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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. goodvibes
    Well, it wouldn't be my 1st time.
    And I loved these when I heard them.
  2. DrSheep
    Pics up.
  3. MMJ2015
    thank you for doing this ! i appreciate it! was wondering if you thought angie has the detail in it to handle mobile music production studio work on the go where studio monitors are not usable? could you hear the imperfections in the audio? or is it artificially smoothed out the "sound good" ?
  4. lionheartea
    already order one! Looking forward to that!
  5. Somphon
    I buy ear phones so when I'm looking for improved quality, I mean sounds. Not how the shell is made. If the shell is made of different material that improve sounds, then i agree. Also the 3d printing has nothing to do with quality, it only speed up the process.
  6. danpong
    On one note though, with the demo that I listen to at my regular store, there are the time that the sound is not up to par even with my other UIEM.  However, the store said after further burn-in period she is kind of performing brilliantly now.  I will need to listen to her again when I have a chance. 
    Anyone have an experience with unwanted brightness on Layla?  I'd like to know as I'm planning to get it sometimes this year. 
  7. HeavenMore
    I am wondering anyone can compare Layla to Ref 1?
  8. Nomax

    In case of layla,yes this lady sounds great,but very very bad wearing comfort,to heavy,to overlarged,this is a BIG NO GO for an 2500 USD IN EAR!!i think 5 of 10 will have a fitting problem with Lalya!one of the most overpriced Products that i ever heard

    For the same money you can buy three K3003

    Regards NOMAX
    audionewbi and proedros like this.
  9. goodvibes
    Where do stick the 3rd one? or 20 T1's? or....
  10. Buddhahacker
    I'm finding it interesting how folks are complaining about the fit and comfort of the Layla.  Granted, they are huge and do stick out so I don't lay my head on a pillow with these suckers on.  However, I have found them one of the best fitting and comfortable IEMs I have used.  After a short period of time I don't even notice them.   Due to their phenomenal SQ my listening sessions with the Laylas are at lease twice what I have done with my other IEMs.  Ranging from 2-6 hours per session.  The others I have found comfortable are my H$!@ Audio 8.0, SE-846s and my Klipsch X10s.   
  11. M-13
    I concur. Layla is surprisingly comfortable.
    They just disappear and the music comes from nowhere.
    I know this is strange because they're huge but I think JH gave this quite a bit of thought.
  12. Jalo

    Do you want ten one carat diamonds (worth $100,000) or one 10 carat diamond (worth 2 millions)?
  13. Somphon
    Do you guys find the neutrality of Layla to be fatiguing? 
  14. Buddhahacker
    I do not have my Layla set to be very neutral with the settings at around 1 o'clock.  I find the clarity, detail and the expansive sound stage to be very engaging.   When I am driving home from somewhere I am always thinking about being able to listen to my Layla's when I arrive. These are the only IEMs or HP which make me want to listen to them constantly.  I think my wife is thinking that this is becoming an obsession. 
    So, to answer your question directly I don't find them fatiguing but I also do not have them set for pure neutral.  My listening sessions have so far lasted upwards of 5-6 hours with no fatigue, pain or heat issues.
  15. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Sometimes they feel like they've fallen out of my ears...but when I check they're still snuggly in there...something I haven't experienced with an IEM (and I've owned A LOT of IEMs through the years).
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