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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by Mshenay, Nov 15, 2018.
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  1. protoss

    The Audio Gd 11 amp has the 9018 chip. Compare to D50S which has the 9038 chip.

    Its like iphone 6 vs Iphone 10. Its becoming obvious now that modern chips are getting better in sound quality and built-in implementation. The biggest plus is that newer modern chips are properly being executed in affordable products. So now we can get a $250 dac that would of cost in 1995 or 2005 about $5000.

    I also notice that R2R dacs has the worst measurements. So, I somewhat do not like measuring R2R dacs because it is a distortion mess. But dose it sound good? Maybe? Hard to say. I personally like R2R dacs.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
  2. cel4145
    The review at ASR of the audio-gd models they looked at suggest it's not the chip that's the issue, but rather the implementation design is not very good.
  3. protoss
    Yes, of course. But it is the chip. Do not dare think its not. A 9014 chip is laughable now. A 9018 sucks compare to a 9028 chip which benchmark dac 3 is base on. You think a 9018 chip can beat a benchmark 9028 dac 3 chip. The answer is 100% no.

    Now we at 9038 chips. Its pretty much what I already said. Sadly I repeat my self alot :frowning2:

    Let me quote protoss-- "Its becoming obvious now that modern chips are getting better in sound quality and built-in implementation"


    P.S I like to also add that Audio-Gd products are great for their R2R dacs. What the heck are people doing buying sabre dacs from Audio-GD????
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
  4. moriez
    Hey guys,

    I received an Atom a few days ago and to my dissapointment the exterior is absolutely not what a new product should look like. I tried to capture the four 45 degree marks of which the retailer told me, who were in turn told by JDS Labs, this is how all Atoms come out from the molding process. Well in one word, p00r. If that wasn't no-go enough the top side picture shows indentations which were also explained to me as normal for all Atoms from the way they're stacked. If I remember correctly the stacking is done over at JDS so retailer would not be to blame. Now, what I'm after first is asking owners to briefly check for the 45 degree marks similar in severity like in my close ups. From quick investigation I know the indentations are pretty common, which is not to say this is normal but probably acceptable to me. For certain I will return my unit and on the fence about a refund or getting a replacement.

    A.jpg B.jpg C.jpg D.jpg
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  5. warbles
    Gollyz, do we really care so much about the appearance of the damn thing when it performs like such a motherf**ker?

  6. moriez
    Thanks for the useless reply buddy. If you read carefully I'm looking for people who want to think along for a minute. When I buy something new it must appear new no matter what.
  7. Jujoe
    I also have a few little marks on my atom and almost in tthe same spots as your pics:frowning2:

    But these are not enough that I'd want to return it.
  8. warbles
  9. moriez

    Appreciate it! And this includes the same type top side? If you have the time to try capture the front please do.
  10. Jujoe
    I will try take some pic this afternoon (fecking cleaning day :p )
  11. moriez
    No rush :wink:
  12. Jujoe
    Excuse my p1ss poor pics but the 4 marks are there and at some angles more visable, The little scratches I had on the front I could not even get to show on the photos. I however got this suprise on my unit when I first got it was super p1ssed but over the moon I had the atom so I let it slide :)

    DSC_0034[1].JPG DSC_0031[1].JPG DSC_0035[1].JPG
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
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  13. It's just the way its molded. You're not going to find anything as good at $100. Keep it, ignore superficial things like that.
  14. kaushama
    I got my Atom few days back and it is flawless cosmetically. Functionality is superb and very clean and able amp for the money. John had been very helpful and included few goodies with it. I am waiting for Topping D5oS to be coupled with it.
  15. moriez
    Yes, takes playing with the light to capture because they're hardly visible from most angles.

    Understandable. Letting it slide to me also depends on the idea I'm trying to get if it affects all units and to what degree.

    Then don't you and others think the molding isn't done right? Is yours with the same imperfections?

    Thanks for mentioning. Did you or could you look very closely in particular at the front for resemblance of the marks on mine?
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