iFi Audio nano iDSD Black Label (TOUR details - PAGE 12 / TOUR participants - page 26 post #386)

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  1. endgame
    Where did you order from? Because I can’t find a single retailer who is selling them. Not one.
  2. SteveOliver
    I'm in the UK and Future Shop have them in stock, or rather they say they will be ready to ship either Friday or early next week after they have been updated.
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  3. iFi audio
    Nano iDSD Black Label Tour!

    Just like the last time we announced a Black Label product, the tour announcement comes right after! For those that are
    familiar with the Micro iDSD BL Tour from last year, this year’s Nano iDSD BL Tour will be very similar.

    Am I eligible for the tour?

    We’d love to share the iFi love around as much as we can, and we’ll thus be trying our best to accommodate as many
    people as we can. So, we encourage you to sign up if you have an interest in the Nano iDSD BL regardless of where you
    are in your HiFi journey.


    We’ll eventually be dividing up the tour groups into geographical regions as we see fit. Unfortunately, if a particular region
    has a low interest in touring the unit, we may not be able to accommodate those that are interested there. So, be sure to
    tell your friends to sign up too!

    How do you sign up?!

    To sign up, simply shoot an email to lawrancel@iFi-Audio.com with the title: Nano iDSDBL Tour (BLANK).
    NOTE: For the (BLANK), please fill in your region as USA, UK, EU, ASIA, or OTHER. THIS IS INCREDIBLY
    IMPORTANT! Please make sure to do this!
    In the email, please include the following:
    1. Username AND link to your Head-Fi Profile.
    2. Location
    3. Tell us the gear that you plan on connecting the Nano iDSD Black Label to.
    4. If you have any links of reviews that you've done, let us know!
    Please note that the deadline for the sign-up process is 11/19/2017, and the individuals selected will be
    announced and contacted thereafter.

    Rules for this Tour:
    1. Each Head-Fier will be given 1 weeks time to spend with the unit.
    2. After the given amount of time has passed, each Head-Fier is responsible for safely packing the unit, shipping the unit to the next Head-Fier, and covering the shipping costs.
    3. Each Head-Fier will be required to post a review of the Nano iDSD Black Label within 1 week of shipping the unit off to the next Head-Fier on the Nano iDSD Black Label product page HERE.
    4. Otherwise, the most important thing is to kick back, have fun, and enjoy some of your favorite tunes through the Nano iDSD Black Label! We hope you love it as much as we do!


    YUP! The prize pool makes a return again this year with the Nano iDSD BL Tour! Feelin’ lucky?

    Just like last year’s tour, we will be giving away the tour unit to a lucky individual in each leg of the tour. Your ticket is
    simply a link to your review and proof that you put effort and real thought into it. The prize draw will, again, be completely
    random as to avoid any sort of biases. That means honesty is key here folks and a rave review won’t change a thing!
    On top of that, we’ll be giving away 1 pair of 1More Quad-Driver In-Ear Headphones that have been generously provided
    to us by the 1More team! We’d like to give a big thank you to David from the 1More USA team for hooking us up with
    some awesome in-ears to match with Nano iDSD BL!

    Thank You!

    We’d like to also give a big thank you to everyone out there that has supported us and helped us get to where we are
    today. To those that have yet to try their hands at an iFi Audio product, we hope to welcome you to the iFi family soon!
    We hope to hear from you all soon!
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  4. TimeSnow
    Anyone think these would power the HiFiman 560s?
  5. musicfan145
    I called Music Direct this morning; they did not show it as being in stock, but I was able to place a pre-order.

    This evening, I was browsing their site and saw it listed as “In Stock. Ships 11/9/2017.” So here’s hoping.

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  6. endgame
    Thanks man! Here’s hoping...
  7. DarwinOSX
    Good to know. I looked on their site yesterday thinking if anyone had them they would.
  8. musicfan145
    @iFi audio I understand the headphone out has the option for balanced output through a TRRS plug. Does the line out connection also use TRRS?

    Also, can you respond regarding full MQA decoding or MQA rendering only?
  9. endgame
    Ordered on Music Direct. Let’s see if it ships tomorrow like it says on their website.
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  10. Mshenay Contributor
    Perfect Timing! Sign me up!

    Also @iFi audio you guys are using "balanced 3.5mm TRRS wiring for the amplification, with a SE output, will I be able to plug in a 3.5mm Balanced TRRS Plug and get true end to end balanced performance? Or is the output still converted to SE at the Jacket?
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2017
  11. ahmadfaizadnan
    Count me in!
  12. tim0chan
    tried it for around 2 hrs at stereo today.
    its good but its no mojo killer.
    I think that it could have done with a gain switch instead of the filter switch. it can be too powerful for sensitive iems. has channel imbalance at low volume.
    the sound is pretty energetic and spacious but i feel it can lack some low end on certain tracks where i expected more thump.
    what kills it for me is the less common connector for charging and connection.\
    would still buy for use with headphones
  13. jmills8
    Did you try the BL big brother ?
  14. theaudiologist
    i hope the nano BL gets compared with

    Micro IDSD BL and regular
    Fiio Q1
    Fiio Q5

    and btw is the 384khz also for FLAC or only for wav/wavpack?
  15. BB 808
    First, I don't think the Nano iDSD BL exists to be a Mojo killer, thats's what my micro – iDSD BL is for.
    I believe the IEMatch acts like a low gain switch.
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