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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. audionewbi
    2.5 USD or better say at 3.5 AUD......
  2. MacedonianHero Contributor
    They aren't cheap, that's for sure...but they are amazing!
  3. acain
    I would like to audition both of them but blindly so there is nothing subconsciously to making my opinion on them.
  4. M-13
    I never thought I'd say this about any IEM but... They are $2.5k amazing.

    Worth every penny if you have the coin
  5. phnx90
    And here I am, thinking $1300 for the SE846 and an upgrade cable was a lot of money for earphones...

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  6. IaHawkeye
    Do you think the Laylas paid better with ZX2 or AK240? Talking custom Laylas....I had the universal Laylas, couldn't stand how far they stand out of my ears, so ordered the customs and am sending the univerals back

    Currently have the ZX2, thinking about snatching up the AK240SS with the credit I have from the returned universals. Hard to see the sound getting better than the song though
  7. sonickarma

    There is no single fav for me but I have a soft spot for the Final Audio Lab 01 and the Flat 4 Kaede IEMs
    audionewbi likes this.
  8. VoodooSamurai
    So tempted, to trade up my JH16s  to laylas
  9. jastone
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and am considering the Layla's or the Angies. I'm currently running an A&K 120mkII with Grado G10's and custom ear moulds.

    I started looking at the Layla but my question is whether to get the Layla and run it direct with the player or use pretty much the same money and go for a chord Hugo with ultimate ears.

    Obviously not having to carry around a separate amp is a massive bonus so if the Layla will be similar better, that'll be my choice.

  10. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I'm listening to Rebecca Pidgeon's "The Raven" (high resolution download) with my AK100II and the Layla's and I am seriously floored with what I'm hearing! Better sound staging than the beyerdynamics T1 or most full sized headphones for that matter, clarity that rivals the HD800s (with better tonal balance)! Simply outstanding transparency...as Amos mentioned earlier, the Layla's just get out of the way of the music and connect you to the recording.
  11. lojay

    Felt the same way with the same album, but I do think that album is easy to reproduce nicely. In fact I'm about to pull my trigger on a pair - someone is selling his pair of Laylas where I am living at a nice second hand price. I still like my modded HD800s for tonal balance but certainly Laylas are much better in the tone and timbre department to a stock pair of HD800s.
    The only problem is that, as with most IEMs, you need some care and time to get a good fit whenever you put them on. For the HD800s, you just put them on your head and forget them. :p
  12. piksnz
    Even I am looking for a used Layla. Seems quite intriguing. would love to compare my k10 with it.
  13. lojay
    I have a sale pending already :p
    Head-fi is absolutely evil....
  14. piksnz
    Didn't see anyone listing the item. Lucky you :). I am looking for one since long time.
  15. DatGuy
    Oops. I seem to have put my impressions in Jude's announcement thread. But anyone curious can find them here:
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