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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. jelt2359 Contributor

    Yep. Working on a shootout. The permutations are many, so it's gonna take a while. Also still waiting on one last CIEM to get in. Will continue to post thoughts and impressions in the meantime though.
  2. acain

    Nice can't wait I hope you post a lot of pictures with the review. Can't wait to see what you have to say about the Legend R
  3. acain
    And I would really like to hear how the ACS Encore stacks up against the Layla, there has been a lot of talk about the Encore on other forums.
  4. lojay
    I find the Layla sibilant with my iPhone 6, but there is not a trace of sibilance on my office rig, amping them with my Eddie Current 445 and with the Emotiva DC-1 Stealth DAC. It depends on your front end. It is noticeably less bright than the SR009 and HD800.
    I must confess that I am quite immune to brightness. HD800 and SR009 are my favourite cans after all.
  5. M-13
    The treble on the Layla can be a tad harsh during the burn-in process (if you believe in such things), but after this point, it is the greatest treble response ever (in my tenure on Head-Fi)
    What I mean by this is that you get the full blast of sparkle/energy/extension/detail/micro-detail while it is super-duper silky at the same time. It's like you get the best traits of both bright and dark headphones. Not sure how in the world JH managed to do this as my brain keeps thinking it's impossible to have this neutral treble without some sort of pain/peaks.
    I'm very sensitive to peaky treble and the Layla does not have this (after burn-in). My guess is that they were able to get this amazing extension and treble energy by applying it completely flat/evenly across the board. I think this is where having four drivers comes in, the hardware headroom allows Jerry to come up with something impossible sounding. It has the treble presence of a neutral/bright headphone with the silky smoothness of a dark/laid back headphone. Impossible? Yeah it kind of is...
    Layla as a whole kind of sounds impossible. When I put it on I keep thinking that this thing sounds impossible. I feel like I'm listening to twelve well-tuned/perfectly phase matched speakers that work as one. It seems to surpass the basic laws of physics and sound reproduction and leaves me in awe.
  6. Max Minimum
    Does this statement remain true even with the bass cranked up?
  7. lojay
    Haven't tried yet! Will give it a try.
    But reports I have read show that the the rest of the frequency response remains unchanged, so it will still sound brighter than what LCD3 lovers may like for their taste.
  8. Max Minimum
    Thanks! I'll be interested to hear what you think. Basically, I'm looking for something that at least gets close to the wonderful SE846 bass, but that is also more capable in the treble region.
  9. tumburu
    Thanks for your reply. That's exactly the kind of answer I'm looking for. Looks like I'll be joining the club.
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  10. tumburu
    I surely don't believe in that, since my 3003 sound as excessively bright as they did on day 1. But I definitely believe in 'brain burn-in', which will not be the case here since I always use my studio monitors as reference thus refreshing my ears all the time.
    I discovered BA drivers can behave this way, while they can be bright they don't pierce your ears like a bright DD (like HD800 or T1) will. They tend to 'compress' the sound a bit.
    Anyway, it looks like the tuning of these is really well thought and I made my decision. Fingers crossed :D
  11. Jon1323
    A friend of mine received his Layla Universals yesterday and let me listen to them. Wow, the one word that comes to mind with them is clarity. The instrument separation and detail on my Roxanne Uni is great but Layla takes that to a whole new level. After hearing them for myself I must say they're every bit as impressive as most here claimed them to be. 
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  12. Currawong Contributor
    I have a universal pair on loan. It's hard to add to what has already been described by others, except to say that the first word that came to mind when listening was "coherence". Whatever magic Jerry has done with the crossover has certainly worked. They seem to be very equipment-picky, however. An X5 wont cut it at all and sounds flat and dead. The new ALO Audio Rx is open an clear with tighter bass. I need to test them on more gear, but I agree that they are designed to work with the AK240 and are outstanding with it.
    Compared to the Roxannes they sound more open and spacious, but the Roxannes are more mid/upper-mid forward. Instruments, especially in the treble are noticeably more precise through the Laylas. They still have something of a thick-sounding upper-bass/lower mids around 200 Hz that I tend to want to EQ down a few dB when listening to a jazz ensemble, as the cello comes through too strongly, for me anyway.
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  13. Rico613
    I'm good to go on Layla but I'm wondering . . .  [​IMG]
    Is there a difference in SQ between the universal design vs custom molded ?
    How is the isolation with the universal design ?
    Anyone with direct experience JH 16 Pro vs Layla on AK240 ?
  14. piksnz
    Thanks for the impressions. If you could tell us how it sounds when powered through Hugo that will be great,
  15. Rico613
    Has anyone had JHA adjust their IEM's based on an audiogram?  (audiologist's graph of hearing loss).  They offered to do this on my next IEMs, (Layla), so I'm curious how it's worked for others.
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