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Introducing Vokyl & The Erupt Headset

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  1. Army-Firedawg
    So I've had the pleasure of trying out a PROTOTYPE model of the Erupts for a couple days and would like to share some impressions I had of them. They're going to be just rolled off my mind and not in a structured review format so due bare with me.

    • The styling and paint of them is pretty cool and definitely reminiscent of a gaming headphone.
    • I find them, personally, to be more of an audiophile headphone that's used for gaming vs. an actual gaming headphone.
      • I say this because, the model I was given, did not have a built in mic (though one can be utilized separately [which technically most headphones can as well]).
      • The model I was given does not utilize any Digital Sound Processor (DSP). Vokyl did say on their startup page (and I'm paraphrasing) that they chose to not use one to keep the audio clear and pure but a DSP can be added if desired.
      • Both of the above are required in a headphone for it to truly be called a gaming headphone. Otherwise, it's just a high quality headphone that's also used for gaming (like me using my HD800S).
    • They're very comfortable for long duration, even with my larger ears.
    • The cable that I was given was WAY too short. For a traditional headphone this would have been fine but I don't like playing 3 feet from my setup. Additionally, there was no included 1/4" adaptor. Then, on a likely overlooked error, the red colored L/R identifier was for the left side instead of the commonly accepted right. As said, this was likely just an oversight.
      • The above may very well be completely different with a final production model for the cable IS DETACHABLE. So the final product may in fact come with a longer one.
    • The sound, on the product version I had, was a very intimate one but not claustrophobic. Positional accuracy was extremely impressive and rivaled that of my 800S. Though soundstage was fairly close I was still able to get a fair sense of space around me as well as layering.
    • Carrying case is a nice, semi-hard, fitted case.
    • Option to change padding materials is nice.
      • The airy pads (can't think of the name) that I got for the tour was perfect for me personally.
    • Construction and comfort are both very nice. The Erupts are very lightweight yet, to me and my short time with them, seem to be very well built.
    • Though you can listen to any media with them, IMO they definitely perform their best with games and movies.
      • Anything that has a good bit going on in a 360 degree field.
    • Though a phone can drive them, for best results a decently powered amp did good justice with these.
    • Overall sound is fairly V shaped but not extremely. The mids are recessed but not displeasant but the bass is the focal point with treble falling shortly behind it.
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  2. CT007
    By intimate, do you mean the acoustics of the semi-closed/semi-isolated nature of it, VS a fully open phone?

    If HD800S soundstage is 100%, how much is Erupt?

    What did you think of the treble/overall detail quality, compared to other phones on the market?
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  3. Army-Firedawg
    Not necessarily. But as in the soundstage itself is up close and personal without being invasive. And vs the 800 um, 45-50ish
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  4. CT007
    Well holy crap.. 0_0 That is hard to imagine.
  5. CT007
    How about more Erupt VS 800 direct comparisons? Did you find Erupt to have more bass..? Less fatiguing treble? Less sparkle?
  6. Mshenay Contributor
    Compared to my 800 non S it has more bass definitely
  7. Army-Firedawg
    I've the 800S so there's, at least to me, there's no treble fatigue. But more bass quantity less quality (slower decay, not as accurate).
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  8. GREQ
    (regarding DSP only)
    Sorry, but this is completely false.
    DSP is not required to be present in a headphone to qualify it as a gaming headset.

    All the positional audio cues (DSP) in 3D games is done primarily by the game software engine and through even the simplest stereo DAC or on-board sound chip up to the highest level 'gaming' PCI audio card, the positional cues will sound exactly the same.
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  9. Army-Firedawg
    Fair enough. Then please explain what defines a gaming headphone?
  10. CT007
    * Excellent 3D sound & detail clarity
    * Optional mic
    * High comfort & durability
    * Common connection(3.5mm)
    And ideally, an open headphone that has the ability to be fully closed/isolated!
    : D
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  11. Artyouth
    Sounds like Army-Firedawg and CT007 got a different samples?
  12. CT007
    Same headphone(I sent it to him). Different ears/reference points/testing, I guess.
  13. Artyouth
    Is there some kind of confusion between Openness (spatial) and Soundstage (imaging depth+height+width)?
    I mean, some headphones have open sound but with a small soundstage.
    Maybe Army-Firedawg talking about soundstage but you talked openness.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  14. GREQ
    The reality is 'gaming headphone/headset' is a marketing phrase.

    2 speakers inside a set of coconuts strapped to your head with a microphone on the side is a headset. That is the qualification.
    The 'gaming' label these days is a marketing tool, used in conjunction with RGB lighting, spikey luminous-green fonts and technological buzzwords that fill the imagination of 9 year olds who play minecraft on $2000 windows boxes.

    Let's not delude ourselves into thinking it gets any more complicated than that, as there are hundreds of quality headphones out there that are objectively better than 99% of 'gaming headsets'.
    This is why Vokyl is most likely going to be a success. They already know all of this, so they simply set out to produce a good headphone that (apparently) excels in soundstage and representation of spacial cues.
  15. CT007
    PREACH IT, brother!! It's about time the gaming people get what they've been wanting! :o2smile:

    For me, I would not describe a headphone with a big soundstage as "intimate". Intimate would be a small, enclosed sound, like HD600. He would have to explain what he means by that further, I think.

    Another measurement/statistic at play is where the soundstage begins. A natural sounding headphone(to me) has a soundstage with a centerpoint right at your head. A headphone like K701 has a big soundstage, but it sounds as if the soundstage begins 20 feet away from you(very distant). So this may be what he means by intimate.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
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