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JH Audio Angie Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. jstachowski
       It was more a general discussion about balanced armature drivers.   Since Jerry Harvey did work with them on the early stages, they both diverged.   I was with a group from the Colorado Audio Society on a tour.  
       Both groups produce excellent products.  It may be that I haven't found the magic universal ear interface, but both the Westone universal and JH Audio universals don't really capture what the custom Angie's do for me.    
  2. Tulku1967
    In Angie high section is Knowles twfk-swfk quad driver.
    Includes 4th low pass filter. (24 dB / octave)
    Low pass consists of 2 coils in series and two capacitors in parallel.
    1 coil special SMD ferrite, second coil 3x150uH in parallel. (this is due to 50mH 3ohm replus values)
    6.8uF first capacitor, the second 10uF.

    Mid section is Sonion 2800 with 2th low pass filter (150 uH coil in series and in parallel 1.5 uF capacitor)

    Low section is 3800 Sonion with external 100ohm resistor.

    3800 and 2800 with green damper (1500ohm) in tube, but the 2800 has an internal damper (1500ohm?) and the 3800 a special low damper
    Tube length: high 42 mm, mid 25 mm and low 15 mm (each with 10 mm steel tubes around)

    Now I was ready with my Angies...

    Unfortunately, due to an accident, both the low and mid destroyed, but Colsan Micro sent me a pair of both...  
    If a high-pass filter made high section, the resulting sound was sharp, harsh with sibilance....

    Sorry for my english....


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  3. Traveller
    First off, thanks for the info [​IMG] - I have ZERO knowledge of electronics but find it very fascinating all the same [​IMG]
    I do have to ask you what kind of "accident" did you (or your Angies) have to kill both low and mid - and are you talking in BOTH L&R IEMs... ?
    Secondly, I didn't quite understand your comment regarding "if high pass... sibilance" Did you try to modify Jerry's original configuration?
    @Everyone... just for fun... where do you think the crossover points are, given these technical FR graphs of each BA?
    Sonion 3800 "Dual Receiver" "Large style back-vent for improved low frequency output of the most powerful woofer available today" [​IMG]
    Sonion 2800 "Dual Receiver" " with standard response"
    TWFK: "Dual Full Range" "Best-in-class" treble
    SWFK: "High Output Dual Tweeter" "Tuned for HF detail"
  4. Tulku1967
    Well, the accident was to be caught in one wire in 2800 (unfortunately, hot glue to secure the armature to kevlar body).
    I soldered and I thought it would prevent similar cases, so I spent the entire body with epoxy resin.
    I did not know that 3800 is vented and went into the resin. But the bottom was 3800, and therefore had to be taken in 2800, while the saved one ruined.

    I did not modify Jerry's plan, but I was experimenting :)
    While many crossower tried....

    Crossower points:

    I think may be around 1-1.5 kHz ....

    At the low is only 100 ohm reistor  which each will produce a different sound signature, however, based on the Goldenears measurements somewhere around 1 kHz no longer apply the effect.


    Sorry for my english...
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  5. NPWS
    lil chit chat with Astell&Kern Marketing Manager about the siren series v1 and v2.
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  6. PinkyPowers

    Thanks for sharing. It's all information we knew before, but cool to see Alex An also prefers the classic design.
  7. Iron-Buddha
    I think most prefer the v1 shell, but it was too difficult to make consistently.   We've seen some terrible examples on Head-fi.
    I'm glad the FMJ was adopted as it means there is less uncertainty when buying a new one.  I was lucky enough that my local dealer let me check everything before walking out the door.
  8. AndrewCanDo
    Agreed. I was super nervous when I received my Angies due to the hit or miss quality with the first gen. That being said, I never really understood the $400 difference between the V1 and V2 Angies. 
  9. Traveller
    Awesome. I also agree V1 has the coolest shell but I have the V2s and I could not imagine stuffing anything BIGGER in my ears... [​IMG]
    I keep reading that the V2 are more compact but truth be told, this photo from A&K's Facebook page seems to confirm that but also does not really prove it... 2D photos can easily be misleading.
    Could you please ask Alex if there is indeed a difference in shell volume? Merci [​IMG] 
  10. olddude
    I prefer the 1st version, and love the way mine look.  
  11. NPWS
    sure, I'll ask him later. De rien [​IMG]
  12. Paulo Abreu
    Yes, there is a difference. I don't have V1 but several owners have stated that
    The picture shows clearly the slope on V2.
    My 2 cents
  13. Jarmel
    I just wanted to say apparently this is wrong. I contacted JH today and asked and there's a physical/software aspect to it but it's not that simple I guess. They didn't want to talk about it for production secrecy reasons though.
  14. PinkyPowers
    Interesting. Thank you.
  15. olddude
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