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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by Mshenay, Nov 15, 2018.
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  1. protoss

    You should of paid that premium for that THX789. And called it quits. And started looking into balance DACs by now.


    I talked to the guy who made this amp, Neurochrome HP1. He said Rocky mountain he will showcase his new amps. He mention he will have 3 versions. Cheap to expensive.

    Rupert Neve, medical joke was from Z reviews. Its a funny thing he said that I just mention. The sound is engineer level of excellence.

    Arcam rhead, this is a skip. Do not bother. its old. The THX789 is the newest and most talked about item now. If this was 2015 the Arcam would of been great. I just listed it because it needed to be listed.

    BTW, I wanted to list lots of amps. But the post will be extremely long and tiring. Tube amps (Woo Audio), to Violectic amps, to Burson, to Audio-GD and hundreds of more....

    My personal choice of amps.

    Neurochrome HP1 - Wait to see his new offering.
    Rupert Neve 2019

    If you have money

    GSX-MINI - Get the $1800 version.
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  2. Dobrescu George
  3. Shane D
    A little off topic, but...:
    I like ASR and spend WAY too much time on it. I saw the analysis on the LCX and crossed it off my list. However, it went on sale during Prime Days for $199.00. I thought to myself, "Well at this price, I can just sell it if I don't like it and not lose much". I received the amp and it sounded horrible the first day. Bright, noisy, whatever. I let it run for a couple of days and it is amazing! Sounds very full and good bass. According to Mr. Cavilli, it is only to be used balanced out. The only 'phones I can't use with it are my Grado's. It has given new life to my HE4XX's which I was about to sell. I do hate the fact that you ony get one year of warranty and nobody is going to work on it afterwards. But it is what it is.

    The 789 was out for a month and now it is out for another month. I thought hard about getting one and then worked the numbers:$199.00 cost me $345.00, landed in Canada. The 789 is $400.00 and would cost me more than $650.00, landed in Canada. And again, no warranty. Like the LCX, within one year you can get a replacement or a refund.
    Not actually sure what all the ASR measurements mean and how many are audible, but the LCX sounds pretty good to me and I will be keeping it. The 789 will not sound twice as good as you are getting into the area of diminishing returns.

    Back on topic, I am thinking about adding an Atom or a Spark to my collection. Curious if a "little fella" could beat out my Burson Fun-Classic.

    Shane D
  4. kaushama
    Getting my Atom today! Excited and I would pair it with Ifi iDSD Bl Micro. I may get a Topping D50S. Anyone had the two compared and any gain by such upgrade? iDSD is currently apired with iTube and iCan SE.
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  5. cel4145
    Just joined the Atom club today! I plan to pair it with the Topping D50S that drop currently has for $200.

    I'm coming from an Audio-GD NFB-11. The NFB-11 undoubtedly has more power output. But the Atom is plenty for my HD6XX, K7XX, and HD58X. Currently running it off the Realtek ALC1150 in an Asus Supreme FX implementation. Looking forward to seeing how it sounds with the Topping in October when it ships.
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  6. protoss
    ASR is a place to get legit measurement on dacs and amps. It is one of the best trusted sites for measurements. The people that hates ASR are the ones that spend 10K on a Dac and automatically thinks its god-level without any measurements. And once ASR measures it and called it schiit. Those selected crew get really buthurt over the it. I know a few or lot of people here on headfi that has this mentality. It is Very very scary. Do not want to name them. But hot damn theres a whole crew to, too many of them here and elsewhere. They always think more money of a product = God-level.

    What ASR dose is, measures to see if DACS underperforms or overperforms to other DACS and showcase any distortion in the dac and its implementation of the unit. They also measure to see if the dac or amp has enough power in the output and input. They check if the unit has a clean distortion amp section without distortion. What dose it mean to see if the amp produces alot of useless noise? More noise more color it is. For example, its like a camera, the more noise the lens has the worst the photo quality is.

    And a few other stuff.

    Now the LCX fails in so many areas. It has distortion and not clean and weak in power, all compare to other amps and dacs. But dose it sound nice? Of course it dose. Euphoria, most of the time means distortions. Say hello to tubes.
  7. Shane D
    Every time I hear the word distortion, I do actually think tubes. I don't doubt that ASR knows what they are talking about, but I am enjoying the LCX sound so far.
    I would be curious to A/B it to the 789 at home.
    It puts out PLENTY of power for me. I never go above 1:00 in low gain and that's only for old music on the HE4XX's. 90% of my music is 9:00-11:00, in low gain.

    I am curious about the Atom, the Liquid Spark (did anybody notice they raised their price?) and the 789, while it's on Drop.

    Shane D
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  8. protoss
    I think its the people who has the HD800, LCD4, Susvara, Abyss types will scream wheres the power at.

    Atom is the 789 single ended version. I highly recommend the Atom! Its great. Its the THX789 single amp section amp. Thats what i call it. If you want balance. Buy the Thx789. If not. Buy the Atom. Its simple as that
  9. Shane D
    I wonder if the balanced line of the 789 would blow away the LCX to me? It is DOUBLE the price and I doubt it will twice as good. The law of diminishing returns.

    On the flip side, I am wondering if the Atom could replace the Burson Fun-Classic as my SE amp.

    To me "end game", tools wise, would be my SMSL SU-8 feeding one great balanced amp and one great SE amp.
    I am happy with the two I have now, but I just can't stop looking and wondering...it's pathetic.:scream:

    Shane D
  10. protoss
    It will not. You might end up wasting money overall. The highest the 789 can do is be a tad (5%) more refine. Thats all.
    Its double the price. Its like saying is it 50% better? Maybe? I highly doubt it. Never heard the LCX. But I bet it sounds decent. :)

    The atom is only $99. Give it a shot. It basically the thx789 single ended amp. I think i repeated myself lol.
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  11. Shane D
    I was leaning towards the Spark, but since they raised the price...

    I sold a speaker dock today and I am thinking about grabbing the Atom. It is about $175.00, landed,tax in (Canada).

    I grabbed the LCX for $199.00. I think at $299.00, the 789 looks more attractive.

    It's funny that while my spending limits have gone ever upwards over the last four years, I recently bought a used set of HD58X's (and love them) and am now looking at an Atom.:ksc75smile:

    Shane D
  12. The 789 is better than the Atom, but it's a narrow margin. It's certainly not the cost effective solution. I hate to take percentages on anything, but the atom is 90? % of the 789. I find the 789 has a more layered sound which is very pleasing.

    For what it's worth I'm still wondering if I *need* the 789. It's roughly 4x the size of the atom with an external power brick, multiple times the cost, and not dramatically better.

    For most people I'd say the atom is more than enough.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
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  13. waynes world
    I see that you were interested in the spark. Fyi it's $180CAD landed at newegg.ca

    Edit: if you don't mind me asking, where did you find the LCX for $199CAD?
    Edit2: I see now where you got it lol.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
  14. Shane D
    Thanks! I'll check.out Newegg. The $199.00 was during "Prime Days". Drop was trying to get some traction with the Amazon promotion. It ran for a week or two. I'll bet you will probably see something similar for Black Friday.

    Shane D
  15. cel4145
    Yep. This is why I ordered the Topping D50S off drop.com. ASR's measurements for it look fantastic for the money. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the Atom/D50S compares to my Audio GD NFB 11, given that audio-gd's DACs have been measuring like crap at ASR.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
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