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iFi audio Pro iDSD (Official) - NEW Firmware - MQA and more.

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  1. flyte3333
    Is anyone driving MrSpeakers AEON Closed with the Pro iDSD directly, on the 0dB gain setting?

    Can you listen to current popular music (recorded loud - say Deadmau5 for example) past 10 o'clock on the volume knob? Or is 10 o'clock too loud with these cans?

    Last edited: Aug 11, 2018
  2. youurayy
    Hi. I wasn't suggesting that you comment on other manufacturer's tech -- I am merely trying to understand two things (if they aren't secret):

    1. what does Pro iCan better over the Pro iDSD in terms of driving easy-drivable headphones (e.g. dynamics, control, proper balanced sockets = less crosstalk if any),

    2. what was undertaken so that Pro iDSD's balanced HP output sounds equal or better than its single-ended HP output.
    (*edit: I can see on the Pro iCan page that the balanced has better THD, SNR, power, etc. than SE, but I'm not automatically assuming the same is true for Pro iDSD.)

    I already have the Pro iDSD on order, and I will most likely order the Pro iCan soon, if only to have a proper HP amp for my other DACs, but I'm just curious about the above. (*and I couldn't find this info in the first post's links so far)
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2018
  3. Rob N Contributor
    Good review in the latest HIFi News mag
  4. flyte3333
    Just seen this. The subjective listening impressions are really good (as I expected).

    HP output impedance is higher than I thought, up to ~4ohm. Much higher than the xDSD and Hugo2 they've measured.
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  5. youurayy
    Another question, how would one proceed about acquiring the DC-Loop cable? Is it available anywhere?

    Side question: or is it better to power each Pro (iCAN, iDSD) with its own "charger" (I guess that's how we call transformers these days)?
  6. CClose
    Has anyone tried/tested the Pro iDSD using a Mac OS X with USB a connection? The reason I ask is I recently learned that another (more expensive) DAC on my short list was having connectivity issues with a Mac. The workaround was to reboot the DAC. Rebooting the Mac did not fix the issue. I just want t make sure the Pro iDSD works flawlessly with my Mac.
  7. Bodhifile
    I asked a similar question with no reply here.
  8. tonyo442
    I would have liked comparisons of other DACs with the iDSD pro, and of course not that the Qutest of Chord, it would have been problematic that the iDSD pro does not pass, compare a dac to 2750 € against another dac which costs 50% of the price, ........ if some dac owners costing at least twice the price of the iDSD pro could have left comments that would have been interesting, and would bring an advantage to the iDSD pro, thanks,
  9. Currawong Contributor
    I just used a cable I had which has regular DC plugs on either end. It's not particularly special.

    Yes. Works fine with the Macs I have here. Worst comes to worst, a Schiit Wyrd is only $99.

    Please do not use an online translator for English. We cannot understand what you post.
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  10. Baten
    Pretty sure he's asking if anyone compared the iDSD Pro to other DACs half their cost and what their findings are/ if it's "worth it" lol.
  11. tonyo442
    [QUOTE = "Currawong, post: 14419867, membre: 65761"] Je viens d'utiliser un câble que j'ai eu qui a des fiches DC régulières à chaque extrémité. Ce n'est pas particulièrement spécial.

    Oui. Fonctionne bien avec les Mac que j'ai ici. Le pire vient au pire, un Schiit Wyrd est à seulement 99 $.

    Veuillez ne pas utiliser un traducteur en ligne pour l'anglais. Nous ne pouvons pas comprendre ce que vous publiez. [/ QUOTE]
    et ce que c'est mieux,...... j'ai commencé par écrire en français, dans ma langue et l'on m'a fait le même reproche, en me demandant de me servir de la traduction,....... veuillez vous présenter avant de faire des reproches, merci
    J'aurais aimé les comparaisons du DAC avec l'iDSD pro, et bien sûr que le QDest de Chord, il aurait été question que l'iDSD ne passe pas, comparé à un jour à 2750 € coûte 50% du prix, si certains propriétaires dac coûtent au moins deux fois le prix du pro iDSD pour le compte de commentaires qui ont un intérêt, et qui apportent un avantage au professionnel iDSD, merci,
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  12. Baten
    Well you did tell him not to use a translator.. :deadhorse:
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  13. tonyo442
    [QUOTE = "Baten, post: 14419876, membre: 342138"] Eh bien, vous lui avez dit de ne pas utiliser de traducteur. :cheval mort:[/ QUOTE]
    je suis content que certain comprennent, en France avec des amis nous nous servons des barres de traductions, et nous n'avons jamais fait de reproche sur les langues utilisées,.....

    exactement j'ai demandé si certain avaient fait des comparaisons avec des dac coûtant plus cher que le iDSD pro, des comparaisons ont été faites, mais avec le Qutest Chord qui coûte moins cher que le iDSD pro, merci
  14. Giraku
    I have been using MacBook Pro (2016 & 2018, MacOS High Sierra (10.13.6)) + Roon ver 1.5 + USB connection (iFi Mercury 3.0 cable) without any problem.
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  15. iFi audio
    A correctly implemented fully balanced design (as in the iDSD Pro) will have lower distortion (~ -6dB or 50%) and noise (-3dB) at the same output level and impedance in comparison to a single-ended design.

    A balanced output that is derived from a single-ended source however and exploits circuitry often seen in pro-audio outputs (line and headphone) will have higher distortion (> +6dB) and noise (+9dB) in comparison to a simple SE circuit.

    Balanced line outputs commonly use additional circuitry which degrades performance of the SE output and thus often SE outputs are preferable for short line connections though depends heavily on the precise design of the device.

    So the bottom line is that without knowing in detail a given implementation, it is not possible to categorically state that one or the other type of output (balanced and unbalanced) in inherently superior, inferior or unnecessary. Any of these may apply.

    Pro iDSD and Pro iCAN in fully balanced setup delivers better performance than single-ended operation, simply because of the way it is designed. However, their single-ended performance is equal to that of the same circuitry run in single-ended mode, thus there is no penalty for using our products' as SE devices.
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