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Introducing MAYA by Vibro Labs

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  1. Xamdou
    I sure will. Hope there will be new stuff (maybe new flagship?) by then [​IMG]
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  2. meringo

    Hey friends! Sorry for the delay. I had some issues with USPS (at no fault of Vibro) but finally have the MAYA in hand. Upon opening these up, I was blown away by how they looked. I’m sure you all saw the photo that Luke posted above, but these are even better in person. They look like a million bucks. Since it was asked previously, I’m including what I listened to during my MAYA testing:
    Queens of the Stone Age – Make it Wit Chu (This track put a giant, goofy smile on my face)
    Glass Animals – Gooey Could be a signature test track for the MAYA. Sub bass is incredible, the vocals are properly placed, and the atmosphere is to die for.
    Talk Show – Peeling an Orange (STP’s band when Scott was kicked out the first time) A hard rock tune, yet created with an acoustic guitar and jazz chords. Brilliant via MAYA.
    Amber Rubarth – Full Moon in Paris This track is a well done binaural recording. MAYA does an excellent job with imaging and soundstage. I'm a musician myself, and I sincerely felt like I was there with the musicians.  I can close my eyes and “be there.”
    My first few test tracks caused my jaw to drop. I like the Aria quite a bit already, but the MAYA may be my true end-game. I have no complaints at all.
    1. Better imaging (likely a result of the forward mids) It reminds me a lot of my high end 2.0 system I have set up in my living room. I can close my eyes and visualize a vocalist in front of me, with a backing band behind them and off to the sides.
    2. Retains the sub-bass that I liked from the Aria
    3. Looks… Holy hell the Buckeye Burl is gorgeous
    This model should really put Vibro on the map. The big guys should be scared, as it punches well above its weight.
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  3. Luke Pighetti
    Glad you're liking them @meringo :)
    [​IMG] //t.co/i/adsct?txn_id=nvl58&p_id=Twitter&tw_sale_amount=0&tw_order_quantity=0
  4. squyzz
    I am too late to benefits the $100 off code ?
    Can't find where to enter the MAYA code at checkout.
  5. Luke Pighetti
    Hey @squyzz sorry to say that we burned through the 25 launch-priced sets a lot faster than expected. Price is at full retail now. Cheers!
  6. Luke Pighetti
    Thank you @McCol for the fresh review! 
  7. glassmonkey
    I've got the Maya on loaner right now and am enjoying it. Some things that I've noticed, it hisses a bit with all the DAPs I have on hand: iBasso DX50, HiFiMAN MegaMini, and HiFiMAN SuperMini. The hissing is notable when you turn the DAP on and haven't started music, and in silent passages of the music. If you've got a loud piece with very little quiet it doesn't show up.
    The solution is pretty easy, the UE buffer jack. If I'm remembering this right, the UE buffer jack is just a cable with 10-15ohms of resistance added. When I added it to the DX50 playing the Maya, the hiss went silent.
    The picture links to the cable. It's only $10, and if you have a UE Pro IEM, which I do, you've probably already got it.
    @Luke Pighetti should sell his own, or include them with the Maya, as these things can't cost much to make. It's just a resistor, some wire, and some moulded plastic.
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  8. sq3rjick
    Very interesting.  I didn't hear any hiss with the HiFiMan SuperMini when I tried the pairing at RMAF.  I don't hear any hiss on mine with my Note 3 or with my DP-X1, either.
  9. Luke Pighetti
    That's funny. I was joking about the cable, I had no idea UE actually sold one. Learn something new every day. Has anyone else noticed hissing? This is the first I've heard about it.
    Only time I hear hissing on IEMs is if my gain setting is too high on my amp.
  10. Jackpot77
    Must admit, I didn't notice any major levels of hiss when I was listening to the tour pair. glassmonkey - how loud were you driving them, just out of interest? Seem to recall reading on one of the other threads we both frequent somewhere that you like your music good and loud, or is mind going south at the same rate as my ears? :wink:
  11. glassmonkey
    My standard listening level is 78db to 82db set with white noise using an SPL meter, both of which are in safe ranges for substantial daily listening. On most tracks that means peak levels are at around 85 to 90db, but average volume is 78 to 82db.
    I think the listening level thing is generational. I think @Takeanidea listens a full 10db to 15db quieter than I do.
  12. Jackpot77
    That doesn't sound too loud, to be fair. I know I listen at a substantially higher volume than my girlfriend it's comfortable with, but oddly I am far more sensitive to really loud noise (front row at a rock gig, for instance) than she is.
  13. glassmonkey
    So about the hissing. I only hear it when the player is not playing a song, or during really silent passages. Also, I've done a check on my listening levels, and my above observations were pretty accurate, except that the average volume level was more like 70db to 75db with peaks at 85dB to 90dB. My average listening level is between a busy restaurant and a busy street, loud but safe.
    If anybody else uses a SPL meter, you should go over to my thread and add your listening levels. I'm really interested to see what other HeadFiers, and especially reviewers, listen at.
  14. Luke Pighetti
    What are your methods for measuring sound pressure level? A dB meter for speakers measuring in free air will not give proper results for an IEM, which relies on direct coupling with the ear (no leaks) to produce appropriate sound pressure.
  15. glassmonkey
    My SPL meter has a big foam ball over the tube. I press the IEM into the center of the foam ball as far as I can without causing full compression of my spinfit tips. I also try to ensure that my position on the SPL sound tube is the same with every measurement. I tried making a coupler out of toilet roll cores and tape, and found that I couldn't get similar sound levels to what I get when putting my SPL meter to the inside of closed headphones, so my comparisons wouldn't have been consistent. With just direct pressure, I get similar perceived sound between the IEMs and the closed headphones.
    I'm aware that my methods are limited, but they are far better than doing nothing to match volume. I think the key thing is that my methods are repeatable. If you have any recommendations to improve consistency without spending a load of dough, I'd be very interested. I've considered using something like BluTac (poster hanging putty) or Silly Putty (not available in UK) to improve coupling, but, I haven't as of yet. I suggest keeping it brief here and weighing in on the other thread in more detail. I'd also like to hear what volume you are critically listening at. :)
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