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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. alpha421

     Great price. Thanks for this.  Ordered one as well.  Sound stage on these is incredible to say the least.  Brand new with the new comply tips from the source with an awesome price to boot. Glad to own this gem again.  The remote is one of the very few where the volume up/down works with Android, not just iOS.
  2. bonson
    Have been able to listen to my kef almost 2 years after i bought them because of fit issue i barely used them. I put spinfit tips on them cp100 large size and yes they sounds very good.
  3. yangian
    I found 200 is somehow picky about source. For what I've tried (just a few), I found Xduoo X3 is the best to match it. Make the M200 so euphonic to my ear!!
  4. musiclvr
    Wow! That's saying something. I have been enjoying my Andromedas but want something that I can take with me anywhere without stressing over damage or loss without compromising sound quality. Hopefully the M200 will be just what I was looking for. I had owned them before and loved them for their almost neutral warmish sound.
  5. yangian
    Exactly. It's neutral and warm sound is so lovely! I just don't know why few people hyped this great product from KEF!
  6. rebbi
    Excited to have just ordered an open-box set of M200's from Amazon. I'll post impressions once they're burned in!  
  7. rebbi

    I am absolutely blown away by the M200's. Holy cow, these things must be the bargain of the century. Unbelievably wonderful.
  8. yangian
    I like it more than IE800. Amazing and very underestimated products.
  9. rebbi

    Coherent, great tonality, tremendous low end, great imaging and soundstage, smooth and extended high end... just wow.
  10. pfloyd
    Yep, definitely good stuff, best of the entire kef headphone line.
  11. yangian
    Very accurate description! And very holographic (3D) sound!
  12. rebbi
    According to the Comply web site, the 500 series tips will fit the M200's. Has anyone tried these, or do any of you have alternative tip suggestions?
  13. Rodmunch

    They fit but you have to stretch them open with needle nose pliers first.
  14. rebbi
    Gosh, that's a lot of effort. Is it worth the trouble? Or is there some other, alternative tip that I should try? I am loving the M 200's and I actually get a better than decent seal with the largest size tips. But I would still like to find something that gets a bit of a better grip on the ear canal.
    Thank you.
  15. Rodmunch
    So far the Complys are the only ones that really work for me so yeah it was worth it.  It's pretty easy to do if you have some small needle nose pliers lying around.  The stock tips just won't stay put in my ears.  I've also tried Ultimate Ears UE900 tips and they work well...they are very stretchy so there's no problem getting them on the M200's nozzle.  But I prefer the Complys. 
    UE will sell you a complete set of tips for about $10 if I recall correctly.  They were available on their website at the time.
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