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iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread

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  1. ngoshawk
    IFi says DO NOT use the xDSD while charging...I believe it says that on the instruction pamphlet and maybe the box...
  2. Giraku
    This is what xDSD manual is saying. While it is not advised, it can be used during charging.

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  3. Devodonaldson
    The primary reason it's suggested against is easy to determine. Companies, especially after seeing what others do, try to do their best to cover themselves. There are currwntlc people with the Chord Mojo having battery issues. The device isnti holding a charge as well as it did in the beginning. A big reason behind issues such as this has to do with individuals leaving devices running constantly while plugged in. Not all, but as we know there are always extreme cases out there. People decide to leave a laptop plugged in for weeks at a time, then want to complain that the battery doesn't seem to be holding a charge. Same with cell phones. Remove a device from power either during the charge cycle at some point or soon after battery reaches full power. ImI assuming we are using a Lithium-ion battery, and there are universal properties to how to use a battery. But there is always that person. It also wouldn't be suggested to completely drain the battery cell down to complete emptiness either, just isn't written.
    Last edited: May 12, 2018
  4. zeta555
    so if you want to use it as a desktop dac/amp. you need to use 2 cable right? one microusb and one usb a male to usb a female?
  5. ngoshawk
    That said, I did experience a large distortion in sound, when charging the xDSD and the Cayin N5 Mk2, through BT. I know all the ramifications, but find it refreshing for a company to actually come out and say that you would be advised not to use when charging.

    And yes, people need to step up their personal responsibility...I for one have enough devices so I can “experience” others whilst the xDSD charges...

  6. ngoshawk
    The included blue USB cable works. For my MBP, I needed the usb adaptor, but the critter functions flawlessly using that set up.
  7. Devodonaldson
    You are absolutely right. That statement about responsibility I agree with. For example, I spent time lisyenlis, and seeing as I play music through headphones while I sleep, I spent 30 min charging the xDSD while listening prior to bed just to get it back to full, and removed immediately. That would be my use case scenario if put on charger while in use. Not an issue for a Lithium-ion polymer battery
  8. Zachik
    Yeah, both get very good reviews. Some people (I think @Hawaiibadboy is one of them) are posting in both threads, so hopefully they can post some comparison notes :)
  9. Devodonaldson
    I went back a little, pg 31. Again, I wholeheartedly believe the don't not charge statemwns is being used to cover their behinfb, because unfortunately, some people do things that are allowed to stupid levels of excess. Here is a quote from a post directly from ifi:
    2. 5V 1A will do just fine, 5V 1.5A will charge the device a bit faster.

    3. You can absolutely use the xDSD while charging, or when fully charged on USB power. No problem at all, doing it all the time.

    If you actually have the xDSD permanently attached to USB Power it will enter "Desktop" mode after the first time the battery is charged fully and the unit is turned off. In desktop mode the battery is charged to ~ 70% and kept in maintenance mode.

    This state is maintained until the unit enters batterypower mode (unplugged or turned on on battery).
    In addition, I don't use Bluetooth, so over wired mode, I noticed no degradation while connected to a clean power charger
    Last edited: May 12, 2018
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  10. iFi audio
    To make it clear and understandable, we do not recommend to use and charge the xDSD at the same time, though it's not forbidden, not at all. The only reason why two cables attached to xDSD at the same time are not recommended is due to a minor amount of background noise and that's it.

    Actually the xDSD permanently attached to USB power will enter 'desktop' mode after the first time the battery is charged fully and the device is turned off. In this mode the battery is charged to ~ 70% and kept in maintenance mode until the xDSD enters battery power mode again.
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  11. Currawong Contributor
    My loaner xDSD is heading over to Anakchan at the moment so a full comparison will have to wait, but initially the xDSD is warmer-sounding and the Q5 colder and was a bit fatiguing to listen with.

    It's not caused by people leaving it plugged in all the time, but completely flattening the battery as far as I understand things. Modern lithium batteries last longest if kept charged all the time. Continually draining them to completely flat shortens their life considerably. This both from manufacturer advice and experience.
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  12. Colors
    I actually tested this amp in-store and did not like the sound with my Empire Ears Bravado. Sounded a bit flat and took away some of the sub-bass. I think I need some more time to test this amp. I did an A/B test with the Mojo and liked the trebles and mids a lot more. Going in-store to try these again Friday as the store owner told me this amp is extremely good value for the price and he's mega knowledgeable (Charles from Headfoneshop).
  13. gatucho
    Just go my xdsd yesterday and after the initial listening sessions with my trusty Andromedas so far I find it actually sounds quite good! (Even with Bluetooth).

    The device is actually smaller than I thought and really nice looking and feeling.

    Also tested with the B&W p7 (wired) and found that the sound was very much improved in all regards (particularly definition and clearness) compared with the phone output (LG v30).

    Minor details so far:

    * A slight level of noise with the Andromedas, but these are really unforgiving in this area. My LG v30 and ibasso dx90 are the only ones to surpass the xdsd in this area with a completely black background (almost!).

    *Sometimes I lose Bluetooth sound after changing wireless and wired modes. Restating or changing modes won't help. Repairing the Bluetooth seems to do the trick.

    *Cracking and beeping noises when I connect the headphones after turning on the xdsd and BEFORE playing music for the first time, they dissaperar after and won't return until restating the device.

    That's it. I'm normally very critical of new stuff, but all in all would say that the xdsd is a must buy if you are looking for a portable extremely nice sounding amp with an acceptable level of background noise.

    Will test later with bigger headphones: hd800, clears, he500, t1s and as a source.

    Edit: Lately I have been experiencing intermittent Bluetooth disconnections followed by a short beep. The connection could last anything within 30min and 5min. I don't know if the phone or the xdsd is the one disconnecting mmm.

    Anyone else suffering from this?
    Last edited: May 13, 2018
  14. Giraku
    I have exactly the same problem, which is perfectly reproducible. I opened a ticket with iFi tech support. They concluded that it is iOS related issue and that their Bluetooth function is working fine with Android so that it is not an issue. I seriously hope they will change their mind.
    BTW, are you using an iPhone?
  15. gatucho
    I'm using Android, LG v30.

    I always knew that Bluetooth is buggy as hell (I mean this in general not only for the xdsd), I was just hopping that ifi's implementation would be less so. The sound quality is good though...
    Last edited: May 13, 2018
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