1. dreamycreamy

    The best earbuds on the market?

    So i'm listening with my Sennheiser MX980s right now but was wondering of buying some new earbuds as these are slightly too big and keep slipping off my ear, plus the foam pads keep popping off and therefore i'm losing them which is kind of annoying.   I'm in the UK and the Sennheiser...
  2. bigmanjason

    Bought my first pair of IEM's. Is this not for everyone?

    Hi, I just bought UE 900's coming from my Sennheiser HD555's. I don't know if it's just me, but I can't stand them. It hasn't been a full 24 hours yet and I've already gone back to my Sennheisers. Is there something I'm missing here? Here are my gripes. 1. Given all the tips, I couldn't find...
  3. CyberGhost

    Sennheiser MX 980/985 sound

    Hey,   Those of you that own MX 980/985, could you please tell me what their sound is like?   I have a Sennheiser CX 95 wanted to upgrade because I don't like their V-shaped sound, the mids are too recessed, so I was looking at CX 985. Then I read a review on amazon with the reviewer writing...
  4. kalki11

    earphones with large sound stage

    what are some earbuds / earphones with a large sound stage with good sound  of course
  5. AlvinS

    Earbud for iPhone 5?

    I am seeking for suggestions for an open-air earbud for iPhone 5.I have an HD380 and HD595 but they are too bulky to use. The white apple earbud is not comfortable enough - always slipping out of my ear...
  6. vladimir88

    I need help choosing a top end earbud

    Hey guys I recently got into this whole high-end audio business and I just wanted your opinions about which earbuds I should get. I don't like the in-ears at all they cause me too much discomfort (make my eyes water to be honest lol). Atm I got a pair of Sennheiser MX80 which i listen to on the...
  7. cpper

    Earbuds vs In-ear headphones

    Hello :) Are In-ear headphones better than classic earbuds ? Which one of them is better in sound quality and which in bass ? Which type do you prefer ? I need to buy new earphones because my old pair broke, but I can't decide what type to choose.Please help me :)   Could you maybe help me...
  8. S


  9. judgmentday

    Amp for Sennheiser MX980?

    Please recommend me a portable amp about $200.  Thank you. E11, HiFiMan EF2A, PA2V2, XM5?
  10. KennyStarr

    Why do small headphones sound bad?

    Hi I work in an open office environment, and use my headphones several hours per day. A year ago, I bought a pair of Beyer Dynamics DT770 600 ohm which I used for some time and was really happy about. But I couldn't hear the phone ringing or what my colleagues were talking about even though I...
  11. KennyStarr

    Will an amplifier improve sound quality at low volume?

    Hi I have a pair of Sennheiser MX880 which I use at work. I do find the sound quality somewhat lacking, compared to my Beyer DT880's, so I was considering upgrading to a pair of MX980 (thread about that here:  ...
  12. audioqueso

    IEM comparable to Sennheiser MX-880 earbuds

    What are some IEMs that are comparable in sound with Sennheiser's MX880 earbuds?   I had listened to some MX980 and MX880 a while back while searching for the best earbuds for me, but decided on the MX880 because the MX980 were too big for me. I purchased the MX880, but ended up returning...
  13. ohyeah819

    I need some suggestion for a new earbud ( or IEM )

    My old earbud is broken so I need a new one Im considering between Shure Se215 , Se315 , Sennheiser MX 980 Whichone should I buy ?? or should I buy the others ???? I have about 180euro to buy a new headphone ( I live in Germany) Im not a basshead , I listen to music like vocal , classic ...
  14. Jtom94

    Does Sennheiser make any NON in-ear earbuds?

    I've checked out their website and all their earbuds seem to be in-ear or full size headphones. Does anyone know if they have some not on the website earbuds that are not in-ear?
  15. Whiffen

    Yuin Pk1 Repair

    I bought a pair of Yuin PK1's a few months ago so they are still under warranty, however I'm having trouble finding support.   The right side has cut out and no longer makes any sound. I'm unsure if its the plug or the driver as there is no visible physical damage to the wire or bud, I've...

    Headphones broke again...this is a trend, how do I avoid it?

      So my current pair of headphones can only work if you put the plug in a certain way, and if the cord near the plug is straightened or in a certain direction.   I'm 100% certain it is because I have a nasty habit of wrapping my 'phones around my iPhone tightly. I've had many pairs of...
  17. Ettery

    Looking for new earphones

    Hey everyone,    looking to dish out some cash on some decent earphones instead of using the ones that came with my iphone. I listen to music daily so i thought it'd be a good idea to get some quality earphones..   I live in the UK, and i dont really wanna spend over £100, and dont...
  18. Shriker

    Do earbuds require a tight seal like IEMs?

    Hi all, new guy here. Ive just bought myself the Klipsch S4 and have the Re-Zero on their way to me so i can test my first IEM phones out. Im not really liking the S4's at all even after burn-in as many of the high frequencies just arent there - Cocteau Twins sound underwater thru them...
  19. Szadzik

    High End IEM Choice

    Hello to all fellow Head-Fiers,     I need your advice for buying an IEM.    WhatI have at the moment:    Senn MX980 earbuds - I love them. Neutral and detailed sound. Beyer T1 - love them. Beyer DT1350 - I am not sure about these. Will probably sell them soon because of...
  20. wind016

    What are the best earbuds available? Better than Yuin PK1?

    What are the best earbuds available today that rival or beat the Yuin PK1s? I have a pair of Yuin PK1s for a couple years and had a pair of Yuin OK1s. Now I'm wondering what's new in the earbud market?
  21. n1ente

    best Earphones or IEM for S:flo2 LINE OUT without AMP

    Hi all,   i've the S:flo2 and i really love it's SQ but i'm using it with HO with crap earphone; i want to invest in a good IEM or Earphones for use only the LINE OUT, but i don't want to have an AMP.   My idea is to take a SENNHEISER CX/MX 980 only because they have a volume control ...
  22. Turk182

    Best earbuds for ipod nano 6th gen , yuins/senns/cm700/A8

    Hi guys/gals , Awesome forum here filled with good info , been reading up on earbuds and would like some advice from all the good people here. Upgraded my stock sony basic £17 headphones to a pair of audio-technica ec7's at the start of the year and was blown away by the sound clarity they...
  23. Tomusic

    Best headphones\ ear buds\...for a gym workout

    I am looking to buy the best earphones on the earth for a gym workout any suggestions?    
  24. Andalor

    Looking for new earbuds, any help would be much appreciated...

    Hi everyone, first time poster, long time lurker here. I'm looking for new earbuds for my iPhone 4 for regular use while walking to work and at work. I'd previously been using the Apple IEM's, which I found quite excellent, but unfortunately I just don't like the obtrusive in ear design. The...
  25. SinceILeftYou

    Sennheiser's MX980... Still good unamped?

    Hey all, I'm heavily considering purchasing Sennheiser MX980's... they are £81 (around $130) on Amazon UK which looks like a really good deal to me. The only thing that's holding me back is that I'm going to be using them straight out of an unamped iPhone 4, and I've heard the 980's need an amp...