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Introducing AAW X ADVANCED Accessport High Resolution Amplifier for smartphones with 10-unit GIVEAWAYS

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  1. DrGraceW
    Greetings, Head-fi!  This is Grace from AAW. Ever since the rumor of the new iPhone’s 3.5mm port removal, we’ve been working on an MFi-certified DAC amplifier in several designs and prototypes for some time.  
    It’s my pleasure to finally introduce Accessport: High-resolution DAC/amplifier designed for iPhone 7, MFi-certified.  We’ve been working closely with the guys at ADVANCED SOUND to develop and to bring this product to the market. Also we did not forget the Android community and will make Accessport available with microUSB and USB Type-C as well.
    We have completed our T1 prototype of our Accessport and we are excited to share the details with you guys at Head-fi, first-hand.  We will be launching the Accessport on Kickstarter and you can find the following details of the product:
    Digital Input: Lightning/USB Type-C/Micro USB
    Frequency Response: 10Hz~45kHz
    Bit Depth: 24bit
    Sampling Rate: 96kHz with oversampling
    SNR: (A-Weighted) -122dB
    THD: <0.01%
    Output impedance: <1Ohm
    Power Output: 40mW to 16Ohm load
    Lightning Receptacle with Charging
    Through Phone Call Function(MFI only)
    Apple MFI Approved
    We love the Head-fi community and we want to hear first from you lot about what you think of our Accessport.  
    What other way to share the experience but to start a giveaway!  We will be giving away 10pcs Accessport.  You will be entered into the giveaway for the first hand experience of our Accessport with the following conditions:
    1. Post an initial reaction to this thread
    2. Share this thread on your Facebook
    We look forward to your participation. Once you receive the Accessport and if you like it, a review is in order:) Thanks for reading!
    Dr. Grace Wang
  2. Sherman Lee
    How much will it cost?
  3. etoilebiscuit
    interesting piece of equip to respond to iphone 7, improving sound and forgoing the 3.5mm extension~ for apple,
    all others are covered~
  4. jaiiik
    Very good news for those who got the new iPhone 7 and for those planning to get one! :)
  5. Adison Teoh
    Yet another Great creation by AAW
  6. Rayhw
    Amazing creation and looking forward to the final product!
  7. xenj
    Great news for iPhone 7 users. iPhone 6 users, such as I, would also benefit from this. Looking forward to initial impressions.
  8. RenaGuil94
    Needless to say we wont be requiring the Apple AirPods with this awesome Amplifier and can spend some quality music with our usual iems [​IMG]
    Great work!
  9. glassmonkey
    That thing is tiny! It would be nice to take something around that is pocketable and makes my phone's audio not lame.
    I'll tell the friends. :)
  10. glassmonkey
    Did I read this thing wrong and just jump at free stuff? It says three types of digital inputs, which means that it should work with Android and your computer, but then all the pictures and text outside of the Specs just says Apple. I hope I haven't misinterpreted.
    Please confirm either that there are multiple versions or that the one version has adapters.
  11. Kavalier
    So good to see a new DAC/Amp from you guys, specially with your partnership with ADVANCED SOUND. Definitely looking forward to read some initial impressions and definitely willing to review the new ADVANCED accessport. Already sharing the link on Facebook!
    EDIT: Wondering how the ADVANCED accessport will perfome with my A3H Pros and Trinity Phantom Master 4 [​IMG]
  12. DrGraceW
    Hi there, there will be 3 versions of the amplifier, and of course only the lightning one will be MFI approved:)
    So basically the lightning version will have lightning connector and lightning receptacle and type-c will have type-c connector and receptacle, such is micro USB version as well.
    I hope this clarifies and modded the info above to make it clearer too.
  13. Erin McGowan
    Lovely! Was hoping for a new AMP from you so much!
    I got your CIEMS W300AR and am super happy with them :)
    Here is my shared post: LINK
  14. natto
    It seem very small, great job AAW.
  15. mackoi11
    This is good news
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