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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. rawrster


    I don't think these would be quite as good at the original price but right now I find them a very good value. They are also pretty light for customs but then again it is only 2 drivers compared to 3 or 6 like what I used to have. 

    It's hard to say when I haven't heard the 1964T in a very long time and no longer own them. However instrument separation is just fine with the JH5. It isn't like an analytical phone where that's the first thing you notice but I don't find an issue here.
  2. Spyro
    one thing about JH5 not mentioned much is that is has a dual bore driver even though it only has 2 drivers. The JH5 certainly does NOT suffer from lack of dynamics even though a dual driver. not sure if the dual bore helps or not.
  3. soundbear
    I also took advantage of the Thanksgiving sale and am nervously, yet eagerly anticipating their arrival.   I was a DBA02/B2 guy until I got the GR07's and after 250 hrs burn-in fell totally in love with them, particularly their bass!   With my 601/UHA4 the GR07's were angelic for me.   I finally realized my B2's just didn't have the bass impact I wanted plus were a tad thin sounding.   But my IEM lust led me to asking my mentor what would be a step up from the DBA02(he doesn't like the GR07) and he said the JH5 in terms of $ and SQ.  I did see the JH5 compared to the DBA as "DBA on hormones".
      Anyway, I am hoping the JH5 will somehow fit into that DBA/B2/GR07 signature and/or best them for my ears.   Also, I just got the Studio V at 50% off.   Still waiting on that too, but worried about a possible hiss issue using Studio V with the JH5.    
        Perhaps a six pack or two will take care of my anxiety!!![​IMG]
  4. Souji
    I received my JH5's earlier today and I had them in my ears for 4 and half hours straight!
    I know I just got these headphones, but I am in love... [​IMG]
  5. goodvibes


    Being able to use seperate acoustic filters per driver is a clear advantage.
  6. Spyro
    I would say it does not excel in any one area but is an amazing all-arounder for $400.  Just very musical, nicely detailed and a very full sound.
  7. kckc
    I got mine during the Black Friday sale for $350, and at that price I also think they're an amazing value. They also don't seem to have the typical dual driver sound. 
  8. rawrster
    What's the typical dual driver sound? I've heard a good amount of dual drivers and not all sounded the same.
  9. kckc


    I'm referring to the DBA, q-jays, and UE700. I find them all to have more frequency balance than say a triple driver. IME, they are also speedier and more accurate. And these dual BAs certainly sound better than single BAs in my opinion. But the JH5 sounds more musical and actually reminds me more of the TF10 than other dual drivers. 
  10. Souji

    Quick unboxing video to show my appreciation! I love my JH5 Pro's, I will definitely never go back to universals.
    rmappita likes this.
  11. Bazirker


    Hahahaha nice!
  12. creamsoda
    are the comply soft wraps for just in case you need a refit, so you can identify exactly where it is that needs additional material?
  13. Souji
    I'm guessing it wraps around the ear canal of the custom to help with a better seal.
    Hope this picture helps!
  14. kckc


    That's exactly what it does. So if you have a perfect fitting CIEM they're really of no use.
  15. soundbear
    Well, my JH5's arrived 2 days ago and I was very surprised at their huge size compared to my IEMs.   After getting them in I didn't like the depth or width they went into my ear canal, actually hurt sides of my ear canal and the end actually touched at times something on the inside back of my ear.   Now with my IEMs, I never liked having deep tips, I always found the smallest,most comfortable tip that would seal properly, so double flanges were usually out of the question, shallow ovals worked.   Its almost like these were made for someone else!!LOL!   If I had these redone, I would want the insertion part shorter and thinner and the part that rests outside my ear to be thinner and smaller in diameter.    Do my complaints warrant a refit, or are customs not for me, and if so, can anyone recommend a price.   Solid Snake sold his JH11's, and in his ad he described the fee for impressions and then either Fisher Hearing or Unique Melody to reshell for around $80, not including shipping.   In terms of SQ, my fit problem has interferred with true impressions, but all I can say right now is that they have a bigger sound than my GR07's, more bass, larger soundstage and I love their "seamless" sound.   Hope someone responds to this.   Thanks!
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