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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. sainteb
    Does anyone have any experience with cleaning the large clear (not the small grey ones) tips provided with the XR/SE series? It seems to me that no matter how often I clean them with hot water and soap, they will eventually develop this yellowish tinge from earwax. Is there any way to restore the original colour, other than getting brand new tips?
  2. JohnYang1997
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  3. HAMS
    I'm using cheap fake shure triflange tips. It's a bit stiffer but it won't tear easily or change color like stock tips.
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  4. wquiles
    To me, the fact that they get the earwax "in" them is what I like since they are softer, more comfortable, and seal effortlessly. So I don't mind the "dirty" color at all, but I totally understand and respect your concern about their appearance.
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  5. episiarch Contributor
    I clean my (grey clear) ones with hydrogen peroxide, and it's super effective and leaves them looking like new. I don't know if it restores white tips to the original color, but it gets all wax and gunk off mine, with nearly no effort.

    Procedure: I take the cap off the bottle, pour about half a capful out of the bottle into the cap, swish each tip through it, squeeze out and rub off any gunk, swish through the peroxide again, rinse out the cap and the tips, dry the tips and put the cap back on the bottle, and done.
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  6. csglinux
    Agreed. H202 is the stuff to use. Leave your eartips submerged in it and outside exposed to direct sunlight for about an hour. The action of the H2O2 + UV will remove all yellowing.
  7. WhatToChoose
    Great cleaning tip, was somewhat wondering myself

    Got 10 backup tips just in case
  8. RobinFood
    Yes, Peroxide is like magic for cleaning out earwax. It totally restores foams too, I often use it for my comply foams, but foams need a good two or three days to dry completely and get their properties back. Wet foams or moist foams don't stay compressed.
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  9. HAMS
    NVM. Ety's BA sounds louder. Bad soldering..
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2019
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  10. rbf1138
    Having a real hard time deciding between the Kanas Pro and the ER2XR. Looks like lots of people with an Ety compliment it with a Kanas Pro.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2019
  11. Islaysky
    Any comparisons er2se/xr vs mk5 ?
  12. djbaneatwebde
    Recieved er2xr today and currently listening while typing here (FiioX3 1st generation for portable and Echo Audiofire 12 to Lake People F388D in the rack Foobar and ASIO).
    Man they are bass heavy like they are shaking your earcanals. I can physically feel them sometimes. Couple of decibels too loud, like the first time you integrate your new subwoofer in the system. NOT like their bigger counterparts er4xr. I changed to shure-olives because those stock flanges seemed somewhat flat and lifeless.

    They feel like they need some pink noise for some hours but they are FUN to listen to. Hmmm... Really remind me of my good old Shure Se215 but with more brilliance and some more micro details and without the midbass hump and not so muddy. You notice everything but with a fat thump in the infra department. Goa and Psytrance get a full Kick, Rockmusic feels sometimes as if you are listening in a club right in front of the stage and on HipHop at times its just too much. The emphasis has to be below 70hz more like around 50hz.
    Aaand they seem to benefit from power even though they get loud enough on the Fiio.

    They don't have this 3D field around the head (yet?) but good separation from left to right.

    Something is missing i can't put my finger on it.

    When changing to my er4xr (modded: linum bax cable, knowles brown filters, comply foam tips) the bass is GONE but the rest ist so much more clear and natural and... soulful?
  13. rbf1138
    Curious to get your continuing impressions. I thought I’d settled on buying the 2xr but this makes me wonder if I should hold off for the 4se or 4xr...

    You mention the 3D field not being there on the 2xr but is it there on the 4xr?
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2019
  14. AudioNoob
    The se and the 4s will have better separation due to the nature of their tonality. Lower mids and lower tones are perceived and often mixed less directionally, and the xr puts these forward where the se models bring forward the rest of the frequency spectrum. You could try the 2se. They are comparing it to 4s with brown dampers which have even greater extension into the highs (not sure how they are not getting sibilant at that point) which will heighten the perception of seperation
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2019
  15. rbf1138
    Thing is pretty much everyone seems to prefer the 2xr in the “2” series, and if I went with the 2 I’d want that bass from the DD. If I get the 4 it’d be a bit of a tougher call.
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