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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. ahmadmfz
    I wouldn't even use the JH5s for gymming. Much too precious.
  2. Spyro
    For what it's worth,  I just passed 1 year anniversary with my JH5.  I use them nearly everyday for hour-long workouts whether it be weights, treadmill or stairclimber.  I have sweat quite a bit using them the past year and they still sound like the day I got them.  Clear cable is a bit green but that's it.
  3. Souji


    That's wonderful to hear! I was planning to use my JH5 at the gym as well, glad they can withstand the sweat because I sweat like a beast... [​IMG]
  4. williammm91
    Currently deciding between the JH5 or the 1964Ts. I checked around forums but found only one thread discussing it. Someone help me decide!?!?!
  5. rawrster
    I got my JH5 today in the mail in a surprise move since I didn't know I got charged for it already since I was told I would get an email or some kind of notification but it probably went into my spam folder.
    I got mine in a trans black color and the fit seems to be perfect which is great since that's one less issue to deal with. A side note but customs not fitting properly is a huge pita and I don't want to deal with that again. 
    I basically got these as my portable commute earphones since what I have now which are the Klipsch X10 does not isolate as well as I like and does not fit as good. I will probably sell them off when I am not lazy and decide to take some pictures and such.
    Impressions coming over the next few days..
  6. caracara08
    looking forward to your impressions. im still probably about 2 weeks out from my aud5x being ready. the JH5 was one that iw as considering instead of the aud5x.
  7. rawrster
    This is one expensive impulse buy where I can't get most of my money back if I sold it like my previous impulse buys like my HE-500 or V200.
    From a 5 minutes or so of listening they sound similar to the JH16 demo I heard in the last NY meet. I'm just going to make things simple for me and just use it with my phone and sometimes my tablet. I don't need to get fancy with transportable dac/amps, portable amps, lod, etc. so this is good enough for me. I want to focus on other things such as my headphone rig more although I'm not going to really touch that either for a while so in terms of what my rig is like now I like it quite a bit and don't see any changes in the near future.
    First of all the hard case JH Audio gives you is real nice. It is not as big as a pelican 1010 which although great is a bit too big but the case that comes with the JH5 is also big but is not as tall so a bit better in that sense. However I'll most likely use my last case from my old UM customs or the case that comes with the TF10.
  8. kckc
    Looking forward to your impressions rawrster. 

    It was also an impulse buy for me as a result of the 15% off and I had just purchased UM Merlins. Planning to use the JH5 for commute and Merlins at home since the Merlins aren't too isolating.
  9. kckc
    For those that missed the Thanksgiving deal, JH Audio currently have a 10% discount off all customs, apparel and accessories for residents of the continental United States and Canada. The offer's valid until Dec.31st 11:59 EST and excludes the JH-3A Amp with JH16. Coupon Code is: CHEER
    Good time to save $40 and give the JH5 a try. 
  10. rawrster
    I've had these for a few days and put maybe 5-6 hours on them. I have tried them on two set ups where one is what I will use around 99% of the time and the other was just for kicks. The set up I will use most of the time is with the JH5 just connected to my sgs phone rooted and using voodoo. The other is my full sized main setup in the Yulong D100 dac and Violectric V200 amp. 
    I can say that the JH5 does scale up. I feel that my home set up is as good as it gets with the JH5 but my D100 may be all it needs to reach the potential but of course I did not try it but with my previous customs it did not really get much better but that's just guessing since I'm too lazy to try and see. While it sounds good out of my phone with my home set up it sounds a good amount better but that is too much money to put into a set up for an earphone that costs $400. 
    My impressions of these so far are mostly positive. They do somewhat remind me of the JH16 demo I hear a month ago in that I was surprised at what I was hearing. I expected a bass monster in the JH16 like the W3 or IE8 but it was not a bass monster but had a good amount of bass and great extension. The JH5 I expected something along those lines but not quite as much of a bass monster and with a lot of warmth so I expected a huge mid bass bump like the IE8 but once again my expectations were not met and possibly a good thing since I didn't know what to expect other than they sounded quite good for $400. It should have enough bass for most and has fairly good extension but not the best. The midrange is nice as well although it may possible be a bit recessed but I have not compared it to judge that and probably won't since I just don't care all that much. There really isn't the massive warmth that I was expecting but it does have a small amount of warmth that doesn't overdo it. The treble while being nice and has decent extension isn't quite the best extension like what I'm used to but really at $400 it sounds very good. 
    I think at the original price of $699 I believe it was these would be overpriced slightly but at $400 it's a damn good deal. It's even better if you go through one of the audiologists that will either give you a discount or do it for free if you buy through them and I am glad I did. These may have been an impulse buy but I don't regret it.
  11. goodvibes
    Probably a bit early to ask but it will be interesting to see which you end up going to more over time, the 1964t or jh5.
  12. rawrster


    I no longer have them due to lack of use with them. I think I didn't use them for around 7-8 months before I decided to sell them. My portable is just simple with the JH5 and my sgs phone now. I'm more interested in a full sized set up than portable these days so all I really have is the JH5 and my M2 earphones but I don't use the M2 all that much. However I do like the JH5 a lot esp since I got it for $410 I believe including shipping. I can't think of a universal that I would take over these right now in terms of performance and signature and the top universals cost 300+ so it comes quite close to what I paid for the JH5.
    What I would like to get one day is the Moon Audio iem cable and be done with it since I am not a fan of the stock cable. The memory wire causes discomfort and after a while the braid does get a bit loose but I have other expenses so hopefully in a month or two..
  13. goodvibes
    I also don't care for memory wires or earguides. Glad they're working. That was my overall impression on a short listen. Anything competitive in a universal is $400+ anyways and requires the dreaded tip sorting.[​IMG]
  14. Spyro
    Positive impressions.  Yes, it may not do anything "perfectly" but it does everything really really well.  Considering the price I am not sure I have ever read a single negative comment about JH5 on this entire website.  I've had mine just over a year and they have taken a lot of abuse and still sound great.
  15. creamsoda
    how's instrument separation with these, and would you think there's a difference in separation between these and the 1964ts?  is it easier to pick apart songs with the JH5?
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