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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. Spyro
    While JH allows one re-fit you need to pay for shipping back to them.  I guess it's possible customs are not for you but they should definitely not hurt and should be very comfortable.
    Do you trust the place that did your impressions?  Did they mention anything about your ear anatomy that is not normal?
  2. soundbear
    The audiologist who did it was referred by another audiologist 2 hrs away who is on the JH list, the woman who did them for me said she had done them many times for musicians, so I feel sure the impression was done correctly.  How do I go about a refit? 
  3. soundbear
    nothing unusual about my ear anatomy.
  4. Spyro
    Email or call JH and explain in as much detail as possible, your specific problems with the fit.  They will probably have you send them back.  Send a copy of your email with the IEM's.  They can usually turn them around in  just a few days.
  5. soundbear
    Thanks so much Spyro!   I'll get on it first thing Monday!!![​IMG]
  6. davidcotton


    That may help narrow down where the fit problems are, good luck.  As someone who has needed at least two refits I hope it goes smoothly for you.
  7. soundbear
    Thanks so much!   I just looked at it and will go over it with JH when they contact me on Monday.  I did email JH this am and they got back within an hour, couldn't believe it,esp on a Sat!!   They said the lab will contact me on Monday and  in the meantime wanted me to go to a shoe repair to get my ears stretched along with my cycling shoes which are also too tight!!!LOL!  Just kidding.
  8. soundbear
    Got my JH5's back after a refit over a week ago and while they shaved them down still didn't feel near as comfortable as my gro7 tips.   Also, I didn't like the sound, too bright for me, I'm too used to a neutral,dynamic sound signature.   I really think my ears don't like plastic period, so I'll stick with universals.   I'll be selling them for $200OBO if anyones interested(Fisher does refits for $200 including shipping).
  9. ImperialX


    I'm going to be ordering a pair of these soon hopefully and I like this color. What is it? Is it just Black with Transparent for Shell Opacity?
  10. miragez
    Woot ! I already ordered one yesterday now the wait is on though the sales personal told me it will take between 30 days to 45 days... can't wait for my JH5pro...
  11. Spyro
    I know there are other cheap custom options out there but I just want to share that I had the opportunity to have JH5, JH13 and JH16 at the same time (unfortunately unamped).
    But I feel my memory is very clear and I will say this:
    If you tick up the treble and bass a notch, the JH5 (amped-Ibasso T3) it is insanely close to the JH16 (NO EQ adjustments).  This is important because the JH5 can take a lot of juice and will not distort under any circumstance.  I tend to listen on the loud side and like the vicesireal (sp?) bass but if it distorts it is a complete deal breaker for me.  I like to "rock out" and my IEM's need to be able to handle everything I throw at them.  Having said that.....the JH5 surely handles the task.  In my mind the JH16 provides a little bit more holographic presentation and a bit more transparency but I almost felt "spent" after a long listening session with JH16.  The sound is just so (unneccesarily?) massively huge  I wasn't sure I was just exfixiated on the sound or the music.  Don't get me wrong, I loved it and it sucked me in but perhaps it wasn't very realistic.  It was like every frequency on steriods.
    JH13:  Very impressed. As I have said here many times before.  The best treble, speed and transparency of any IEM I have evey heard (GR10 next in line but many nothches down). It's freakish and takes a while to get use to because you have NEVER heard audio (music or TV) like this before.  Unfortunately I did not have the amp and I found it lacked mid-bass (very rare in any universal) but had lower bass that sometimes seemed out of place (without matching mid-bass).  I wish I had the amp with JH13 because I wonder if it would have been ther perfect IEM with "gain 1 or 2" to give it more oomph.
    Anyway.....Those are both gone for various reasons and I am still in bliss with W3 and JH5 and concentrating on the music.  I am certain JH5 and W3 provide me with a better listening experience than what 99.5% of the general public has for music listening "gear."
  12. vangough
    What colour did you use? the one on the right....looks like Razberry Jam, translucent or opaque? Thanks
  13. dnullify
    2+ years and still going strong!
  14. vangough
    How does it compete with UE 5 Pro custom? Anybody tried both? Thanks!
  15. Spyro
    Designer of UE5Pro Jerry Harvey left UE and started JH Audio and claims that JH5 is his personal improvements to what UE had him do with UE5.
    Not sure you will find anyone that has had both but general consensus is that JH5 is very good.  On this forum I have yet to read even one negative comment about JH5 soundwise which is a very bold statement.  Virtually everyone that has bought it loves it, period.  I've had mine almost 2 years and work out 6 days a week for an hour and these things sound as good as the day I got them. They DO sound a bit more open and clearer with good amplification but having also had JH13 and JH16 I consider JH5 a poor man's JH16 since it follows all of the same sound characteristics.
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