in Tokyo.  
    I`m interested in trying this with the Woo Wee, and my speaker amp.  Or maybe pick up a used Stax amp.....  
  8. blackwolf1006
    I demoed it.. But I am planning on buying 1 with the solid state Amp. I would really like a chance to test the H3 with a high end amp like the blue Hawaii. just to see how it stax up.. Pun intended.. LOL
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  9. Dopaminer
    Have you checked out the Woo Wee? Seems like a really great idea, if you have a quality speaker amp....  
  10. Dopaminer
    Hopefully the Kinsounds will be at the big Tokyo headphone show this weekend....
  11. mstrunk
    I own the DT-880, K240 Monitor, Ergo-2, He-400, Jecklin PS-1 (currently in restauration), HE60 with HEV70, Stax-303 with SRM212 and SRM-1 MKII Pro, AKG K1000 and now the Kingsound with the M-10 amplifier.

    HE-400 and the K1000 were amplified with the SAC K-1000 amplifier and/or a Asus xonar essence ST (Diy amplifier with LME49720NA+LME49600 is on the way).
    For me the K1000 is overall the best headphone i have ever heard. I compared it to an SR-009 at the seller of my K1000. SR-009 is a very accurate and detailed headphone,
    but for me the K1000 is more realistic. (transient response of the HE60 (i newer heard the orpheus) is unbeaten).
    The Kingsound is quite different to K1000, He60, HE400.
    These headphones does not sound like electrostatic driven (i know K1000 and HE400 aren't electrostatic, but they go in the direction regarding detail).
    The Kingsound sounds warm and the details must be heard out.
    Regarding to the STAX, AKG and Hifiman the Kingsound has less treble, and for me it has less dynamic (switching to SRM212 and SRM-1 does not bring more dynamic).
    This includes also the bass range. Deep and precise but no attack, less dynamic.
    If it goes to the soundstage the Kingsound sounds a little bit squashy (maybe of course the warm response).
    The sound image is presented more in the upper horizontal, not in the direct front.
    I own a Smyth and therefore the soundstage with a non-smyth-driven headhpone is in my oppinion obsolete.
    I will measure the missing headphones (some measurements exist) in the next few weeks (with in-ear mics) and report.
    In my oppinion all "normal" comparisons (without EQ) of headphones are senseless, because their frequency responses are too different.
    I think the only way is to equalize the headphones to a target function (personal) for example with acourate from Brüggemann, DIY Matlab...
    The question is, what is the best target function, depending on the measruement (in-ear (practical for overyone), artificial ear (costs), mic near the eardrum (not practical),
    for the "general public" listening to available music records ?
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  12. mstrunk
    Here the first comparison
  13. davidsh
    Thank you, the hs3 seems to be quite dark
  14. blackwolf1006

    What amp with the HS3
  15. mstrunk
    Kingsound M-10
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