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  1. bflat
    Correct, that is the only pinout that allows both SE and Balanced to work from the same jack. The pinout between SE and Balanced are identical, except balanced splits the single GND collar to separate L- and R-. Also note, that AK 2.5mm TRRS is completely different pinout.
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  2. endgame
    Sorry boys, no impressions from me tonight. I ordered the Nano and it was delivered today, but inside, was the Micro instead. So have to send it back for an exchange.
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  3. bflat
    A BL Micro? Dude keep it and sell it. Then use the funds to buy the Nano and pocket the rest! Bet it will be close to a free Nano.
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  4. tim0chan
    If its the bl thats kind of a bonus
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  5. karloil
    Just finished auditioning the Nano BL. It has that warmish yet detailed SQ. Plenty of power to boot. Size is comparable with the Mojo with it's case.

    Unfortunately, it can't read my phone - KEYone (Type C) and my #3. So the guys at Zeppelin lend me their DPX1A with was detected after a reboot.

    What stopped me from purchasing it are the compatibility issues and that USB A connection - which i would still need to purchase a separate cable.

    It's a great bargain for S$250! But i'll let the firmware mature 1st before I'll be getting one.
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  6. SteveOliver
    Thanks for the photos and impressions, size/format seem to indicate its definitely designed to be a "poor-man's" Mojo, I can't see why it won't sell well at its price/perfomance point. My order with Future Shop is still "processing".
  7. karloil
    Yes, i believe it will sell very well too!

    It's way lighter than the Mojo. The guys at Zeppelin mentioned that Type C devices have issues right now. They also can't get it to work with Opus and Ibasso DAPs but no issues with AK DAPs
  8. jmills8
    Mojo is a poorer mans Hugo.
  9. SteveOliver
    When/if mine arrives I will test it with my Shanling m1, m2s and m3s and HTC10, all USB C devices and see what happens. I have a cable here that works with these USB C devices and DFR that should connect up perfectly.
  10. karloil
    I also have an M2s but i didn't bring it with me. I was of course counting on my phone but was surprised that it couldn't read it. So yeah, hope it does work.
  11. musicfan145
    Gee, thanks @endgame. I was actually a little disappointed when mine arrived and it wasn’t a Micro BL instead. :dt880smile:
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  12. endgame
    Sorry man. I guess I have a brand new Micro BL for sale now. I need something more portable. I’ll list it later today. Or maybe we could arrange a trade of some sort?
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  13. tim0chan
    U could keep it for desktop use
  14. Niyologist
    I signed up.
  15. endgame
    I already have a desktop setup. I wanted a portable alternative to my DFR. I’ve listed it for sell on here below retail.
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