Introducing AAW X ADVANCED Accessport High Resolution Amplifier for smartphones with 10-unit GIVEAWAYS

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  1. faithguy19
    Honestly I just store it in my iem case most of the time.
  2. m4rkw
    Does it seem like it could scratch the phone if it was left in your pocket with it?
  3. faithguy19
    I mean not really. It is covered in a plastic shell so I would think you would be safe. Do you use a case and screen protector for your phone?
  4. m4rkw
    No, I always thought it was a shame to take something so perfectly designed by Apple and put a case on it. I don't mind it getting minor scratches but my concern was that the AP was made of aluminium which could have had sharp edges. Good that it's plastic though, should be ok, thanks!
  5. faithguy19
    I think it is plastic. Not really many sharp edges as far as I can tell
  6. doggiemom
    I felt that way too until I dropped my phone (twice!) and had to pay >$100 for Apple to replace the screen (twice!) :wink:
  7. m4rkw
    Don't you have home contents insurance in the US? When my wife dropped her phone we got £500 from the insurance company (value of the item less the excess) and it only cost £136 to replace the screen.
  8. doggiemom
    Wow, that's great! We do have homeowners insurance (not sure if that is the same thing), but the deductible is pretty high. I think it is designed more for if someone steals everything in the house or the roof blows off or something.
  9. Ynot1
    With new things coming out so often I think a case to preserve the resale value is the way to go.
    Speaking of which an Accessport Pro with balance MFi, in 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm, and 4.4mm variety could very well be the next big thing in small form factor.

    Speaking of conspiracy, it is awfully odd that monoprice, mass drop, hifiman, have all dropped their prices of late on something they have in common.
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  10. tg123
    Any new updates for Type C?
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2018
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  11. Nimpo
    Yeah it would be nice, I'm awaiting it too.
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  12. Nimpo
  13. CactusPete23
    Where is the Type C model ? Any update?
  14. DaSpecialSauce
    I ordered the type C model for the future eventually that I will get a type C phone. One year later I got a type C phone but still no Accessport. Ahhhh. I can't stand it. The out of the box headphone adapter sucks and keeps cutting out. But yeah seriously I don't understand how there's such a big gap between lightning user's getting theirs and Type C user's.
  15. Nimpo
    Agree, though for me its worse not getting any communication than having to wait.

    I guess if we dont get any update soon we should start considering a refund.
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