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Introducing MAYA by Vibro Labs

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  1. sq3rjick
    Luke, you should really mark this thread as NSFW.  I can't stop looking at the headphone porn. :)
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  2. klove4252
    I might need to unsubscribe to this thread. After reading all these posts, the anticipation for mine to come is killing me. 
  3. Jackpot77

    If you liked the Aria, you will like this. On to day two of listening and while I miss some aspects of the bass on the Aria, the boosted mids and the improved spatial cues on the Maya easily compensate, and make this more of a purist's take on the original Aria sound. The tunings aren't too similar before anyone jumps to any conclusions, but Luke has pulled off the same trick Focal did with their Spirit Pros - produce a neutral and reference quality sound without making it boring or non-musical.
  4. sq3rjick
    That is it exactly. ARIA and MAYA are spiritually related, but they serve different purposes. ARIA has more energy up top and down low. As a result, the mids are relaxed (and for many, myself included, too relaxed). They are fantastic for EDM and jazz, but perhaps not the best choice for vocal tracks or anywhere you care about prominent mids. MAYA takes a different approach. It shifts some of the energy from up top and from down low and focuses it in the mids. It has the same extension on both ends (and actually, a but more extension up top), but the energy is turned down and brought more evenly across the whole spectrum. It is an ideal-neutral. Not quite reference level, but neutral while maintaining a sense of naturalness and musicality. It is a sound signature that I feel is more suited to a wider range of genres and will also appeal to a wider range of people. If you primarily listen to EDM, ARIA is the better choice, but for classic rock MAYA will make you absolutely grin.
  5. klove4252

    This is exactly why I am excited for the Maya. The Aria and Maya will really go great together. I'm planning on using the Paw Gold with the Maya, but I typically use the Mojo with the Aria. 
  6. Xamdou
    @Luke Pighetti Will you guys be at CanJam Singapore 2017? I am looking to getting my very first CIEM at CanJam and the Maya has caught my attention.
    Luke Pighetti likes this.
  7. Jackpot77
    For anyone who is interested, got a comparison between the Aria and the Maya in the impressions of the Aria I just posted in Head Gear - full review of the Maya should be done by Monday. They are definitely two very well tuned and top notch IEMs.
    As always, any feedback or comments very gratefully accepted.
  8. Jackpot77
    To go along with my review of the Aria, my review of the touring Maya has just been posted up in Head Gear. As always, any feedback/comments/general abuse will be very gratefully received!
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  9. Luke Pighetti
    Hey @Jackpot77, thank you for posting this review and providing everyone with a good comparison between the Maya and Aria. I think your impressions are spot on.
    Maya is a more capable earphone with a neutral tune that is still musical and fun with exceptional resolution and soundstage.
    Aria is a more relaxed and fun signature. I still listen to Aria a lot, particularly in the later hours.
    Both are very detailed and engaging. More audiophiles will like Maya. People who want to try something different will enjoy Aria.
  10. Luke Pighetti
    Maya custom-fit for @meringo. We love our repeat customers.
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  11. klove4252
    I just received my pair of Maya's a few hours ago, and I am very impressed. The mids, soundstage, and imaging are exceptional. They seem to have great synergy with the Paw Gold. 
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  12. sq3rjick
    I'm happy to hear that others are receiving their Mayas. Even more excited that the reviews are matching up with what I hear in mine. Looking forward to seeing even more reviews!
  13. Luke Pighetti
    I will not be there myself, but Music Sanctuary is currently our only dealer in Singapore, so maybe you can drop in and ask them what's on the table for CanJam. :)
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  14. Luke Pighetti
    Hey @klove4252 , really glad to hear that you're enjoying them!
  15. sq3rjick
    I brought my Maya around RMAF and tried them out of anything and everything I could find.  New Sony Walkman? Perfect.  All of the AK units?  Sublime.  FiiO's amps and DAPs?  No problem.  RHA's new Dacamp?  Treble detail that matches the best TOTL IEMs out there.  Actually, the Dacamp was a really great combination, and I will be picking one up personally.  Of course it sounds fantastic balanced out of my DP-X1.  I tried the new Megamini from HiFiMAN and was pleased to find that there was a completely black background and a very good deal of detail retrieval.  The Questyle QP1R was also absolutely fantastic at retrieving detail, and it made the mids jump out even more than I am used to.
    Basically, the MAYA will sound great on whatever you throw at them.  But they'll also sound great out of your phone.  They're not picky!
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