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iBasso DX50 MODS

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by babs, May 27, 2014.
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  1. Bluemoth
    Hi guys,
    I have got some Panasonic FC caps for the HO and I'm wondering what is the best way to remove the old ones and solder the new ones. How are you doing this? What is the best way to desolder the old ones? Are you using desoldering braid or pump? There's little space to work so I'm afraid I will burn something.
    Thanx in advance.
  2. CoiL
    Look for tutorials on Youtube how to solder/desolder tiny things on PCB. My advice is to use ~1mm soldering wick. If You don`t care about original caps anymore, just cut them off to make desoldering little easier. Wick helps easily to remove all tin from holes and it is easy to place new caps in (check polarity!) to solder them.
  3. Bluemoth
    Hi again,
    I decided to go with the POSCAP caps for the HO decoupling caps. I've seen a Babs post where he put two POSCAPS together and I'm wondering why. Shouldn't I get four of those caps and replace the four electrolytic ones? I'm confused.
    And should I get the 6.3v ones or 10v?
    Thanx in advance
  4. CoiL
    Please read the thread carefully, all the info You need is there.
    That`s because there are 2x 220uF 10V capacitors in parallel for both channels. He just connected them together and put into place of 1 cap of one channel which equals same as soldering them separately into 2 caps locations for one channel. He did same with the other channel.
    That`s up to You. You can use both because HO amps work in lower voltage than stock 10V caps. I chose to stay within stock specifications. This is the place where You can do Your own research and get caps according to Your "requirements" by size/soldering and specification-wise. But remember that specs aren`t always everything that matters. It is recommended to make Your own tests to find match with Your gear and taste. We here can only point out top choices that one should try out, there is no such thing as "the best sounding" cap.
    If You are beginner in hardware modding and soldering then I suggest You to think and read carefully. If You think You are not up to do it, let someone else with knowledge and skill to do it.
    We here are not responsible for the mistakes You might do that might make Your DAP unusable.
  5. Bluemoth
    First I want to thank everyone in this forum (special thanx to CoiL) for their help.
    Now, another question. So far I have succesfully desoldered the HO caps. After removing the solder from these caps there's a little hole. I wonder whether I will have to remove the whole PCB to solder the caps from the other side or if only one side is OK. Thank you again for your help.
  6. CoiL
    One side is also ok but for best result it is always recommended to have "free" PCB. Though in case of DX50 the removal is kind of tricky because of buttons on sides, they can break easily if not treated with care.
  7. Bluemoth
    I was able to change both the HO caps and LO caps. I think I did a good clean job. I'm happy. Now it's time to let them caps burn in...
    Thank you everyone in this forum!
  8. CoiL
    Don`t forget to share impressions about LO/HO with poscaps :wink:  
  9. CoiL
    Finally got time to install POSCAP`s...
    Yinjw Wood "IE800" (2014 open-back version) > WOM-mod
    I think I have now jumped over my desktop system SQ with this setup![​IMG] Insanely good sound! [​IMG][​IMG] 
    I haven`t installed new HO opamps yet and I don`t know if I will bother with it...
  10. polyrhythm
    so you managed to get the large caps in.....well done. Was there any extra soldering considerations in fitting these?
    Great job Coil.
  11. CoiL
    Yes. Because I have only basic tools for soldering (wick + medium size soldering iron), then I had to use wire connections to fit and solder them.
    But I think that even with correct tools it would be very hard to fit them. I just cut off positive side pins from old caps and "bent" the other side till it broke, leaving quite good soldering points for wires. Here`s a pic:
    Edit: NB! Do NOT leave cap pins open like on pic, cover them with isolating material before putting enclosure together!
    HO decoupling cap was easy to solder on old cap pins, anyone could do it easily with basic tools imo. Sorry, don`t bother to take DX50 apart again to take a pic of that.
  12. polyrhythm
    Hi Coil

    Good shared info, great.

    Have decided to solder in 6TPE100MPB (3528 case) rather than the 6TPE100MI (7343 case) the main difference being 25mΩ vs 18mΩ, after some reading I concluded that there will be no apparent difference in audio quality between the two (but hey, you can sleep soundly in the possibility that your DX-50 might sound better than mine)

    Did also consider the AVX 22μF ±20% 6.3 V dc SMD Niobium Capacitor, as Babs used at the beginning of this thread, but wanted to go with the PANAMOD you so suitably named this MOD.

    HO decoupling cap - # 10TPE220MIL (7343 case) is still in the post!

    Gonna resist the impulse purchase of the DX-80 when it arrives with all my strength, though it does look great so far with what news there is of it!

    Long live the DX-50

  13. CoiL
    Well, DX80 would be actually nice to come out fast... reason - DX50 prices will drop, especially aftermarket. Used DX50 + HW modifications (cheap) = BIG bang for a buck![​IMG]
  14. shagrathborgir
    could HO amplifiers of the dx50 be replaced by OPA1611???are opa amps better than stock ones??
  15. CoiL
    First try out some babs recommendations! Don`t start to invent bicycle again [​IMG]
    I`m probably going to try out ADA4897-1ARZ sometime in future.
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