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IEM comparable to Sennheiser MX-880 earbuds

  1. audioqueso
    What are some IEMs that are comparable in sound with Sennheiser's MX880 earbuds?
    I had listened to some MX980 and MX880 a while back while searching for the best earbuds for me, but decided on the MX880 because the MX980 were too big for me.
    I purchased the MX880, but ended up returning them because I was not satisfied with them.
    The mid and top end were gorgeous!  I absolutely loved the sound.  But there was no bass at all.
    They were burned-in more than 100 hours.  I was using them with my Sony walkman, Xperia Arc smartphone, and laptop with a Nuforce uDac.  Regardless of the set up, the bass was always lacking, whether it was mp3, flac, or movies.  I gave them two weeks, but I ended up going back to my Sennheiser PX100-II for portability.
    I don't really want a pair of IEM because they feel uncomfortable to me, but I am out of choices for earbuds... so I will give IEM a chance.
    I did enjoy the MX880, but they were really lacking in bass.
    I liked the clarity and speed and smoothness of the MX880.  I wouldn't mind something more liquid smooth, but in the end, I would just like similar to the MX880/980 but with more audible lower frequencies.
    Any recommendations?
    Budget: Less than $160
    Source: Walkman or Xperia Arc smartphone.  (May be amp'ed by Fiio E6)
  2. audioqueso
    Any recommendations?
  3. JK1
    I don't have the MX880, but do have the MX580. I think you will probably be happy enough with the sound of the $20 JVC HA-FX40. It has incredible detail. The $20 Panasonic RP-HJE355 has around the same level of detail, but a warmer overall sound. The RP-HJE355 is very ergonomically shaped, so I think it is probably very comfortable for most people. I suggest that for your first IEM you keep the price low.
    I guess others may suggest more expensive IEMs such as the Audio Technica CKS77 or CKM500. Imo you should start with the Panasonic RP-HJE355, and after you get used to using that, perhaps later get the CKM500. It is always good to have at least one spare pair of IEMs anyway.
  4. audioqueso
    Thank you.  However, the MX580 that you are using as your reference sound more like the MX680.  I still own those.  Those two have a completely different sound compared to the MX880.
    I use to think my MX680 were nice for earbuds, but it is just sad how good the MX880/980 sound compared to the 580/680.
    Perhaps the FX40 are comparable to 580 type sound, but that would not be the same as the MX880 sound that I am looking for.  Thank you though.  I appreciate your input.

    My first IEM were JVC gummies because I wanted something cheap.  At that time, I found them uncomfortable.
  5. JK1
    No, the FX40 and HJE355 have more detail than than the MX580, and much more bass. I wonder if the FX40 has more detail than the MX980. I guess it probably has much better bass. I haven't heard the MX680, MX880, or MX980.
  6. JK1
  7. audioqueso
    I'm sorry, I know you're trying to help, but I would like to get advise from people who have actually heard the MX880/980 and a similar IEM.  Not just what other people have said or what rating a model may have.  Thank you though.
  8. autoexec
    Vsonic GR-02 bass edition. It's being discontinued, order now! :D I have both MX 880/980 btw. You just have to stop expecting a bass like from bassy headphones from such earbuds. They are pretty bassy IMO for earbuds. Their bass is much more detailed than the bassy PX-100 II. You should really give that GR-02 bass edition a listen.

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