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IEM advice: $100-250 similar to Shure e4c

  1. SkippyMcHaggis
    I have been out of the IEM shopping loop for a few years (since the launch of the e4c) and need to find something similar for my wife, as well as replace my aging e4c's.
    There are so many more IEM's on the market that I am feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start.  it used to be ety's, the 5 series Shure's, Ultimate Ears, and some Westone's were the only thing people talked about or compared against.
    What are some suggestions for IEM's that are similar to the Shure e4c's?  I still very much like them, they're small, comfortable, somewhat musical and nicely detailed.  i would like something that works well amped and unamped.
    thanks for any advice.
  2. ZARIM
    DBA-02, GR8, CK10, SA6, SM2 and E-Q7
  3. tivoklr
    I'd look around for something more impressive than the e4c's, as losing mine recently was the best thing that has happened to my ears in years.
    I found the e4c to be uninspiring while I owned them, and after replacing them with a set of Atomic Floyds (I was in Europe and the selection was eclectic), and then augmenting my collection with some Turbines and Silver Bullets, there was a lot I think I was missing with the e4c's, and all three cost less to boot.
    I wish I was more knowledgable and could make significant suggestions but there's a whole new world out there for you...

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