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Introducing MAYA by Vibro Labs

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  1. brams

    I ended up using the Comply Isolates and the better seal transformed the Arias for me. Great to hear that they are now supplied as one of the standards!
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  2. sq3rjick

    If you think they look fantastic in the photo, you should see them in person. Absolutely breathtaking! Luke really knocked them out of the park!
  3. Cloudtastrophe
    wow those are gorgeouss. the new tuning seems to out it right into my ballpark. does anyone have these along with the alpha primes or ether cs who can compare them for me? arias vs those two would be great too
  4. San Man
    What's the driver makeup of the Maya?
  5. sq3rjick
    MAYA is a quad-driver IEM.  I'm not certain what the exact models are but, like the ARIA, it has two dual-driver units each connected to a separate sound tube (so, two sound tubes, two dual-driver units).
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  6. San Man
    Thank you
  7. Luke Pighetti
    Yep, it's a quad. I don't participate in the armature count wars.
    Also: Only five sets remain at launch pricing, once they are gone they will be back to retail price... forever!
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  8. sq3rjick

    Wow, these are (deservedly) going fast! MAYA is really quite fantastic. I can't wait to read some more reviews once others get theirs in.
  9. Mumbles06
    Congrats Luke!  Those look incredible!
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  10. Jackpot77


    UK tour Maya has arrived! Looking forward to seeing what these bad boys can do up against my Arias - going to be a fun two weeks. Cheers Luke!
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  11. sq3rjick

    You are in for a TREAT! Let us know what you think of them!
  12. ejong7

    Nice. Bummed that I can't join, especially since the Maya is actually even more up my alley.
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  13. Jackpot77

    Will do. Planning to have my reviews/thoughts on both models up by the end of next week - got the Mayas in now on my commute home and without wanting to start the hype train rolling prematurely, they sound GOOOOOOD.
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  14. sq3rjick
    I know the feeling. I had the preproduction versions for a week and it was so hard not to sing their praises from the mountaintop. Mostly because I couldn't tell anybody that they existed. :)
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  15. meringo
    Can't wait to get mine. I likely won't do a full review, but will certainly post impressions!
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