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Isone Pro - the best thing you could ever get for your headphones on your computer

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by lunatique, Feb 22, 2010.
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  1. kidgafanhoto
    Man, i'm trying to use Isone Pro plugins in JRiver Media Center 20 but i'm not getting, i open the JRiver > Player > DSP Studio > Manage Plugins > Add JRiver, VST or Winamp plugins > Then i go to the folder where i unzip the Isone Pro plugins > chose one plugin (i can't select more than one at time) > So appears a message: "Error: Failed to install plug-in"

    Someone can help ?
  2. BeatsWork

    Is there a 32bit and 64bit version of plugin? Not at my PC but if I recall you have to use 32bit version which was counter intuitive.
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  3. kidgafanhoto
    It's exactly that ! Thank you very much !
    You know a way to add all plugins at same time ? Because i can't select more than one at time, and add one per one can be a boring task.
    And now that I added all plugins i supposed to mark all [v] , right ? And what i do after this ?

    Thanks !
  4. BeatsWork
    Sorry but I don't think there is any way to load multiple VST's at once but to be clear the only one you need to load is TB_Isone_v3.dll - when you download the package from Isone it includes ALL of their plugins - there might be others of interest to you but not required for TB Isone to work.
    Once installed check the box next to Tb_Isone_V3 to activate.  I would deactivate any other DSP plugins you have enabled to start and then go back and enabled if needed.  JR doesn't seem to be as finicky about order as Foobar is but you can also drag and drop VSP's to change processing order.
    As far as the actual settings for Isone it's probably a matter of personal preference and gear vs. "optimal settings" - I'm sure someone has posted their favorite settings which you could use as a reference.
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  5. kidgafanhoto

    Thank you very much !
  6. ReddFour
    I tried this in JRiver and it sounds really good with movies. However, I would also like to use it for gaming and read how to attach the VST plugin to the soundcard via Virtual Audio Cable and VSTHost. After installing VB-Audio Virtual Cable, The Cable In can be set to 5.1 but the Cable Out is limited to 2 channel so surely the VAC has already downmixed the 5.1 to 2.0 before it reaches VSTHost. So TB Isone has no surround info to go on in order to create a true virtual surround.
    What am I missing here?
  7. Sweden
    Would be cool if there was a possibility to run all your windows sound through Isone. That way you could get the effect listening through youtube or spotify or whatever else source available.
    Anyone know if this is possible?
  8. ReddFour
    Virtual Audio Cable + VSTHost.
    Surely there is a way for VAC to output as 5.1 rather than only 2 channel? I think I am just missing the obvious.
    Edit: Actually reading back through this thread, it looks like I am misunderstanding what this plug-in does. The only reason I looked into it was because someone suggested using it for virtual sound in games but it appears this isn't for converting 5.1 to virtual surround.
  9. kalston
    I use it for gaming all the time. I never managed to get it to work well with VAC though, but with JRiver's WDM driver it's perfect (works for everything btw, not just games). 20ms latency without any pops or clicks, works with either 5.1 (to use with the Isone Surround version) or 2.0 (with the regular Isone plugin). Depending on how fast your PC is you might need a bit more or less latency though. I can only achieve this by using ASIO output on a fast gaming PC.
  10. ReddFour
    I'll have to look into the jriver approach then. Any hints on how to set it up?

    Also where is the isone surround plugin? I can only see the standard one in the zip file.
  11. kalston
    Isone Surround is not being updated anymore, you have to download the 2.9.1 archive and look in the "Free" folder.
    Setting it up with JRiver is easy. You install JRiver and enable the WDM driver functionality, then set JRiver's virtual soundcard as your default sound device. And there you also configure it the way you want it (2.0, 5.1... along with sampling rate and bit depth - optimal is 48khz for most surround content and the highest bitdepth you can select, I think it's 24 for JRiver's WDM device).
    Once that's done, in JRiver you can install and enable Isone* (whichever version you want) and configure the audio output (WASAPI exclusive or preferably ASIO for the best performance) as well as the latency.
    *make sure to disable ALL other DSPs in JRiver as the mixing, resampling etc. will be handled by windows in this kind of setup! You don't want unnecessary processing that will only reduce sound quality and increase latency. You can use JRiver's internal volume if you need it, though.
  12. ReddFour
    Thanks for the guide on setting up JRiver WDM. Something wasn't right though and when I go to the properties of the WDM device and click the test button there is a very noticeable delay between the speaker icon displaying which speaker is outputting and actually hearing it. I would say about 2 seconds maybe more.
  13. kalston
    The windows speakers test isn't a good way of testing it, even for me it takes a bit of time to kick in with ~20ms latency. Despite this I can watch a film or play games with no noticeable lip sync issues.
    If you kept the default settings I think JRiver will have about 50ms "live" latency (bottom of the audio settings page) + the playback latency (which depends on your choice of audio output - by default it's DirectSound with 250ms).
    Better use a 5.1 test file, something like : https://www2.iis.fraunhofer.de/AAC/multichannel.html (download the files, browser audio is a mess)
    I have some others I can upload if you want, including a video where you can also "see" each channel, a bit like the windows test.
  14. Lunatique
    Make sure you decrease the latency to as low as your computer can handle. Go to Tools/Options/Audio/Audio Device/Device Settings, and then change the Buffering slider's setting to "More Responsive." Take it as far as your computer can handle before you start to hear glitches. Then test with actual video or game.
  15. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Don't you worry you are just getting your brain acclimated to an even more processed sense of sound? I would worry that it will make normal sound unengaging and get me hooked on constantly processing the signal. I uninstalled Isone Pro as it was pleasant, very pleasant, but certainly sounded "created" as opposed to natural. 
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