Introducing AAW X ADVANCED Accessport High Resolution Amplifier for smartphones with 10-unit GIVEAWAYS

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  1. DrGraceW
    Type C will go into mp some time in October, from what I learnt from engineering. The major function has been done weeks ago but the wide range of charging voltage on type c is a challenge.
  2. DrGraceW
    the captured cable was a requirement from apple on Lam enabled devices. Though in the latest spec sheet from apple where they opened the possibility of adding detachable cable, it cannot be USB but a proprietary connector. So whether to implement that is debatable at the moment.
  3. PLuch
    Now that you say that I do remember you mentioning it during the campaign when the possibility of detachable cables was brought up. Thanks for the quick response!
  4. AlwaysForward
    Mine arrived today and I didn't have the highest expectations but I'm actually blown away. They make my Quad Driver IEM sound FANTASTIC. They not only increased the soundstage compared to my iOS device but everything is rendered much better. I don't have any other external apps but probably the most interesting/telling great I can share is that this sounds better than the internal FiiO amp that's built into my Blue MoFi.

    Between the Sonic performance, form factor, juice and price, this is a killer little lightning DAC.
  5. Caipirina
    Nice to see someone else has the Blue MoFi! Did not know the amp in there is from Fiio ... source?
    I, too, was blown away by the little dongle when it arrived .. but since then I am running into similar issues others report here, the cable seems to fail after some weeks / months ... too bad, cute little thing
  6. AlwaysForward
    I sure hope they can make it more stable. I purchased directly from the site so I assume I'll have a little warranty.

    As to the MoFi power design, Jump to about 1:10 here on this video:

    Last edited: Oct 16, 2017
  7. Trying2Learn
    Well I’ve had issues with mine and customer support hasnt replied yet so
  8. AlwaysForward
    Have you tried following up with them on FB Messenger? Their business page indicates they're very responsive on that channel:

    Worth a shot!
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  9. Peter Yoon
    Hello Trying2Learn,

    Please send an email to It must've fell through the gap. We apologize!
  10. malcbo

    V1.1.3 eventually solved my issues.
  11. 67flieger
    My wife and I had some issues trying to get V1.1.3 to download on our Accessports. But we both eventually got the update loaded. We hadn't experienced any issues in light usage before V1.1.3.
  12. Ynot1
    Advanced Planars 11-14 I got emails could be complementary to Accessport.
  13. AlwaysForward
    So I was going to return these but ran out of time because I moved across the country and was too busy with other stuff.

    I'm glad I didn't.

    After updating to the latest firmware (1.12->1.14. IIRC) the sound is massively improved. The 1.12 Firmware was open and punchy but the mid range was very cold and far away sounding. It was leaving me with no listening pleasure and at the time I preferred the lightning dongle because it was more balanced, even with the narrower sound stage and weaker bass.

    Well, this update brought the mids right back and now this thing ROCKS. I'm glad I gave it a second chance! Keeper for sure now.
  14. 67flieger
    I'm hoping that the GT-R gets enough backing to get funded on Kickstarter. I think that they'd pair well with just a mobile phone, but I'd feel pretty confident that they will sound even better with the Accessport.
  15. m4rkw
    Question for people using the AccessPort - how do you deal with carrying it when travelling? With it being metal it seems like having it in your pocket would inevitably scratch the phone, whereas having it dangling out of the pocket would just make it likely to get snagged on something, especially on busy commuter trains.

    Half tempted to order one but I'm just not sure about the practicalities of travelling with it.
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