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Introducing Vokyl & The Erupt Headset

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  1. Tacanacy
    My post wasn't in response to this.
  2. tehsaboteur
    Is there nothing new to report on the erupts? It's odd that a independent start up like Verum is able to provide almost weekly updates on the progress of the Verum 1 but an established company like JDS Labs hasn't had any updates sinse the indiegogo fininhed.
  3. CT007
    They are not JDS Labs, and I believe the next step happening will be driver fine-tuning tweaks after the feedback from Tour 1 is complete(2 people left). I have them right now. I'm a hard ass about headphones in the gaming realm, and...they 100% kick ass(!). Worth every penny, even in their prototype condition. And no, I'm not getting paid to say this, or getting a free pair :'( Just like Zeos said, you just don't want to take them off your head. These are the headphones I've been waiting for(that aren't $1600), though I'm not yet going to say they are the Ultimate Competitive Headphone.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
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  4. Artyouth
    How to compare with your L300?
    From the Z sound demo I heard similarity of these 2.
  5. CT007
    Erupt prototype(Tour 1 version) VS L300(L700 pads)...
    + Electric-fast detail More exciting, engaging detail.
    + More bass. More bass impact. Excellent bass EQ'ing, to add a ton more bass & treble smoothness if you want it.
    + Lighter, more comfortable. Cooler(temperature and looks)
    + Less fatiguing, due to being more open and having bass that can breathe.
    + Great overall sound balance. Scalable - likely sounds even better on high-end energizers.
    +/- A more intimate, up-close sound presentation/experience.

    + The most mind-blowing spatial experience I've ever heard, that makes anything and everything come to life. Sounds behind you are very easy to locate, as well as in all other directions.
    + A little bit of sound isolation, due to being semi-closed.
    + Lower-reaching bass, that is possibly more accurate. (More bass EQ'ing may be possible, but results were poor from what I tried)
    + Killer value - detail far above $399 price tag, and no energizer required. The best gaming-marketed headphone ever made(it has to be).

    * Details may be higher resolution on Erupt, or else very close/tied.
    * Erupt will likely never sound as full & balanced as L300, due to differences in bass, and possibly driver/tuning(to be seen).
    * L300 best for music, balance, and anything bass-related, IMO. Erupt better for everything else, and/or for a fresh, exciting twist on your music.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
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  6. Ted23
    Hey CT007 thanks for the comparison. As far as gaming and sound go how would say these stack up with the Audeze Mobius?
  7. CT007
    I didn't get to hear my Mobius for free, so I will answer this question for the people ;P

    Erupt Tour 1 Prototype
    + Custom equipment usage available(DAC, amp, cable, and probably pads[will have 2 pad choices to start with]).
    + The most engrossing, massive, realistically-grounded 3D presentation I've ever heard, easily. Haven't heard HD800 yet, but AD700X, Sundara, HyperX Cloud, HD660, Mobius, certainly don't match it. The rear imaging alone is stellar.
    + It's simple; there's no settings/manual/batteries, and everything sounds ridiculous on it. Well, almost everything(it's a prototype driver, after all)
    + Better comfort, no contest.

    + Entirely isolating, but perhaps not to noise-cancelling level.
    + Very mature, balanced, full Audeze sound(that you may want/love). Erupt needs balance work, for sure, but I would buy it as-is 100%.
    + Very good 3D imaging, with a fairly large soundstage. Do not recall hearing particularly good rear imaging, unlike Erupt. Mobius had a kind of "standard" sound to me that was very good/accurate, but not particularly captivating/realistic(of course I may have had sub-optimal settings in the software, but I'm done fiddling around with that).
    + More bass, probably as accurate or moreso than Erupt.
    + Possibly less fatiguing, on a very small scale.
    + Better looking, smaller(possibly heavier).
    + No DAC/amp needed, works on PC/console.
    + Portable with BlueTooth, with a solid 10 hour battery.

    * Detail resolution may be equal, but I'm pretty sure details in Erupt have a more magical, exciting, lively presentation(not brighter/harsher), while everything about Mobius has a flatter, duller sound.
    * I see Mobius as a failed experiment, more than anything else. It's just got too much going on, to be truly excellent as a whole, whereas Erupt has a simple design, that was/is being taken to maximum potential in it's capabilities, with only one task/goal to focus on(gaming).
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
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  8. Ted23
    Great thanks for this. I do think their use cases are different and also Mobius is very difficult for most to figure out. Even Zeos couldn't grasp some of its functionality and he is a professional headphone reviewer. I am looking forward to seeing what these guys come out with and hope their first headphone driver is a success. The reason I was willing to back Audeze is just that you generally know what to expect from them.

    As for the sound profiles I was wondering if you're comparing them to the Mobius' flat profile? I just find it to be very exciting in their default sound curve and have heard good things about warm eq which is coming with the next update. Either way its good to have more competition in this sector and I hope these are successful. I'll definitely be keeping tabs on them.
  9. CT007
    I flipped through all the EQ's. Hardly heard much of a difference, so most of my listening was on the default one. I didn't spend a lot of time with each EQ, but I think enough. I was also told that you can use the EQ presets without 3D mode, which did not work. I think Vokyl is showing that angled drivers are the future, for the ultimate 3D experience. Though I'm not sure if HD800 are angled or not..?
  10. Ted23
    You couldn't use the presets without 3D mode? This has been one of the biggest uses for me for music. I mainly use default or music when listening in Hi-Rez mode, which has no 3D and there is a difference there in the bass, although I've heard the biggest difference is in the new warm mode. I suppose this is exactly the reason some people had complaints with the Mobius though and the wildly different reviews, its not exactly plug and play and everyone has a different level of understanding the technology.
  11. CT007
    I tried it, and there was no voice saying an EQ change had occured without 3D being on. I tried changing it with 3D off, just listening for differences, and didn't hear any.

    I also found the software setup quite vague, about how exactly to correctly measure your head. There was a variance of an inch or more, using the same ear-to-ear measurements, but with different midpoints in the tape/line. I found no answers on this in the manual or online anywhere.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
  12. alvarg
    interesting you say that considering i also had the L300 stax and found they sounded a bit tinny, and fairly neutral in bass, soundstage was weird it was like it had no left to right but had a lot of depth vocals came dead centre but where tinny as well. i was using stock L300 pads though, overall felt the sound was quite fatiguing ( i am treble sensitive though). In the end i wasn't impressed with the sound with the amount of money i paid and sold them.

    I've noticed that stax and planar drivers all have this habit of dipping in the frequency response above 1khz very quickly and then spiking back up around 7k quite sharply creating a distant and in my opinion unmusical inviting sound. where as dynamic headphones seem to dip at about 2khz but not as sharply and then roll off a bit in the upper treble which i feel makes the music sound so much more natural and realistic. hd650 is my go to headphone for example.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
  13. CT007
    If we are talking about treble fatigue, SRS-3100 loses(though I often run a +3dB/75Hz Bass Boost on them, which softens them nicely). I'm definitely treble sensitive, but perhaps even more bass sensitive? So I felt that the closed nature of Erupt lead to more boominess or overflooded bass happening, which I always dislike. These are quite small-scale annoyances, though, I'd say, that may be improved in Erupt's case.

    I had HD600 for a few years before settling on L300. They were such a massive upgrade in every way to me. I really dislike how dark HD650 is, but that's probably a perfect headphone if you're real sensitive(and aren't much of a gamer / don't care about great soundstage).
  14. Max_Settings
    How did you get a pair?
  15. Mshenay Contributor
    Hey there! Welcome to Head Fi, also I can answer that!

    I'm working along with @theotherjude are running a pre production tour for the Erupt, and the unit he has is indeed a prototype. The goal of the tour is to take all the feedback from the various members of the tour and refine the existing production units into a consumer ready product! That way you guys get the very best product possible! Tuned not only by the amazing Vokyl team but also tuned in conjunction with members of Head Fi too!!!
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