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Isone Pro - the best thing you could ever get for your headphones on your computer

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by lunatique, Feb 22, 2010.
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  1. jincuteguy
    I don't see any buffer / latency settings in the Audio options? Is it PreBuffering?
  2. Lunatique
    Options/Audio/Audio Device/Device settings.
    If using Direct Sound driver, then move slider to as far towards "More Responsive" as your computer can handle without cracking and pops and distortions. 
    If using ASIO or WASAPI driver, then change the drop-down setting for "Buffering" to as short as your computer can handle. 
  3. kalston
    To me it's still the best software of its kind.
    Also latency wise I find that only ASIO is acceptable when using JRiver's WDM driver (on Windows 7 anyway, audio latency has been improved a little in WIndows 10). With WASAPI when I lower the latency too much I start getting crackling really quickly (Xonar U7 user here). I think with Directsound you will really struggle to get this working well for gaming. This varies from computer to computer of course.
  4. jincuteguy
    So ASIO is the fastest ? and which one has the best sound quality? ASIO, DirectSound, or WASAPI?
  5. kalston
    Yes ASIO is the fastest, your application is talking to the soundcard directly. WASAPI exclusive is okay as well, but not quite a direct connection (doesn't quite go straight to the hardware, it still goes through Windows). Directsound goes through the Windows audio engine - it adds a layer of processing and some latency.
    There shouldn't really be an audible difference in quality, although Directsound CAN sound worse because of the processing (resampling in particular) involved. WASAPI exclusive and ASIO output strictly the same thing.
  6. DivineCurrent
    TB Isone is absolutely amazing. I have experimented with some of the HRTF settings that were very convincing, but I use it mostly for the crossfeed presets. The best way I can describe it is the sound is more open and "full" with this software, probably because it emulates what listening to speakers would sound like, since both channels are being heard with both ears. Since I prefer the more spatial speaker listening to headphone listening, this is perfect for me. Also improves soundstage drastically on headphones with poor soundstage. I use TB Isone as a VST with Foobar, and the setting I use most is the "Natural Crossfeed" preset, and it makes my HD650 sound like a high end set of speakers!
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  7. jincuteguy
    What crossfeed preset? Isn't TB sone is a preset itself? I don't see any CrossFeed preset or options in the TB Isone vst?
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  8. DivineCurrent
    What media player are you using? It shows up for me using Foobar. There should be a Presets Pane checkmark at the top right. it looks like this:
    You need to use a VST wrapper for Foobar, and if you're using something different, see if there is an option to access TB Isone's preset programs. They are technically called programs, not presets, so maybe that's why you can't find it. 
  9. mkeroppi
    Well said. I have been using the software for a few years now. I trust it completely for mixes that I don't even need to check with speakers. I've heard more on a mix with it and the sound field is very large with everything positioned at the right places (and audible). If you are only using near fields, you still need to check your mix on the big speakers (and in a good room). Now imagine you can mix and be creative anywhere with the software!
    The only complaint is that I wish the software have options for bigger rooms for listening (maybe the calculations won't be as accurate). I am definitely maxing out the room size option with a 0.6s T60 reverb for listening (max room size and 0.25s T60 for mixing).
  10. Sweden
    I've tried many headphones with Isone and but the Fostex TX00 is he first closed headphones to sound really good yet. Not HD800 level but still.
    Headphones that roll off too much up top seems to fair badly even though they might sound superb on their own.
  11. DivineCurrent
    I am interning at a record publisher and got to have some experience in their studio with Yamaha HS-8 powered monitors. I used that setup to mix and master and then switched to my HD650s with the near-field room settings on TB Isone at home. It's a pretty darn good replacement for studio monitors in my opinion, in fact you probably get flatter more accurate sound from the headphones with Isone Pro than some studio monitors. 
  12. Lunatique
    That is indeed the case, because not all studios have adequate acoustics, acoustic treatment, monitors/furniture/listening spot positioning, room/speaker correction solution, etc. I've seen enough room measurement results from different "professional studios" to question the accuracy of their monitoring system. A headphone that's respected for its well-balanced frequency response will likely be more accurate than subpar listening environments. 
  13. AtrafCreez
    Hi, going to their site I see hardware.  Do they have a software download for TB Isone ?[​IMG] Thanks
  14. AtrafCreez
    Hi,   I am mainly concerned with crossfeed.  In that case is downloading Isone jus overkill for my newbie talents?[​IMG]
  15. DivineCurrent
    Check out this link: http://www.toneboosters.com/download/
    This makes you download all the other ToneBoosters software plugins for free. Keep in mind they are trial downloads, but the only limitation for TB Isone is you can't save your settings, but that's not a big deal if you remember what you set everything to. Also, for crossfeed, there should be a group of presets that say "Minimal Crossfeed", "Subtle Crossfeed", and "Natural Crossfeed". You can also manually change the crossfeed by adjusting the "Distance" knob on the bottom left corner of the plugin. I wouldn't say it's overkill because to my ears TB Isone has the best crossfeed I've heard yet. 
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