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  1. JDS Labs Atom Amp+ Hevi

    JDS Labs Atom Amp+ Hevi

  2. G1zm0

    JDS Labs atom amp+ low vs high gain

    What I mean is low gain & volume knob in higher position vs high gain & volume knob in lower position. So, I've seen many discussions already, but there's no uniform consensus between users. So, I checked with producer and they have pretty definitive answer for this question. Can I consider this...
  3. JDS Labs Element III

    JDS Labs Element III

    From JDS Labs' official website: We’ve reimagined our flagship amp+DAC to create a listening experience you will notice and appreciate. Element III runs on our second generation XMOS hardware and firmware, blissfully integrated with a custom encoder. You’ll hear perfect channel balance down to...
  4. L

    OPPO PM3 Cable suggestion / Atom Stack

    Hello all, It’s been like 5 years ago I bought a Oppo PM3 and 3 years ago I gave it to my sis. Due to a lot of travels I had to buy anc headphone, bought the XM3. But, lately was thinking getting the PM3, so I just bought a Bose 700 for my sis and will trade with her. Never used any Dac or...
  5. hifi400

    Is the dragonfly red DAC superior to the jds labs atom DAC ?

    Hi, today I receive my jds labs atom DAC + AMP and after a lot of back and forth between the jds labs atom stack and my dragonfly red with audirvana (tidal) I found that the dragonfly red is the clear winner. The soundstage of the dragonfly red is way better and the amount of detail too...
  6. Sound N00b

    Geshelli labs archel pro vs jds labs atom

    This is pretty much an offshoot of my previous thread but I was hoping a dedicated thread to this would get me more direct comparisons between the archel and atom. Let me know if I am breaking head-fi posting etiquette, I am not very experienced in that. I have pretty much narrowed my choices...
  7. Nolanh87

    $600 amp/dac

    Looking a for a max $600 amp/dac combo with preferably small footprint. SE, balance isn't necessary, budget can go up a little if needed. Trying to downsize my current setup. Headphones would include dt1990 hd800 (might sell) and honestly trying to downsize in general. Wouldn't mind going back...
  8. Makiah S

    JDS Labs ATOM Amp

    You guys may have seen some content around this late last night but the official launch is here!! The Atom Amp is now available Conceived as the next-generation replacement to Objective2, Atom Amp builds on more than a decade of amplifier design evolution at JDS Labs. We’ve streamlined the...
  9. JDS Labs Atom Amp

    JDS Labs Atom Amp

    JDS Labs Atom Conceived as the next-generation replacement to Objective2, Atom Amp builds on more than a decade of amplifier design evolution at JDS Labs. We've streamlined the amp to include everything our customers have requested without additional configuration or cost. Atom Amp comes...
  10. BrotherKathos

    JDS Labs EL Amp impressions

    I thought I would start this thread because I could not find one that dealt specifically with the amp only version of JDS Labs' Element. My impressions of this amp are as follows. The amp is very neutral and balanced. It is also extremely quiet as well, since you can crank the volume all the...
  11. phantomflame

    Amp + DAC to match AKG k702 headphones

    So I got myself a pair of akg k702's and I'm looking for an amp/dac - either a combo unit or seperates to match it. These headphones sound amazing as they are but I want them to sound as best as they can! Out of the box they felt a bit tinny but after a day or 2 they either got better, or maybe...
  12. A

    how loud should my hd650 be able to reach

    hi guys i i own the hd650 and have it connected JDS LAB the element dac/amp and was wondering if anyone had the chance to measure the decibels when its on max volume high gain. even if some of you measured it on a schiit stack or o2/odac i would like to know
  13. audiorefinery

    Dac/Headphone Amp for Critical Listening

    Greetings Head-fiers!! I am using a pair of Oppo PM3s for mobile critical listening and mastering. I was looking a dac/headphone amp that has a smaller footprint but doesn't need to be "portable". I was curious about the following units: Oppo HA-2/HA-2SE JDS Labs El Dac & EL Amp Wyred4Sound...
  14. theotherjude

    4th Annual St. Louis Spring Meet (June 9, 2018)

    It's time for the fourth annual St. Louis Area Spring Head-Fi Meet! JDS Labs will once again be hosting the meet at our office across the river in Collinsville, IL. If you plan on attending, please post on the thread with any gear and shoot me a PM if you need table space so we can ensure the...
  15. jseaber

    Hi, I'm JDS

    Hello, everyone. My name is John, better known as JDS of JDS Labs. Big Jude graciously setup this blog over the weekend to serve as an outlet for my random posts and articles (new and old), which are currently scattered across the audio community. There's not much audio to see in this post, but...
  16. ostewart

    JDS Labs EL / OL DAC Owners (AK4490EQ DAC's with filter switch)

    It seems these are heavily underappreciated DAC's, I own both. These are 2 pieces of equipment I bought straight after reviewing, the OL DAC is used for my main computer setup, and the EL DAC as the DAC for my Hifi system. I have soldered the DIP switches to my OL DAC, and have another DIP...