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  1. TimeSnow
    MQA isn't a thing you buy... at least most people only access it through a Tidal account... so they're just part of the package.

    I'd be much more sceptical of ultra high rez than MQA.

    And besides, you can always just listen to it and make up your own mind. :) There's no cohersion here.
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  2. stalepie
    Shouldn't all DACs and amps sound the same? They are trying to reproduce the sound accurately, not provide flavor to your music. They should all be equally "warm," "bright," smooth, etc., and no reason to need to review them.
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  3. theaudiologist
    yes. because a fiio k1 will have the same quality as a Chord Hugo. lol
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  4. theaudiologist
    if by ultra hi-res you mean 32/384 and DSD256+. I agree. i preffer the DAC making them 32-bit and 384khz on the air, not having a 32bit file myself, although i have a 32/384 wavpack album (tho it's just a vinyl rip). tho i think on DSD higher res is better since the wave becomes closer to analog.
  5. iFi audio
    That is what the iEMatch socket is for.
  6. iFi audio
    If you use TRRS terminated and balanced wired Headphones/IEM's you get true balanced performance. If you use TRS terminated headphones (but not for TRRS with microphone), you get improvements in crosstalk.
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  7. endgame
    Well my unit is arriving tomorrow. I will let you all know what I think.
  8. stalepie
    It probably does.
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  9. theaudiologist
    more expensive DAC's have lower THD/distortion, better channel separation, better DAC chips and higher SNR. they also have higher bit depths and sample rates though that doesn't matter much.
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  10. shenanbay
    That's like why have a Ferrari when you can get a Toyota , they both do the same thing get you from point A to point B
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  11. Demo3
    I am just curious what the eta for stock to arrive at US Amazon?
  12. endgame
    Just order from Music Direct. It’s in stock right now and they’re offering free shipping. Plus, they’re a great company. I ordered mine yesterday and it’s arriving tomorrow.
  13. tim0chan
    I dont like that the iematch socket changes the output impedance too much for my iem. makes it too thin.
    a gain switch some what like the micro idsd had. But overall good product, just not for iems that are too low in impedance
  14. leftside
    How low is too low? 9 ohms on the Shure 846? 17.5 ohms on the Campfire Audio Vega? Asking because I have both these headphones.
  15. tim0chan
    vega will not have issue as its a dynamic driver but i think 846 will have problems.
    My iem is the empire ears spartan. Rated at 22 ohms at 1khz. I just feel that a gain switch would have been better use of space instead of an additional socket for iematch. They could have used a switch for the iematch tech like the micro.
    Would have paid $60 ish more for that
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