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JH Audio Angie Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. Sound Eq
    any feedback on the roxanne 2 as i barley see any how it compares to angie
  2. Jarmel
    I'm not sure I have the Roxanne 2s as mine is in the acrylic casing but according to the person I was speaking with at JH, they said that they only make it one way now, so it might be? It's confusing because their website still lists the customs as third order like the older versions but according to them the website is woefully out of date (they were pretty adamant about that point). Mine look like the older version though but I can't tell how old they actually are. The R2s seem to be exclusively sold by A&K but these are a demo version so JH could have sent me an updated version. I also haven't heard the original Roxannes so I can't even talk about how better the R2s are compared to the R1s.
    All of that said, I do think the Angies have better instrument separation and are brighter than the Roxannes I was listening to. However the Roxannes have a much bigger soundstage which remind me of my HD800s at times. The Angies definitely have more of a kick than my JH-13s but the Roxanne has a fuller sound to it, partly due to the bass and midbass having more oomph. You can tell the Angies are more neutral but that comes across as a bit boring on some pieces when you really want some energy with the music. The Angies are probably better for classical but I feel the Roxannes are more oriented and excel for pop/rock/edm where there's a big midbass/bass segment that you want to play a factor. The brighter sound of the Angies does make classical/orchestral works really nice to listen to but I feel like it falls behind in other genres. 
  3. PinkyPowers

    That's sort of how I'm feeling right now with the Rhapsodio Solar. Compared to Angie, it has that extra bass that really impresses, and a meatier sound because of it.

    I still love Angie. She's one incredible IEM. But Solar just makes the music bigger and heavier, while maintaining all the clarity and openness of Angie.

    I wonder how it compares to Roxanne.
  4. Sound Eq

    Do y experience any sibilance with roxanne as some reported that in the old roxanne
  5. Jarmel
    Which tracks were people having sibilance issues with? I could try and listen and see if I notice anything.
    I'm not a big bass head, otherwise I wouldn't have the HD800s, so it's kinda surprising to myself. However the Roxannes make the music heavier due to the bass so it's sort of nice for certain pieces.
  6. Sound Eq
    do u have the roxanne 2 , is it customs or universal
  7. Jarmel
    Again I'm not sure as there's no distinguishing mark either way. I could try listening to the tracks and seeing if there's a problem regardless.
  8. PinkyPowers
    As I understand it, they are only making Full Metal Jacket universals now. If you have a Roxxy in the old fashion, I don't believe it can be a Roxanne 2, with the 4th order crossover.
  9. Jarmel
    That's probably my hunch too. The customs though are supposed to be 4th order, despite not being FMJ, which is surprising considering they didn't make a big deal about it on the website but the person I was speaking with said they were going to do an overhaul of the website at some point. Kinda weird but I did ask three times to make sure.
    I'm not overly sure what goes into making the IEMs 4th order compared to 3rd order so it's a bit confusing.
  10. PinkyPowers
    I THINK it has to do with which drivers are assigned to which frequencies.

    3rd order: 4 bass. 4 mids. 4 treble.
    4th order: 4 bass. 4 mids. 2 treble. 2 tweeters.

    It assigns a couple of drivers just to those very high frequencies. If they're dedicated just to that range, they'll sound cleaner, with no sibilance.

    Again, I THINK that's how it works. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. Jazic
    If that were the train of thought wouldn't the Angie be 2 bass, 2 mid, 2 high and 2 tweeter?
  12. PinkyPowers

  13. Jazic
    That has to be the case because the Rosie sounds fairly similar to the Angie but without the added clarity up top. I'm thinking those extra 2 drivers are tweeters that adds some sparkle that the Rosie just doesn't have the ability to produce even with EQ. Plus those other 6 drivers in the Rosie might be sharing more of the resistance load vs more of the load be spread more evenly with the Angie's. That'd be another reason why the Rosie has a thicker sound at the same setting than the Angie. 
    I'm just guessing here by the way. 
  14. jstachowski
       On their website, they say quad high, dual mid, and dual low.  It works for me. 
       Earlier today I was at the Westone factory, and I learned quite a bit about my Angie's by listening to their marketing folks.
    Take Care---
  15. PinkyPowers

    Yeah, we're all aware Angie uses four drivers for highs. We're wondering where the fourth crossover takes place. I believe they've cleverly split the "highs" into two separate regions. Low High and High High. Or Treble and Tweeter.

    Also, why is Weston's marketing folk talking to you about Angie? Oughtn't they try and sell you on one of their own IEMs? :D
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