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Isone Pro - the best thing you could ever get for your headphones on your computer

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by lunatique, Feb 22, 2010.
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  1. gevorg
    Yes, you can run it in JRiver as VST.
  2. Fabithierry
    this is really good, but i prefer the J river crossfeed
  3. Alou
    Thanks i will try it out!
  4. flyingsaucer
    Hi to everyone!
    Please help me calibrate Isone Pro plugin. I would use it to enhance gaming experience, I've a little baby so I cannot use speakers.
    I've red the manual but can someone please provide a sountrack or a VST sound generator that can help during calibration process?
    I've also bought Virtual Audio Cable so using VST Host every sound goes inside it then isone pro plugin and output my real audio card.
    My headphone are AKG 272HD. I've understood that I need a personal calibration because we have different head size and different ears size but I don't succeed in obtain binaural effect. I'm not and audio expert so It's difficult to me understand technical aspect but I believe that it can be possible enhance my gaming experience in this way.
    Thanks to everyone in advance for helping.
    Here it is my actual setup
  5. mkeroppi
    Isone is for stereo feed only. It won't downmix surround sound.
  6. gevorg

    Yes it will. I have 5.1 SACD rips (6 channels) that Isone processes into 2-channel DAC.

    EDIT: Actually, it might just be passing the L/R channel, will have to check later.
  7. flyingsaucer
    I know that it don't downmix I have set up Virtual Audio Cable and my real audio card with only two channels 96khz 24bit so everything games also must use two channels then isone pro must process stereo audio signals. Some tips on calibrating? What kind of sound or audio generation can I use to help on calibrate isone pro with my AKG 272HD?
  8. kalston
    No it doesn't but there is Isone Surround for that (free). I think it works very well and like it better than Dolby Headphones and co.
    I use a similar setup as this guy with Isone Surround or regular Isone depending on the game (some games can't output real surround so I stick to 2.0 for those). I use JRiver virtual soundcard and its DSP engine instead of VST host + VAC though (but I did use that before with some success too)
    I haven't really done much calibration on Isone tbh, default settings sound best to me so I just stick with those. Maybe I have the same head as the guy who designed it I don't know :p
  9. flyingsaucer
    Thank for your answer I'll try also jriver maybe everything may be also more stable.
  10. XipeTotec
    absolutely FAN TAS TIC!
  11. Lindentwig
    Wauw, this is an amazing piece of software indeed.. Why did i not know about this earlier :D
    Thanks man!
  12. alexis11
    Hi Everyone - First post here, thanks for this excellent thread on TB Isone. Hoping maybe some one can help out with a problem I'm having with set up please?
     I've demo'd it a few hours today. It seems like it really has potential in a "Hear what your mix sounds like on different systems" kind of way.

    I am having some problems calibrating one of its HRTF functions though - I hear little to no difference in how much above vs. in front the source seems to be by varying the "Ear Size" knob. Does this mean that my ears are way outside the bell curve? Do others hear an obvious difference? Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

    (TBH ... though I do hear some azimuth changes with the "Head Size" knob, they are *really* subtle. Is it just me?).
    Byer DT-880s, and I'm listening to a mono vocal only passage as recommended in the "user manual". "Dual Mono", "Calibrate Me" pre-set. And though I'm not an audio newbie, I'm much closer to that than I am to being an audio professional!

    Thanks for anyone with experience with this interesting (and inexpensive!) plugin!
  13. maverickronin
    It's probably a combination of the size/shape of your head and ears along with your headphones.  Other people have reported good results with the DT880's so I doubt it's the headphones alone.
    If you have any other headphones, even if they're not very good, they might be worth trying and seeing if you get different results with the ear and head size settings.
  14. alexis11

    Hi maverickronin, thanks for your very quick reply!

    Bummer about the head/ear size. I also have a pair of Beyer DT-770s, as you suggested I'll try those as well.

    Even if I can't get it to sound more "in front" than "above" me, it is still a great deal IMO ... not only for collapsing the unnaturally wide stereo field (I use it for mixing purposes), but also for all the different speaker/room emulations.

    Thanks again!

  15. maverickronin
    Beyer has a fairly consistent house sound so if the DT880 + TB Isone doesn't work very well for you then I'd guess that the DT770 wouldn't give you much different results.
    Still worth a try though.
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