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  1. JDS Labs Atom Amp+ Hevi

    JDS Labs Atom Amp+ Hevi

  2. N

    Can I drive AKG 712 Pro's with a multi-channel Amp?

    As the title suggests, I'm looking at getting a multi-channel amp for my 712's. The reason for this being that I'm building an analog setup with Mic amp/compressor/mixer. I have two XLR mics that I'll be using along with two 712's and I'm hoping I can just use a multi-channel amp to power them...
  3. TeaLyPeeLy

    Darkvoice 336SE for HD600 or Atom Amp + HD58x?

    I use my HD600s for sound engineering, and I want something a bit more enjoyable to listen to. Theoretically, if at the moment I could either get a Darkvoice 336se (with stock tubes), or an atom amp and an HD58x (because it has a more lively sound and more bass). I'm worried the Darkvoice might...
  4. Makiah S

    JDS Labs ATOM Amp

    You guys may have seen some content around this late last night but the official launch is here!! The Atom Amp is now available Conceived as the next-generation replacement to Objective2, Atom Amp builds on more than a decade of amplifier design evolution at JDS Labs. We’ve streamlined the...