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If you purchased it after May 28, you actually received an Atom+ board in an Atom enclosure.
Per their website:
OMG, I was so close lol. I purchased mines on May 24 and they shipped it out that same day 😭
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OMG, I was so close lol. I purchased mines on May 24 and they shipped it out that same day 😭
I really wouldn't worry about it-- I don't think any of the changes will be audible. The only thing that might make a difference is the new volume pot, but they implemented that a year before you bought your amp, so you should be good on that front.
The increase in power is almost negligible (remember, it takes approximately double the power for an additional +3dB; this is less than 1/10 more power at both 150Ω and 600Ω). Everything else should be well below the level of audibility.
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The Atom+ Stack Review is now online on HFN: https://www.headfonia.com/jds-labs-atom-stack-review/

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I don't get it, there's no thread for ATOM+? I didn't like the old version too much but the + is another story huh, review to come :)
What's so different about the + ?
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Several reviews confirmed what I'm hearing such as https://latestintech.com/jds-labs-atom-stack-review/
Unlike the original Atom AMP, this is more neutral and natural

I'm using HE500 for now as my forthcoming EDITION XS hasn't shipped yet so it definitely benefits from the extra power of + version and volume knob keeps proper stereo balance <9 o'clock so I'm most impressed.

Short story is that ATOM+ is a real knocker for $99:xf_eek:

It's a very strong asset for music production but quite clearly many/most commercial recordings have defects literally exploding to your ears due to the über resolution, GIGO as usual. I could imagine some peeps prefering tubes in order to tame down bright dynamic phones and/or sub-par recordings.

I do enjoy small black enclosures with a big knob right in the center and their optional big alu knob is right on the money: https://jdslabs.com/product/black-aluminum-knob-taiss/
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Quick dumb question:
1) I'm an idiot and mistakenly plugged my new JDS Labs Atom DAC+ RCA cables into Atom Amp's Output instead of Input, the source was my PC USB cable to DAC+. Took me a while to figure out why I couldn't get any sound and found out I didn't plug it into input like I was supposed to.
Could I have caused any damage by doing that? Thanks in advance!
2) Is it normal for the power adapters to be warm even when I have my dac+ and amp off? Should I turn off the surge protector that they're connected to after I'm done for the night?
3) Anyone try out the tube-like firmware?
I have the same issue, accidentally plugged the dac out into preamp out. Did you get any information regarding this? Does your unit work fine?
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Pretty sure the main differences will be that one has buttons on the front and is made of chintzy plastic, the other is made of metal but the switches are stupidly on the back.

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