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JH Audio Angie Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. Jazic
    I went ahead and set up an appointment with a doc on the list recommended by JH. It's a 2 hour drive on vacation but the impressions are only $40 so I'm going to hop all over it. Around my area it's $80-100 for impressions. 
  2. rwelles

    I needed to send mine back for adjustments twice. First time, the turn around was a couple of weeks. The second time, it was almost a month. It depends on their work load at the time.
  3. Jazic
    Not sure which design I like more.. Kevlar looks damn sexy tho..
    Ignore the 16Pro.. when I selected Angie it didn't show up, 16Pro showed up instead.. Must be a bug in their system. 
    I do like the idea of clear/titanium with clear cables though..
  4. PinkyPowers
    I love the Ebony wood on my Solars.


    After burn in, they are close to the smoothness of Angie, with bigger, more natural bass. Treble is ever so slightly better on Solar, due to a hint of sparkle, which Angie doesn't quite manage. Vocals are equal on the two, just at different positions on the soundstage. Angie has them up front, while Solar holds them back a little.

    Solar is also more aggressive-sounding, and Angie more laid-back.

    To be honest, I don't know which one I prefer. They are both amazing, and share a lot in common. You can't go wrong with either.

    But I must say, I have fallen in love with Solar's bass. It's truly something.
  5. tienbasse
    The Solars seem to be highly praised here.
    I wouldn't really say that Angies are really laid-back, they have relatively forward mids, and it can be fatiguing with certain music genres (quite obvious when coming from ASG2.5 which sounds a bit flatter in the mids, despite a larger soundstage and bigger bass, which makes them enticing without being fatiguing at all over long flights).
    My only difficulties so far is to find proper tips for the Angies. Even the large stock silicon tips are slightly too small for me (left ear) so I sometimes lose the seal. And it is quite tough to find tips that are long enough for the Angies, since the bores are both large and very long, which is very unusual. I went through my whle tip stock without success. Most tips are just too short to hold properly.
    Any tip suggestions for the Angies, available in large/very large sizes since I have VERY large ear canals ?
  6. Jazic
    Perhaps try some Comply larges? 
    I personally don't get a good seal unless I go deeper than even the Angie's can go. I use orings to go a few mm deeper. 
  7. olddude
    I've used Comply Large on all of my iems.  But with the Angies I ended up using the Smalls and I get a much better seal with them.  Same with the Spin-Fits.  Have you tried the Isolation or the Comfort Comply 500s in Small?
  8. Jazic
    I have the isolation multipack.
    My ears are weird... very weird sometimes.
    Spinfit Mediums fit me perfect.. or they don't fit at all sometimes. When they do fit me they fit well. 
    Comply Medium Isolations fit me best so far with 1 oring on left and 2 orings on right side.
    Comply Large Isolation fit well with no need for orings but my right ear isn't as isolated as the left ear. Left is about twice as sealed and isolated sounding...
    I'll pull out the small now and try them. I have my doubts... -- Yeah. The smalls don't even begin to make a seal even with the orings taking them pretty deep. 
  9. Paulo Abreu
    Try the JVC spiral dot, Large.
    I used the Angies stock Large and got the JVC "ML" size, but for you the L might be the right size.
    Ps: My avatar pictures show clearly the wide bore of the JVCs, all the way in the bore they stay pratically leveled with bore ports. nice...
    My 2 cents
  10. tienbasse
    No luck with smaller size tips even when going deeper.
    Comply Ts400 tips (large) are doing a relatively nice job so far.
    I just don't see how Comply can recommend the 500 size for Angies, their bore isn't that large (5mm), so the 200 and 400 series fit better.
    I ordered some Spinfit CS-100 (large size), I'll see how they fit.
    JVC large Spiral dots tips that I have from my HA-FX850 are a bit too large and short for the Angies bores.
    I finally found a good fit with the large stock tips, by pulling them about 2mm away from the extremities of the IEMs bores. This way I don't lose the seal at all.
    Meaning I probably need large and long tips (double flange tips would be nice, but large ones are not large enough for me since they're usually slighly smaller in diameters then single flange tips).
    I'd be curious to see how my ear canals prints would look like... CIEMs for me would use an awful lot of materials for their shells! [​IMG]
  11. singleended58
    How does the comfortability between the universal and CIEM Angie?
  12. Jazic
    Should I spend the $85 extra and get titanium faceplates vs just a normal black or blue color?
  13. AndrewCanDo

    Thats totally up to you LOL Personally, I think its a nice touch albeit $85 seems a tad pricy. 
  14. Skint
    Both very comfortable but the CIEM is better. The uni is much bigger so it can knock or catch on things or become uncomfortable lying on your side. It will somewhat depend on your tip and ear canal. It was surprising how comfortable the uni was when you see it's size.
    The custom is much smaller and does not catch on anything. You will have to get used to the CIEM sensation but once you do, it almost disappears. That custom seal also produces THE best sound.
  15. Jarmel
    So I had to make up my mind between the Angie and Roxanne. Been listening to the universals the past week A/Bing them for hours at a time. I made up my mind today to go with the Roxannes. I'm kinda surprised myself as I thought I would go with the Angies however the Angies never wow'd me like the Roxannes can. I was going to go with the Angies initially as they sounded very similar to what my 13s and were newer/had the fourth order crossover. However they didn't have the midbass or lower bass kick that the Roxannes excelled in and that won me over after awhile. Also finding out the Roxannes are fourth order now too made me feel better about getting the 'older' buds. I'm probably the only person on the internet who chose the Roxannes over the Angies but there it is. That said, it's like arguing about the difference between a 95 and a 98 which is why it took so long to make up my mind.
    Funnily enough, the song that sealed the deal for me was Layla. I was listening to the Crossroads version and the guitar solo was just so much better on the Roxanne.
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