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IMR R2 Aten Thread

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  1. bumbum
    Good point. What's about next things?
  2. holsen
    that's great to know and it's important, here's my biggest question. How much of the outside stays out. Have you fond yourself in a noisy environment yet? I spend a lot of time in airplanes and really value drowning out the drone
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  3. Immortal
    And do you have IEMs that completely isolates you from that noise, without pumping the volume too high?
    If I'm on a plane, looking for the complete isolation, I'll go with earplugs + closed headphones...but that's just me!

    btw my r2 are arrived, but because Bob waited too much to send them, I've missed them for one day and I've to wait untile the end of the month to listen to them.
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  4. rocko77
    I'm a mechanical engineer so I often work on CNC machines while wearing IEMs. I have not problem with the R2 keeping out the noise of hard material being cut so I would doubt an aeroplane noise would be as loud from inside the plane. Hope this helps
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  5. holsen
    No, I havent got anything that completely isolates. The Shures do a pretty good job and I'm OK with that. Re: the R2, the question arises because of the open port I really would like to know how much of the outside gets in through that port.
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  6. holsen
    Beautiful. Yes, that helps a lot!
  7. warriorpoet
    I've used them around 6 loud children, and they block better than my Tin HiFi T3s, but not as well as my Fearless S8 Pro, which might as well be a brick wall against outside sound.
  8. Xintaur
    Anyways, the R1 and the Zenith were hyped equally, while actually delivering what everyone claimed about them.
    Sure, some did not like this or that about them, but the overall feedback was extremely positive.

    The R2 is and will be exactly the same deal. A lot of people hype them, because they are good. Improving most, if not every aspect of the previous models.
    And that for a lower price, while i would not hesitate a second to pay the same price as for the Zenith. And i can confirm that with more and more usage time they only get better.
    Sound is gradually becoming smoother and more controlled compared to the initial listening. Seems like the big 15mm drivers just need some time to really get going ^^

    Edit: And even IF you are convinced they are just another hyped failure, you can purchase with absolutely no risk, since Bob is very accommodating with returns and replacements.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 6, 2019
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  9. bumbum
    Be happy with fearlessss. Fiio is not god
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2019
  10. Xintaur
    I would say it is slightly more coming through than with the opened Zenith. But i will do some testing tomorrow, by playing some street/airplane noise on my speaker setup.
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  11. warriorpoet
    More impressions

    The more I get used to this sound signature, the more I appreciate what Bob has done here. A little thick in the midbass for my taste, but the payoff of the huge DD is really worth it- what impact! It's not overcooked or overly punchy, just big and substantial and "real" in the same way a nice sub in a ported cab is "real." Switched from the foams over to Symbio W tips, which are the closest to a custom fit tip as I have here, and the midbass got cleaner and upper mids came out a touch more- just right for pop records.

    A couple things I wish were different: the shells are a little sharp around the edges, how I wish Bob had rounded off the edges! The cable is unique and keyed, I can't get my aftermarket 0.78 cables to fit and the bass is a little too full in places at the expense of resolution. BA bass this is not!

    All that said, they are remarkably cohesive for utilizing such wildly different drivers. I do wonder, though, how the DD/ planar/ piezo Rah will sound; will the mids be pushed more forward, or will the DD get some added texture? One thing's for sure, the R2 has convinced me that Bob does know what he's doing here, and I'm excited to see how these do after the gigantic ceramic driver breaks in.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
  12. AnakChan Moderator
    Folks, you should know better than to respond to trolls. Just report and -ignore-. Replying merely fuels the ongoing OT thread which Mods would then have to backtrack and determine what to delete.
  13. AudioJunki3
    My R2 just arrived today in the UK. Initially I'm rather impressed however I'm wondering how much better they'll get over time. What type of hours are people getting on these before they notice improvements?

    Also I'm having some slight driver flex when inserting them, is anyone else experiencing this, it's always something I've witnessed with IMR or trinity products, might just be my weird lugs.

  14. rocko77
    Mine have improved quite a bit to be honest. Obviously the basic sound signature hasn't changed but they have smoothed out and the soundstsage just gets wider higher and deeper every day. Mine have about 120 hours on them now and they really opened up to my ears between 75 and 100
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  15. kdphan
    Finally picked up my R2 from the post office.
    Tried different lower and top filters.

    Ended up with Red lower filter and Gold top.
    Perfect amount of bass slam and non piercing treble.

    Sounds great out of the box for classic rock.
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