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iBasso DX50 MODS

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by babs, May 27, 2014.
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  1. CoiL
    Can You say to us what was Your exact final setup with upgraded parts? 
    Great to hear You enjoy it! ;P
  2. polyrhythm
    Hey Coil

    Basically copied your setup :) except for:

    DAC analog power supply decoupling caps - 6TPE100MPB (3528 case)
    And returned to ibasso firmware, happy with sound and the improved functionaility.

    My Setup:

    Hardware upgrades:
    HO decoupling cap - Panasonic POSCAP # 10TPE220MIL (7343 case)
    DAC differential amp decoupling cap - Panasonic 6TPE100MI (7343 case)
    DAC analog power supply decoupling caps - 6TPE100MPB (3528 case) *Forum member Coil successfully chose the larger Panasonic POSCAP # 6TPE100MI (7343 case)*
    HO coupling capacitors - 4x Panasonic FC 220uF 10V # EEUFC1A221S
    LO capacitors - 2x Panasonic FC 100uF 10V # EEUFC1A101S
    HO opamps - 2x ADA4897-1ARZ
    LO differential opamp - ADA4841-2YRZ

    firmware: currently on factory standard 1.9.5
    3. Updated FLAC decode engine.
    4. Updated WAV decode engine.
    5. Updated DSD decode engine.
    No EQ! ever!

    sennheiser HD600 - hi gain.
    Etymotic er-4s glider tips. hi gain.
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  3. CoiL
    Dammit, maybe I should give newest iBasso FW a try again (though it seems to have some issues) [​IMG]
    Did You try this upgrade setup with SU 1.3.3 @ FLAC/ iir off/ cpu default?
  4. Velkro
    Hi! I've read he whole thread so far and I'd be quite happy if someone could help me. My unit has shown some strange crakling and noises, the sound coming from the right channel having like the double of the volume of the left channel and white niose, that is from the phone out jack, from the line out there is less noise, but still problems with the balance. Still, sometimes the problem would go away when I turned the volume to the max and then to a normal level, as for now that don't logner work. My cans are a Grado SR225 with no mods whatsoever.

    I've noticed tha when I shake my unit the noises change... strange. So I thought that it might be something linked to the circuits than the firmware (I even did a factory reset), then, reading the experience of ptjw99 I thought that if I changed the caps of my unit I could fix this issue. But I don't want to mod without some guideance, wich takes me to the first thing said. I'd be quite thankfull if someone could enlight me, maybe the capacitors arent the problem, I don't know... I dont wan't to brick my unit.
    Thanks in advance, and my apologies if I didn't make a good use of english, itsn't my native languaje.
  5. cholero
    The gain switch, does it act as expected?
    do you have the possibility to check the digital out? I guess it is ok. If not, the problen would be on the digital side.
    Lets assume that it is not a digital problem. If you say that you have the same inbalance at the lineout so the problem is in the beginning of the amplification chain. If you look at the schematics in post #170 it really can be a defect capacitor C15. This capacitor exist twice so if the right channel is too loud and not the left too quiet, it could be worth a try to replace it or both of them ( other involved capacitors are C9 C18 but their damage is more unlikely).
    I dont know how experienced you are with soldering but i would also consider the option to send it to iBasso. Because: even if you have replaced the lineout decoupling capacitors, it is not sure that it will work.
    Good Luck!
  6. Velkro
    Yes, the gain switch works. How I can test the digital out? With the RCA to 3.5mm cable that comes with the unit? 
  7. cholero
    yes, and you need a digital/analog converter wiith a coax SPDIF input. The most popular devices with such an input are those 30kg surround receivers/amps.
  8. Velkro
    Well, I beg you pardon for my ignorance, but I believe that I don't own a device with those specs, buuuut, I plugged the rca conector to the TV, and... no noises. Clear sound, from the phone out and line out, what does this mean?
  9. cholero
    The digital output is on the top of dx50 and only works with digital inputs, on a line in on your TV you would only hear noise.
    What you did is connecting (i think) the left channel as mono to the TV.
    By the way you have tried other headphones, right?
    It sounds quite challenging to do all these mod for someone who has no technical background, except opening up an iPod for hard disk replacement, no?
  11. CoiL
    Well, You don`t need special technical background - just some soldering skills and know-how how to open up DX50. And maybe some "balls" too ;D
    Anyway, I can`t comment and recommend enough to do this upgrade for DX50 ![​IMG]
  12. shagrathborgir
    Can you use MUSES02 on dx50?just switched to audio technica ckr10!still at burn in chapter!
  13. vaggbaba
    Is there any chance to replace the wolfson 8740 with 8742 or better? and work fine of course?
  14. vaggbaba
    Hey look what I found. I am excited 
    the Wm8740 of dx50 is pin compatible with newer wm8742 or wm8741
    so is replaceable??????
    Do you guys think I can get a technician(someone who repairs electrical appliances) to do the mods by giving him instruction on how to do it?
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