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JH Audio Angie Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. Jarmel
    So have a pair of Universal Angies and Roxannes. I'm trying to decide between the two for customs and it's driving me up a wall. There's times when one will sound better than the other and I'll change my mind about which one to go with.
  2. PinkyPowers

    That's quite the predicament.
  3. Johnny Woody
    Go for Angie I concur

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  4. Jazic
    For those with customs, I have a few questions. I'm seriously considering getting another pair after not having CIEM's for many many years. I was one of the first consumers to get my hands on the UE11 CIEM's and out of the many UIEM's I've tried over the years the Angie's hit every check box for sound. A year ago I remember thinking that I wanted to get these custom. Upon the new FMJ's I got them and my thoughts came to me again... I've recently had some UM Mages reshelled and a very bad experience with fit. I can't get a good seal with either ear no matter what I do. 
    1. How they holding out after having them awhile?
    1. How is the fit from JH? 
    1. Is the sound much different than the UIEM?
    Originally Posted by gorillaman02 /img/forum/go_quote.gif


  5. PinkyPowers
    Jerry Harvey makes CIEMs for the biggest musicians around. If you can't trust them, you can't trust anyone and I'd steer clear of custums.
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  6. DanPerezSax
    That.  Others may be as good, but as far as work-readiness, there are none better.
  7. rwelles
    Quote from Jazic:
    I've had my custom Angie's for about 3 months now. I did have to get 2 re-fits. That may have been due to the audiologist I used. They've been holding up just fine!!
  8. Jazic
    Awesome. Thanks for the reply!
    How does the sound compare to the universals?
  9. rwelles

    I live in the boondocks on the Oregon Coast, so there isn't any place close to hear any hps. I took a (big) chance by ordering them before hearing them. VERY happy with my decision to take the leap. Thanks to all the posters and esp. @x RELIC x for their helpful info!!!
    That said, I've never heard the universals, so I can't offer a comparison. 
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  10. Skint
    My custom Angies are better than my universals, really no contest. They fit perfectly first time even with what I thought were sub-par impressions. Custom angies are like universals on acid. Everything is bigger and better. I liken them to pushing the universals gently into your ear with comply foam tips. The isolation and sound you get there is almost exactly what I get from the customs. Also, they don't stick out so far.

    Hope that helps :)
  11. Jazic
    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I think I'm going to grab some customs in a few weeks once I'm back from vacation. I'll go ahead and schedule an appt with an ear doc and get the process started.

    Hopefully there isn't a long wait to get customs made... I also need to save up a few extra bucks and get a cable...
  12. PinkyPowers

    From what I understand, the wait can be a while. So you'll need patience.
  13. Jazic
    How long does it take for adjustments if the fit isn't perfect? Hopefully not as long as the normal fitting.
  14. x RELIC x Contributor

    Don't quote me on this but I think around a month(?). The trick is to go to an audiologist that has a good reputation and has done impressions for CIEMs before. The more leg work up front will save you a lot of hassle down the road. Also, JH has a list of preferred audiologists. I used one from this list for my Noble K10 impressions and have had no issues.


    Make sure to bring a printout of this guide for impressions. Just hand it to the audiologist before you get your impressions done.

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  15. Jazic

    That is awesome. I've seen the list before but completely forgot about it. Thanks a ton Relic. You've been a huge help.

    I figure I'll knock one out to left field by asking but has anyone ever tried the Earsonics S-EM9? I'm wondering how they compare to the Angies.
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