1. C

    Help! Picking my next pair of IEM

    I currently posses a pair of Shure SE215 LTD, Shure SE425 and my beloved UF AK Michelle. And I am looking to scale things a little bit. So i was checking out the SHURE SE846, Noble Audio Django, AK Rosie or the Empire ears Hermes VI. Any suggestions? I am willing to spend approximately 1k.
  2. MattTCG

    **JH Audio jh13pro v2 Review**

    After years of trying to make universal iems work with regard to fit/seal, I finally gave up the ghost and decided to order a good pair of customs. With advice from my friend and local iem guru @purk, I pulled the trigger on the well regarded jh13 prov2. This iem already had garnered somewhat of...
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    JH Roxanne Custom
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    JH Roxanne Custom
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    JH Roxanne Custom
  6. kazuhikoaikawa

    Recommendation for the best value CIEM?

    Hi, everyone this will be my first post.    I'm looking for the best value CIEM, i would like that it has well build quality and sound quality that can play all genres well.   Any CIEM manufacturer will be accepted, my budget is around $1000.   I hope you all can help me in buying my first...
  7. BBY03evo

    JH Audio JH5pro thread

    I just received my JH5pro today. I will post pics later tonight. First impressions are very good. Very fast sounding , Wow. Airy extended highs. Strong tight bass... So far they seem amazing for the price point. The Carbon Fiber case is beautiful. Nice close even weave. The fit so far...
  8. Anaxilus

    JHA consumer experience thread (Positive=Yes, Negative=No)

    Please mark 'Yes' for positive.  'No' for negative.   For the benefit of Jerry Harvey Audio and potential customers/clients.  Please post your experiences and vote appropriately.     Do not factor in perceived sound quality into whether or not the process and your experience made it...
  9. onecolorist

    NEW information on JH-3a

    ANNOUNCEMENT about the JH-3A   I just got an email from Beth Orliss in NYC (one of the JH audio authorized dealers) about the JH-3a Beth just received an response FROM JERRY about the the digital imputs on the JH-3a.  IT WILL BE COAX!! He didn't say whether that it will have optical also. ...
  10. Konnan101

    Jerry Harvey Dilema

    So I am a pretty long time Shure enthusiast. I started out with the s1's then s2's way back in higschool, then moved up to the s4's when I graduated, and then a pair of SE530's in college. I always loved them, and thought for the price they were pretty damn good IEMs. I now however am looking...