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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. rawrster
    I've had the T3 and sold it due to convenience. Some people like me would just rather run an amp out of their source which in my case is my phone.
  2. kckc
    I finally pulled the trigger on the JH5 with the Thanksgiving discount code. At $340 it was just too tempting and JH Audio always excluded the JH5 in their previous sales. I'm very excited. 
  3. Souji


    I might jump on this deal as well. Have you asked your local audiologist how much impressions cost? The price range varies from place to place :frowning2:
    Ranging from $75 each ear and another for $50 both ears.
  4. max111
    considering jh5 as well. deciding on the colours/designs....so many choices!!!! out of curiosity, what are your choices?
  5. Souji
    Right with translucent Red Eye Red and Left with Clear. Using the free "JH Audio" on both to keep the cost low.
  6. max111


    Nice! looking at blue or black trans with the JH audio logo and wording. 2 more days to decide :)
  7. Souji


    Yeah, I was torn between black translucent as well!
    I decided not to get the "Flying Girl" logo because it comes out pixelated at least from the pictures posted on flickr.
    I narrowed it down to these, trying to keep it simple and clean.
  8. kahaluu
    The translucent red eye red looks fantastic. I would probably get that color if I ever purchase another JH custom.
  9. rawrster


    This sounds like a good deal. I hope to have mine soon and even though mine will cost ~410 including shipping I don't have much to complain about. Actually if I did get in on this deal the price would be around the same since then I would have to pay for shipping to JHA as well as impressions. I haven't been billed yet so I guess early December I will be.
  10. kckc


    For me my impressions cost about $50 for both ears. I know some other places that makes the pair for $65, but $75 each ear is way too expensive. 

    I couldn't resist the deal [​IMG] Ended up getting black trans shell (left) and red trans shell (right), both with black opague faceplate and the JHAudio logo in white. 
  11. Souji
    My order has been officially placed with JH Audio! [​IMG]
    Now it's time to get my ear impressions.
    I am way too damn excited for these, my first customs ever!
    And I also have a feeling they definitely won't be the last... [​IMG]
  12. kckc


  13. Jajo
    A small dilemma here everyone. 
    Should I get the JH5's or a pair of Ultrasone 900s?  I already have a pair of JH16's, IE8's, and TF10's.  I do not currently own full size headphones. 
    How do the JH5's compare to the the IE8's?
  14. silverkaze

    If you already have a pair of JH16s, why would you want a pair of JH5? not saying JH5 is not good, but from my auditioning from the two universal models, I preferred the JH16 and technically they are not on the same level, if i were you, I'd probably get something else with a different sound signature.

  15. Some people have 13/16 as a reference/portable headphone, and a JH5 as a workout/live gig headphone.  You don't want excessive sweat etc ruining the 16, and chances are if you're getting a great workout you're not 100% focused on sound fidelity anyway.
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