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Introducing MAYA by Vibro Labs

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  1. Luke Pighetti
    Introducing MAYA
    MAYA is our new flagship earphone with an ideal-neutral signature.
    It is as close to neutral as possible while still maintaining a touch of musicality.​

    Maya builds upon the legendary extension of Aria while providing midrange neutrality and
    improved room acoustics. The result is a neutral, musical earphone that accurately portrays vocals,
    preserves microdetails, and presents lightning fast sub-bass extension.​

    Universal – $699 (ready to ship)
    Custom – $799 (3 week lead)​


    Launch pricing

    First 25 sets are $100 off – use "MAYA" at checkout​


    MAYA is available at vibrolabs.com


    maya_universal_bright_799ab367-8385-4235-8080-411489fcf43f_grande.jpg maya_custom_bright_grande.jpg IMG_1829_grande.jpg IMG_1847_grande.jpg maya_u_in_case_crop_grande.jpg maya_C_in_case_crop_grande.jpg


    [​IMG] //t.co/i/adsct?txn_id=nvl58&p_id=Twitter&tw_sale_amount=0&tw_order_quantity=0
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  2. klove4252
    I placed an order for these yesterday. I can't wait to hear them based on the described sound signature. They seem like the perfect compliment to the Aria.
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  3. EagleWings
    Count me in if there is going to be a review tour for Maya!
  4. sq3rjick
    They're really something special.  I had the universal for a week (loaner) and it made me sad to have to send it back.  My custom version is essentially a Maya, and it just gets better and better every time I listen to it.
    Here's a mini review I posted on another site:
    I'd like to clarify a little bit about the "congestion" I mentioned, too.  When playing a super-complex passage (for example, "Love Letters to God" by "Nahko And Medicine For The People" on their album "Hoka" (Google Play Music Link: https://play.google.com/music/m/Tpw3kqjx624444srukja7saz5ou?t=Love_Letters_to_God_-_Nahko_And_Medicine_For_The_People ) from about 3:40 to 4:23, you can hear it just a bit. At the most complexly layered parts, it does sort of feel like the Maya struggles to keep up just a tiny fraction.  This results in a slight reduction in width and depth in the soundstage.  It doesn't happen with every track (I've only had it happen on a few highly-complex passages in the 40+ hours I've listened to Maya, so it's not something that is ever really bothersome, but it is there if you are listening for it.  And the standard Head-Fi disclaimer applies: it  might just be in my head.   Overall, though, Maya is absolutely fantastic and is going to be a tuning that a lot of people will absolutely fall in love with.
  5. Gilly87
    Very pretty...count me curious.
  6. bvng3540
    Aria was a big dissappointed, hope this one better, is there any way Aria owner can get upgrade?
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  7. ustinj
    I was about to ask the same; it seems Maya was the original tuning Aria was aiming for (with mids). Any news on an ugprade plan, for those who didn't get what they were expecting?
    Maya sounds like a really big improvement over Aria!
  8. Army-Firedawg

  9. sq3rjick
    I suspect that if anybody is unhappy with their original ARIA, they should contact Luke directly offline.  Luke has been awesome to work with from a customer service perspective.  My gut feeling is that any "upgrade" would have to be on a case-by-case basis.  The ARIA still exists as a product, and it sits alongside the MAYA.  Really, your best bet would be to work with Luke directly.
  10. powasky
    I wonder how this will stack up against the CA offerings.  
  11. Cloudtastrophe
    are there any images  yet of the masterwork variety?
  12. ustinj
    The previous aria designs were mostly masterwork; i think the amboyna/buckeye/ironwood burls etc. are the masterworks.
  13. brams

    Good advice. Although I'm extremely happy with my Aria (especially after changing tips to get a better seal and switching to the k10ua standard cable) I'm quite curious about the Maya since I tend to lean more to a reference type of tuning with a slight bit of warmth.

    The Aria does sound good though and I suspect I could live happily with either!
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  14. Luke Pighetti
    Every time I get new stock in, I sort it into three grades... Standard, Exhibition and Masterwork.
    I rarely find Masterwork stock. Something in a blank will catch my eye and I usually end up destroying a decent amount of material when extracting a piece of Masterwork stock. The time and extra material cost results in the price increase. Such is the nature of wood...
    If you select Masterwork, you are essentially giving me free reign to design as I choose. I encourage you to provide details of your setup so I can create a coherent aesthetic. If you have an AK380 Copper, for example, this is a very bold piece and will be considered in the design.
    @sq3rjick has a Masterworks Maya, here's a photo.
    Also, I encourage customers to email me directly or use Live Chat on my site if they have any concerns. Cheers!
  15. Luke Pighetti
    What tips did you decide on? If they fit the Aria, they will fit Maya.
    Also; all of my universals come with Comply Comfort and Isolates now in three sizes.
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