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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. dimm0k
    with the new ER4 with the detachable cable, is it just me or are the materials used more prone to wear and tear on the cable itself? the points where the cable connector and the braided cable meet, as well as where the splitter cable seem to get the most wear and tear. in fact trying to replace this cable, the cable connector practically disintegrated as I was attempting to separate the connector from the body. anyone else experiencing this? any workarounds to keeping these longer?
  2. rbf1138
    I ordered a pair of 2XR coming tomorrow. I've recently realized I really like bass a lot more than I thought. I was worried (and backed up by some people here) that I'd find even the 4XR anemic and "boring" when it comes to bass response. Etys are known for their analytic and neutral quality, which can be great, but I wanted some fun and "oomph." If I really like them but want something more airy and fast, maybe I'll grab a pair of 4XR to try, also.
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  3. swalker
    After all these years I just cannot get out of the old er4s/p sound. I've tried the er2se and the er3se and am considering getting one for outdoors but neither quite hits the sonic spot for me. As it's been said already in the thread, the treble is just different enough that I still gravitate towards the old er4s the most. The er4sr is great but its sound is still closer to the er3se than the er4s, and I find its cable less friendly than the one found in er3 and er2. Moreover if you're price conscious, you could almost buy the er4s and the er2se/xr for the price of one er4sr.

    The er2se especially share some similarities with other IEMs, for instance some of Shures I've used in the past. That isn't necessarily bad as many find the Etys far too bright. Overall it still has the signature flat Ety sound overall but the treble is just different enough that I still can't decide if I want it or not. The er3se is a conundrum. Sometimes I feel it's rather similar to the er2se but there are times I think it sounds noticeably different. I've tried it with the S-P cable but the treble still isn't quite the same.

    It's tough because the old cable is a pain to use outside and I'd much rather use the er3se or the er2se outside. But there are just enough times that I want that sweet old er4s sound. However if I get used to the newer sound, perhaps I'll change my mind.

    Having said all that for those who find the older er4 too grating, the newer models would be perfect. They are all close enough that how the sound works with individual fit is still the most important factor over anything else.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2019
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  4. ClieOS Contributor
    You are not the only one. I still listen to ER4S more than I do with ER4SR.
  5. JenniferDylan

    Looks like I will be going for the ER2SE or maybe even the ER3SE depending on what drops first. Thanks!
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  6. rbf1138
    Got my ER2XR today and love them. They're on the warmer side and have a good quantity of bass. My fears of them being anemic, boring or sterile were totally unfounded. It's possible if/when I hear the 4XR I'll yearn for more clarity or treble but I'm quite pleased with these for $130. The fit is good with the standard tri-flange tips (they came with "standard" and "large" tri-flange..I guess you can request a size "small" or maybe the standard is the small?) but my ear canals do kind of get the need to "breathe" and I'm hoping I'll get over that.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
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  7. ClieOS Contributor
    it used to be standard and small but the same tri-flanges have became large and standard. There is no small anymore - but for those who find even the new standard tri-flanges to be too large, you can cut of the last flange from the large tri-flanges and make a bi-flanges out of it.
  8. Max Choiral
    Uh, not sure if I get it right. Are you saying ER38-15SM size was altered to large fit?
  9. JohnYang1997
    er38-15sm used to be called small size, which it still is to me.
    He mentioned bi flange mod, that is cutting off the biggest flange of the larger 3flange er38-18cl, making it smaller than the 15sm.
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    No, I am saying what used to be referred as small (ER38-15SM) is now referred as standard, what used to be referred as standard (ER38-18) now is being referred as large. In short, the actual eartips themselves have not changed but their name have.

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  11. rbf1138
    Any tips (advice) if one of my canals feels itchy a large amount of the time? Right ear is fine but left ear often feels like I gotta pull the earphone out to scratch. Maybe a smoother silicone tri-flange? Anyone know of good ones?
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2019
  12. ClieOS Contributor
    First, check if the eartips has any uneven spot or not. Second, ask someone to check if your ear canal has any redness / skin irritation of any kind. Lastly, you can try putting a tiny bit of 'Eargene'.on the eartips before inserting..
  13. rbf1138
  14. ClieOS Contributor
    Comfort is really a very personal thing so you have to try it to know. Note that the Shure yellow foam might to a bit too short, getting the nozzle too close to ear canal means it might get clogged more easily so you will want to clear it regularly. Alternatively Shure black foam used to be popular among ER4 user awhile back. If you want to use foam but avoid potential earwax issue, better stick to either Etymotic stock foam or Comply long foam (P?) - Comply will be super comfortable but doesn't last very long. Also, you want silicone eartips to be almost the same length as tri-flanges as that will help to keep the Ety sound as intact as possible.
  15. rbf1138
    Can Eargene be used in the ear? The description specifically says outer ear. My mom's an audiologist, should probably just ask her, lol.
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