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iBasso DX50 MODS

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by babs, May 27, 2014.
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  1. mogi
    Anyone switch to the original TI OPA2836? Is it the same as the fake OPA2836 used on DX50? And has anyone tried AD8620BRZ or AD8610ARZ??? Which setup is better guys?
    Setup 1:
    Differential Amp: ADA4897-2
    HO: ADA4897-2
    Setup 2:
    Differential Amp: ADA4897-2
    HO: ADA4896-2
    Setup 3:
    Differential Amp: ADA4897-2
    HO: OPA2836
  2. Gourmand
    Please tell me quite clear!
    Am I right if exact capacitors scheme in each channel looks like http://postimg.org/image/566fyo3w1 (sorry board engine doesn't allow me insert pic)
    Or else??
  3. CoiL
    Please read the thread more carefully, plenty of info here! :wink: I have tested Vishay BC 038RSU caps :wink:
    I actually found 220uF Vishay`s slightly better sounding than 330uF.
    They sounded basically same as stock caps with SUEX firmware by Dmitry - very good caps imho!
    The ones I used for testing were MAL203854221E3 .
    I just decided to go with FC`s because they had airier and littlebit larger soundstage.
  4. Gourmand
    CoiL thanx for response. I read entire thread. I'm just checking my choice by manufacturer part number. Is your's Panasonic FC exactly EEUFC1A221S ? Is your's Vishay BC 038RSU exactly MAL203854221E3 ?
    But I'm slightly frustrated with low capacity value. Most of in-ear headphones have 16 Ohm resistance. In case of 220 uF low frequencies will be cut off below 1/(2*3.1416*(2*220E-6)*16) = 22.6 Hz. This is not pleasant... [​IMG] This frequency will be twice (-3 dB) lower than normal signal. On 11 Hz level will be already -9 dB or no signal. Ear doesn't hear this sound. But skull bones accept this frequency range - it creates this STUNNING [​IMG] bass which all people love. With 220 uF caps and 16 Ohm headphones this bass won't appear (or equalizer must be used). With 220 uF capacitors at least 32 Ohm HPs must be used. But most of them are not portable. Yes there are some in-ear 32 Ohm HPs or even greater - but they are quite expensive.
    In two words - for 16 Ohm in-ear HPs capacitors with value 330 uF or better 470 uF must be used.
  5. CoiL
    Upgrades I`m currently using:
    038RSU is name of the cap series, MAL203854221E3 is 038RSU series capacitor.
    In theory! In practics I have not experienced any sub-bass cut-offs (EQ off)! None with my 16-32 IEM`s or HP`s.
    Atm I`m listening NIN - Hesitation Marks which has crazy deep sub-bass notes in many songs - nothing is missing and everything sounds superb :wink:
    Subjective. I do not agree with word "must". I belive in practics, especially in audio world where every little nuance plays role in resulting sound what we hear.
    Starting with tips being used, insertion depth, cable impedance etc.
  6. polyrhythm
    got round to doing the extra caps mod, (already done Panasonic FC 220uF 10V)
    pretty happy with my DX50!
    Thanks Coil, Panasonics are a worthy upgrade.
    Only heart stopping moment was the yellow screen when I booted up!..............turned out I had not pushed the display ribbon back in firmly enough.
    CoiL likes this.
  7. Gourmand
    We cannot hear difference. But we can feel difference not by ear membrane - but by bones and other head parts. Of course frequencies below 20 Hz do not present in each track. Even they are not exist each  second. They appear only in specific cases, like explosions, tiger/lion roar, some engines, some instruments like organs or else. From HD player I expect it will properly play those sounds. But if sound was cut off below 22 Hz - then it is technically impossible.
    Coil did you make photos of both board sides with ALL capacitors replaced? I don't remember they appeared in theme. Or at least please add quantity of each cap to the list above.
  8. CoiL
    @Gourmand, all the pictures I took are in this thread: Capacitor breadboard testing, installed FC`s, Installed Poscaps etc. ...just read the thread properly and take a look at thread gallery.
    Only pic I didn`t took was HO decoupling capacitor ...didn`t bother to open it again for taking pic. Next time when I`m going to upgrade HO opamps.

    Great job! Good to hear You like the result :wink:
  9. Gourmand
    Did anybody try DX50 with Havi B3 after mod with Panasonic FC 220 caps?
  10. nghiacc

    Hi - having had a DX50, and decided to try a mod for it. I mainly use its LO, so will try the LO mod first. After reading through this thread, so what I will need to do is:
    - replace the diff amp: it could be either LME49721MA or ADA4841-2YRZ (SOIC-8). Pls let me know what is the latest recommendation? I am just new to modding, so would like to try something simple first
    - replace the decoupling LO caps: latest recommendation is to replace it with 6TPE220MAZB  (220uF, 6.3V). Since I don't use the HO much, it is necessary to replace this cap? or can I bypass this cap directly?
    Thanks for your advice!
  11. Gourmand
    I confirm that replacement of HP coupling capacitors drastically changes sound... Panasonic EEUFC1A221S, FC ELEC CAP 220UF 10V are very good.
    CoiL likes this.
  12. CoiL

    Glad You like it! Did You try any other caps too?
    Another worthwhile upgrade is changing these:
    Pretty simple to do also :wink: 3528 case size is even easier and should give same result.
  13. Gourmand
    Not yet. Here the minimum number of each one type I can order is 5. I do not need so many extra caps... If I will find place to order less number - then I will.
    So why differential amp decoupling cap is only 1 and HO decoupling cap are 3? Why both are in the odd number? Can anybody show me circuit diagram with these caps?
    Please show were DAC analog power supply decoupling caps are on the board and how many must be replaced. Do they really improve sound if they are just a power supply decoupling caps?
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I gather its a relatively easy job to replace the headphone out and line out jacks?
    Are the jacks soldered on by only the three solder tabs shown in this photo?
    Anyone know where that part can be purchased, or even the newer jacks used on DX90 and DX80?
    Edit: Could you even bend the contacts on the stock jacks to retighten the connection? Possible maybe with a screwdriver carefully? 
  15. shagrathborgir
    I can tell you for shure,that jacks from dx90 wont work on dx50!for dx50,you just havr to write an emal to ibasso team,and they will ask you for just 5usd,for the postal taxes.they won't charge those jacks for you.ibasso team is 10+! They charge 10 usd,for fixing a dx50 unit!!!you pay more for postal taxes than repairing a unit!!!!
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