Introducing AAW X ADVANCED Accessport High Resolution Amplifier for smartphones with 10-unit GIVEAWAYS

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  1. Ynot1
    In comparison to the Walnut V2 without usb dac, the Accessport is blacker and no bass roll off.
    However the Walnut wins in power and high impedance earphones. And I still believe the Walnut
    does not roll off bass in amp mode. I think daps and some amps roll off bass to improve battery performance,
    as bass music consumes a lot of power.
    I think the Accessport next feature could be replaceable op amps like the Walnut.
    But something tells me though the world doesn't work that way.
  2. Ynot1
    After some more listening, I've determined the dac could not have come from Texas Instruments. I think it sounds like what they describe about the sabre dacs, being on the bright and detailed side. But then I'm probably mixing terminology as TI sound refers to their op amps. And I'm not too sure if anyone uses their dacs. Maybe I should have said wolfson. But with so many mergers and consolation I figure I'm safe in saying TI sound. So to put my speculation to rest, does anyone know what dac and amp modules are used in the Accessport?
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  3. fearlessleader
    There was a comment from AAW saying that the message saying something about using an app was some error, and to ignore it... there's no app and no app needed --- it just works!
  4. malcbo
    Received mine today (Apple version).
    Seems powerful enough for the TH-900, as the volume seems slightly higher than iPad pro’s.
    Need to do more comparison now with DFR.
  5. doggiemom
    Received a message via Kickstarter today that said the app and a firmware update is available. Search for "Advanced Sound Accessport" to find the App on the USA App Store.
  6. CactusPete23
    And saw that on the Kickstarter page that at least 2 people tried downloading new firmware, and after 15 minutes gave up... No reply from the AAWX Accessport folks yet...
  7. CactusPete23
    OK, looks like one of those folks got the firmware to update by " Force quitting the software, unplugging, restarting and plugging back in allowed install to proceed without bricking my unit. "
  8. faithguy19
    I love my accessport and use it daily. But lately I have been noticing that it has some connection problems. I was hoping the app and firmware update would fix it. I was able to successfully update the firmware and it worked fine for about an hour. Then the next time I went to plug it in the accessport is not recognized and says disconnected even when it is disconnected. I am afraid it may have died. Maybe shorted out? Really hoping this can be fixed or replaced because I really enjoy it.
  9. ilcg1
    Received my accessport today and updated firmware in 15 seconds. It looks very neat and I really like black matte finish.

    It's actually much smaller than I thought which is a very good thing.

    Will listen to it tomorrow with my Fostex th900.
  10. georgelai57
    If one maxes the volume on the Accessport, is that effectively a Line Out for use as input to another amp?
  11. Ynot1
    Lately I've been using the Accessport more than the walnut and the problem I have is playing music on the microsd card. So I am looking for an app that can convert wav to aac and be able to read microsd. I have zsun which works but it gets hot quickly.
  12. Ynot1
    I have not updated the driver on mine because everything works fine. But if a driver update allows the MFi version to work with other platforms then I might be willing to take the risk, otherwise it makes no sense to mess with something that works flawlessly. Only thing I notice was the Accessport can get a little warm after 3 to 4 hours.
  13. Ynot1
    People mention alot about double amping being bad, but most specs for amp are when the amp is working hard. If the amp is walking instead of sprinting then it could not possibly be struggling to put up good performance numbers. Therefore I assume as long as the amp is not driving a load it is not going to add much to the signal. Granted some people have proven not all orthogonal signals are truely 100% orthogonal, but the question is can human hearing tell the difference. I digress. Unless AAW has a feature built in, the headphone output does not bypass the amplifier.

    I just realized line out is not the same thing to everybody. Some chinese amps have line out coming from a small op amp amplifier. So it is not a true line out from the dac.

    In fact brookstone blue amp claims to be an amp, but I didn't see any amps nor op amps.
    So in the case of brookstone blue amp, I would say it is line out and not an amp.
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  14. Ynot1
    image.jpeg Prelude to a review,
    calm before the storm if you will.
    At least it's worths thousands and
    thousands of words...

    The ipod nano 7th gen does not work and I think the box was printed before the update was made on Kickstarter and Advance web site. It is because the nano is not ios full capacity.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017
  15. Ynot1
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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