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iPad to Support USB Audio Interfaces via Camera Connection Kit?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by warp08, Apr 15, 2010.
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  1. amham Contributor
    Nothing works with an iPad 3 and the CCK...Apple wrote the digital out in the newest code.  You need a dedicated Apple recognized processor for it to work...drat!
  2. AppleDappleman
    Anyone get a connection for the ipad and E17 to work yet?
  3. wsilvio


    I'm not sure I follow.  I just got digital to work on an ipad 3 with the CCK!
  4. amham Contributor
    I'm referring to digital audio...a DAC not made/approved with Apple imbeded processor.
  5. wsilvio


    Got it.  I tried to use the CCK and ipad 3 into my PS Audio PWD and now I see what you mean.  I think it's weird that I can get digital out using the bridge > DAC,  but it won't work straight from the CCK to DAC!
  6. grawk


    yup, works spectacularly.
  7. HeadphoneAddict Contributor


    Like the Dr Botts T3 hub, it's telling the iPad it's a powered hub, regardless of whether it's actually offering the extra power.
  8. dcginc
    Holy cow batman....so I'm in the process of selling an Onkyo ND1S1 to perhaps buy the CA iD100 so as it will work with my iPhone and ipad2

    I'm reading the threads on HF tonight looking to create a portable 'Digital out' DAC/amp solution for my iPhone/iPad.

    Got side tracked and started reading about the apple USB camera kit connector being used directly into AC powered dac's. My newly acquired W4S DAC1 has USB input right?

    Voila, I'm listening to Pink Floyd live from the iPad via camera connection kit to the W4S DAC into my Heed Canamp to my Yamaha HP-1's!,

    Thxs ALL for the beta to do this. Guess I won't need the CA iD100 transport and do I really need CA's Sonata NP 30 streamer now?
  9. psun786
    Maybe the situation will improve once a jailbreak is out for ipad 3. It shouldnt be too hard to unlock digital out via camera kit for all devices.

    Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk 2
  10. dcginc
    Since getting the camera connect kit to work two nights ago i am Not sure the sound quality is as good as my iPhone into an Onkyo ND-S1 w custom PSU

    Don't see how this can be as I would think all apple device are only outputting 44k. I know the PSU for the Onkyo really changed the sound for the better

  11. nc8000 Contributor
    iPad via cck and something like flac player with hires flac files can output at least 24/96 to a supported usb dac
  12. dcginc
    what is 'ckk' I see reference to it, but do not know what it means. thxs.
  13. dcginc
    BTW, took the whole iPad/Camera connection kit thing, and plugged it into my main home based listening system which includes a PS Audio Perfectwave DAC, and the music is streaming just fine into that system...
  14. nc8000 Contributor
    Cck is camera connection kit, I just mistyped it as ckk
  15. dcginc
    I see my Onkyo via TosLink outputs to my W4S DAC 1 at 48k whereas the iPad via the camera connection kit, only outputs at 44k. Guess this is why I thought the iphone sounded better than the ipad. thoughts on getting higer res out of the iPad via the ckk? thxs. photo1.jpg photo2.jpg
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