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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. csglinux
    Another thumbs-up here for the 2XR :)
  2. AudioNoob
    I liked the er4xr but found it a bit veiled in the mids, does the er2xr have the same slight veiling/recession of mids or is the tuning different? I would appreciate a slight low-bass hump that doesn't extend into the low-mids.
    WhatToChoose likes this.
  3. chinmie
    try putting in in high gain setting on your DAP/amp or use impedance adapter to brighten the mids
  4. AudioNoob
    I sold it at the time, besides, I was running without an amp.
  5. WhatToChoose
    If you are experiencing veiled mids, I would try making sure the pressure in your ear is balanced after insertion, as well as keeping the onsertion as shallow as possible. Helped me out
  6. AudioNoob
    It's possible that after using an er4p for years I just can't have anything bassy :D I'll give them another shot in August.
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  7. chinmie
    well that figures :darthsmile:
    i also feel the same after using the er4p a while and switching to the XR
  8. AudioNoob
    Haha where is the er4 redblue emoticon when you need it. So anyhow, given that, I thought maybe the dynamic was tuned differently with a turned up tail rather than a downslope or something, or that the lower resistance on the er2/3 would help bring the mids forward on xr models. I'll order both and compare when I'm back in August.
  9. rbf1138
    I’m torn between buying a pair of GR07 Classics and the ER2XR...

    I know they’re quite different but I’m very conflicted.

    I tried Xelentos and they just weren’t for me. I now have ATH LS200’s which I quite like, as well as Pinnacle P1s and Simgot EN700 Pro. I never thought of myself as a bass person but I enjoy the thump and kick of the Simgot bass. They’re a bit too big and uncomfortable in my concha, though.

    Any thoughts on the Etys vs. the GR07? Lastly, can you buy a braided/upgraded stock Ety cable for the ER2XR?
  10. JohnYang1997
    ety all day every day. gr07 is sibilant. 2xr is going to be similar to ls200is tonal wise. If you don't want the extra bass er2se is also a good option. Oh since you like the bass of en700, 2xr is better.
  11. rbf1138
    So if I really like the LS200 sound but want more bass thump, extension and clarity the Ety 2xr will provide that?
  12. JohnYang1997
    Kind of. 2xr is still not bass monster. But it definitely has some well tuned bass.
  13. rbf1138
    Do you think it’ll be too similar to LS200? Is the bass enjoyable or just “accurate?” And I see people saying the bass is muddy on the xr...would or should that be caveated with “for an Ety?”
  14. JohnYang1997
    That's highly dependent to your perspective. As I see it, it's from ls200 and en700. Er2xr is better in every way than ls200 just tonality is similar. 2xr will have less upper bass better bass extension and rumble(deep bass). In comparison to en700, will be less bass but better shaped bass. En700 has more mid bass hump and thickness. 2xr will be more enjoyable. I personally prefer 2se but that won't suit you, would it?
  15. rbf1138
    Well, re: SE instead of XR, it just seems like if I’m after something with better bass than what I currently have, the XR is the correct choice, no?

    Do you have any knowledge or experience with the Ikko oh1? How would they compare to my current iems and the er2 series? I’m not opposed to buying a pair of Etys and then another pair to really fulfill that fun bass sound.
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