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Is the HD555 still 'alive and well' in Sennheiser's catalog?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hanafuda, Mar 4, 2011.
  1. Hanafuda
    Noticed the very agreeable pricing out there on the HD555 these days. Is the HD555 still in production, or just being sold off? I know Sennheiser's brought out the new 558 & 598 as an upgrade/evolution of the 595, but I don't see a new model aimed at the 555 niche. You know ... mid-priced, 1/8" jack, easily driven by a portable player. I don't have any serious objection to using a 1/4 to 1/8 reducer but I'm hoping the 555 will be available for a while longer.
    What other open, circumaural, 1/8" jack, amp optional, $100ish or lower option is there that measures up to the 555? 
  2. ssavage
    555s I heard are discontinued
  3. Synergy Sound
    The HD 555 and HD 595 have both been discontinued. They have been replaced with the HD 558/598.
    Based on your needs and budget, it might be worth looking at the AD700.
  4. WhiteCrow
    the HD555 can be bought off amazone for $80 right now.
  5. Digital-Pride
    Hey!  What about the HD515/518?  Did you guys forget about him?  He's a pretty capable option and I can personally attest(as a HD515 owner) to his sonic capabilties.  Shame on you guys for not mentioning him![​IMG]
  6. WhiteCrow
    well considreing they dont use the same driver as the 555/558 and are a slightly lower quality build.
  7. metalh3ad


    I'd go for them right now, before they run out of stock. 
  8. WhiteCrow
    got me mum a pair, trading for a pair my self and getting  a uDAC2 since my HD580 plans fellthrough.
  9. MichRT
    I was about to create this exact thread! Ya, as far as I know, they are discontinued. But so were the 515's, but they brought those back.
  10. Digital-Pride


    No, I'd say the build quality is about the same, as they developed the same headband crack that many in the 5X5 series have.  No, I'm not suggesting that the HD515 are better than its siblings, but at its price point(50 dollars) it is a very credible option.
  11. Lostcase
    Glad you made this thread...thought about it too.
    Get a 555 while you still can.

    Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk
  12. WhiteCrow


    yea, or get the 555 and mod them into the 595 for...$30 more.
  13. Hanafuda
    Well, I've been thinking about getting the 555, but now I've done a little more searching and I think they might be more trouble for me than its worth. I have a large head .. 99th percentile plus according to a neurologist who measured me (don't ask why). I told my wife I thought I should snag 'em up while they're still available and the first thing she said was "they'll never fit your head." Thanks, honey. But considering this crack issue, she's probably right. I might just get on the m50 bandwagon ... different, but also good.
  14. ssavage
    AD700 is made for huge headers
  15. WhiteCrow


    yea, they are remarkably small compaired to the pictures.

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