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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. wquiles
    For me, if price is not an issue, the smoother sound (with decent lows) is the 4XR hands down.

    But at its lower price point, I felt the 2XR had a better lower-end (for me) than the 2SE.
  2. AudioNoob
    Not sure about that reading. There is what, three people who have them? One prefers the se and two xr?
  3. djbaneatwebde
    actually no. thats maybe one downside for both etymotics.
  4. rbf1138
    Gah, I’m on the verge of going 4xr but I’m nervous the bass will be anemic and lifeless and I’ll wonder what the 2xr is like, or if I should have gone Ety at all.
  5. AudioNoob
    Are you in the US? Buy from somewhere that you can return. I would get the 2se and 2xr and compare rather than jumping up to the 4 (I say this as someone who had an er4p for five years)
  6. rbf1138
    I am in the US but I’m hesitant to buy more from Amazon and then have to return one or both pairs. Not sure where else I can buy from and return without a stocking fee of some sort.
  7. AudioNoob
    Email brian@wiredforless.com and explain your situation, ask what he can do in terms of returns if you wanted to try both. You'll eat the return shipping at most which is cheap. To be clear, I have no relation, it was just pleasant doing business with them a couple years back.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2019
  8. rbf1138
    Appreciate the suggestion. Doesn’t look like they carry the 2series, and the 4 series is $80 more than on Amazon.
  9. AudioNoob
    That's why I said email them, last time they compared well. Anyhow, hard to match Amazon as they are designed to stifle all other competition until everybody else is out of business.
  10. Malfunkt
    For stereo music mixed for speakers - especially older jazz and some rock recordings the ER4SR and XR will sound narrow. However for binaural recordings they are excellent (the Er4B probably takes the cake for this though) and are also very good with some modern music that uses spatial effects - typically ambient. It is still a bit sphere inside your head type of sound but it is one of the joys of using iems.

    Edit: also to add the Etymotic respond very well to crossfeed or room virtualization. Though this can introduce some phase issues. Mostly I just let my mind adjust to their presentation. It’s an issue with all headphones to an extent (save a couple that have built in crossfeed like the mdr-f1).
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2019
  11. Sunstealer
    Wait, what? I have been looking for posts relating to modding my ER4XRs to no avail. I can use the same models Knowles filters that I use for my Shure SE535? Out with the filter tool, put different ones in, diaphragm down? That would be great. I changed the stock Shure filters for greys and the sound came alive for me.
  12. AudioNoob
    yes you can always swap the knowles filters on the etymotics, they get drilled out in the process obviously. I don't know what you used on the shure, did you use the metal cased ones like those that come with etys?
  13. Sunstealer
    I thought the etymotic ones were green plastic? In any case, the ones I used in the 535s were 330 ohm grays from Knowles. They came out with the etymotic filter extraction tool so they should fit in the er4xr.
  14. AudioNoob
    Sorry, had a bit of a blank brain while posting. Yes they are plastic
  15. JohnYang1997
    The soundstage is coming from the complete high frequency content. Flat extended high frequency will give best soundstage depth and imaging.
    Sounding wide doesn't mean it's big. Like a rectangle, if the depth is zero the area is zero. Etymotic has frequency response that allows the reconstruction of imaging to be a circle or a triangle. The front imaging is one of the most solid among all headphones and earphones.Cymbals can sound very far however.
    If you don't find it to be the case, there is high chance that the insertion depth is not correct or your ear canals are just not compatible to the design. Using tone generator for 7khz+ to find out, be sure to use 10% or lower volume for this test. It should be a very gentle rise after 7khz with no peaks for all etymotic iems.(some may be flat but that is not critical).In general if you find peak at 7-8khz, insert deeper, if you find the sound being somewhat veil and has emphasis at 13khz, insert shallower. Changing tips is helpful, as well as modifying the length of the stem of the triflanges(it works for those who can only insert to one depth).
    Once you get a smooth high frequency response in your ear, you will find that the sound stage is really something else. It's different from other wide soundstage but unique and attractive.
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